Are LED Lights Needed To Grow Plants?

LED Lights To Grow Plant
LED Lights To Grow Plant

The Days have vanished, when you are placing the plants in the window. So that it can receive sunlight for its growth purpose. With the invention of LED Light, It has been easy to grow plants indoors. Especially, Marijuana Plants are grown better and healthy with the use of LED Grow Lights.

LED Lights To Grow Plant
LED Lights To Grow Plant

These Grow Lights are available in the market in various shapes and sizes. These LED Grow Lights can be purchased according to one’s budget. The Lights are also present in a wide range of prices.

These LED Lights are mostly helpful for those who want to grow Marijuana plants indoors. Beginners purchase these Lights according to their needs. The Most Curious Questions that every Beginner has are Given Below.

Are Led Lights Needed To Grow Plants? What Type of LED lights are needed to Grow Plants?

If you also have these questions then you have surely come to the right place. Here you will get all the answers to your questions. But if you do not get the answers you seek then you can mention your question in the comment box. We will surely try to solve those questions as soon as possible.

Are LED Lights Needed For The Growth Of The Plants?

The Simple and convenient answer to the question is YES. Now, you must be wondering what is the reason for using LED Grow Lights.

As you all know that plants need sunlight for their growth. But if you want to grow the plants indoors, you need to place the plant where sunlight stays for 8-10 hours. Well, That is somewhat difficult for most of the Growers.

So the best and easy way for a grower is to purchase LED Grow Lights. It will help in the healthy growth of plants, especially Marijuana Plants.

Some Growers think about which LED lights they should purchase. Because LED Grow Lights are more costly than Regular Led Lights. If you take my opinion then you should buy LED Grow lights due to their list of many advantages.

Well, To be Exact, LED lights are used to customize the light spectrum which will provide sunlight Light. When you buy an LED light then the growth of the plants depends on various factors. That Includes The Size of the Grow Room and The Distance at which the LED Lights Are placed. Along with them The intensity of LED Lights also does matter.

The Plant needs light for its three phases of growth. They are in the Blooming, Flowering, and Vegetative Stages. So the plants need varied light during different phases of their growth which these LED Lights will provide.

Many things should be noted in the Grower’s Mind. If the distance between the light and the plant is more then the plant will be dead due to a lack of sunlight like artificial light.

If the distance between the plant and light is less, Then there are increased chances of plants’ Leaves getting Burnt. So as a Consequence, The Plant will die.

What is the Difference Between Regular LED Lights and LED Grow Lights?

This question may give you a clue about which type of LED Lights you should buy. So That you can choose what is best for you.

Regular LED Lights:

  • It is Cheap than Grow Lights.
  • You may have to purchase more lights because these lights may not give you sufficient intensity.
  • It is Energy Efficient only when it is used Sparingly.
  • The Heat is emitted more which may burn the plants’ Leaves.

Specifically Designed Grow Lights:

  • Little more Costly than Regular LED Lights.
  • Provides sufficient Intensity.
  • Very Heat is emitted which will not harm the plants.
  • It contains specific light spectrum wavelengths necessary for healthy plant growth.