Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 – Hydroponic Method

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System
HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 – Hydroponic Method

Deep Water Culture is known as the Hydroponic System. As a Marijuana Grower, You must have heard the word Hydroponic Method whether you are a first-time grower or a professional grower.

If you don’t know too much about HydroponicSystemsm, then don’t worry. Here we will cover all the points which are related to the Hydroponic System.

What is the Hydroponic System? How to Make a Hydroponic System? In this journey, we are with you to understand the usage of the Hydroponics System.

If you have enough space and a garden in your home, then you have soil-based media. You can easily conduct the crop of Marijuana there. You can easily get Soil, Sunlight Energy, and Light Nutrients for Marijuana Plants. 

In this article, we are going to have a look at the deepwater culture hydroponics system. So that you are going to have all the essential information about it. So many people are going to get huge help from this article. It is sure that not only you are going to get the important details of the hydroponics system. Therefore you can be able to buy the best water culture hydroponics system.

Best Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System in 2022

We have selected the Best of the Best Deep Water Culture system for you. So Here We Go.

1. DWC Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit By Power Grow

We, The Power Grow, will never disappoint you in a DWC Hydroponic System. In this Bubbler Bucket kit, we give you 10 Inches of 4 Buckets. If you are a first-time marijuana grower, we are with you for this exciting journey of Marijuana Growing.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow ® Systems (4) 5 Gallon - 10 Buckets
Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow ® Systems (4) 5 Gallon – 10 Buckets

The good thing about the Power Grow Bubbler Bucket Kit is, in these four buckets, you can grow four different crops of Marijuana Plants. Four different bucket kits and four different growing crops.

Beginners can not take the risk to grow different crops at a time. But if you are a Professional Marijuana Grower, then we can surely help you to grow with the Power Grow Bubbler Bucket Kit.

What will we provide you in the DWC Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit? 4 Buckets with 5-Gallon of Capacity, 10 Inch Basket Lids, and Complete Tubing with an air pump. As a Grower, you know that water in the hydroponic system will work as a heart. Considering this feature we give you one Water Level Indicator. When you are going to drain the water, it will help you.

When you are growing four different crops at a time, then make sure you have to maintain a separate reservoir for each crop. I know it’s hard to maintain, but you need to maintain it for healthy growth. Because we offer you a different crop in one system. Thus maintaining a reservoir for each is not a big deal.

As a customer, you always want manufacturers to serve you with the best service. So we are taking care of you in this case, we offer you a one-year warranty on the Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System. So one thing is clear Bubbler Kit is FDA-approved.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

2. HTGSupply 3.5-Gallon Bubble Boy Single Shot Deep Water Culture System

HTGSupply Deep Water Culture System is Like Power Grow System But you cannot grow different crops at a time. Also, another difference between this system is a Reservoir system in DWC System.

HTGSupply 3.5-Gallon Bubble Boy Single Shot Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket System
HTGSupply 3.5-Gallon Bubble Boy Single Shot Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket System

We Give you a water reservoir with Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System. We know that newbie does not want to invest more in a DWC system because there are going to grow it for the first time. According to that point, this system is less expensive than another system.HTGS supply is not a giant structure of the system. Thus it is a smaller system that is good for those who want to experience growth for the first time. Forexperimentingt and growing Marijuana Plants, This kit is best suitable for them.

What will we pack in the Bubble Boy Single Shot DWC System? A Bucket with 3.5-Gallon of Capacity, 6 Inch Net-Basket Lids, and Powerful 7.8 Liter per minute adjustable dual-outlet air pump.

Also, High-Quality Hydrostone Grow Medium, Largen4-inch premium air stone, and Air tubing with a 1/4-inch connector.  This is the complete kit that we give when you hit a buy button on the online shopping site.

You know the best feature we have integrated into the HTS supply is Air Pump. So you rarely see the powerful and adjustable air pump, which is the best in HTGS supply. With Powerful Air Pump, you don’t have to look while water drains into the reservoir.

It is the Best System for Single Plant Growing which will also save your place at indoor places. With a low budget, you will get the best Deep Water Culture System for marijuana plants.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

3. General Hydroponic Waterfarm Complete System Grow Kit

We provide you with a starter kit in the General Hydroponic Waterfarm Complete System. When you are a beginner growing marijuana plants for the first time. Do not worry because this system is especially for you.

General Hydroponics Waterfarm Complete Hydroponic System Grow Kit GH4120
General Hydroponics Waterfarm Complete Hydroponic System Grow Kit GH4120

We have made it to the 3rd position on our list. Because we have considered how it is useful and efficient to use. How it is helpful for beginners. Thus these points create an impression and get the top position in the best Deep Water Culture System in 2021.

What will you get in a starter kit of the Waterfarm Complete System? A Basket Container which is your planting unit, reservoir with 2 Gallons of Capacity, Air Stone, Clay pallets, Tubing With Air Pump, and Nutrients.

It is the most suitable for indoor marijuana growing. The General Hydroponics system gives you a higher yield. In Waterfarm DWC System, you will also get a simple structure with the net tights than another system. So what happens here will help in the growth of the Marijuana plant. Therefore you will get more yield which increases the speed of the growth.

Consider it for beginners and starters who are ready to make an impact for the first time in Marijuana growing. Also, This is best suitable for them. We give you nutrients and clay pallets, so you don’t need to purchase them.

To summarize, it is simple and easy to install and use. For beginners, it is suitable, Gives you high yield, Nutrients, and Clay Pallets which are Bonuses.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

4. Platinum Super Cloner 30 Site

This is the 30 Series Site Cloner, Platinum Super cloner come up with the 12, 30, 40, and 84 Series, Here we will talk about the 30 site Platinum Super Cloner. This system gives you a variety of choices in the system and eventually, it affects the budget also.

PLATINIUM Cloner (Super-Cloner 30) - 40 Series
PLATINIUM Cloner (Super-Cloner 30) – 40 Series

What will you get in the Platinum Super Cloner 30 Site? A Huge Reservoir with the 10-Gallons, Neoprene Insert, An Insert Tray, Tubing Kit, An Air Pump, and Water Sprayers. This types of equipment make a complete Platinum Super Cloner 30 Site Growing Kit.

Platinum Super Cloner 30 Site is Compact and also space-saving. So you don’t need to think about where to place it. If the place is not suited after installation then you can easily carry it to move from one place to another place.

You know the good thing about the Platinum Super Cloner 30 is the different variety. It gives you different choices and internal system structures. Like 30 and 84 Series give you more options, more quantity reservoir, and planting buckets.

In the 30 and 84 Series, you will get double as a cloner. You can also grow the system with the simple switching of the square pots and insert tray. So you can get double yield from the one system, and your money remains safe in your pocket because it will give you a two-in-one system. Thus it will prevent you from buying another hydroponics system.

At affordable prices, you will get the best system for Marijuana growing. When we summarize the system feature, you will get lots of things that are helpful to you like Different varieties at an affordable price.

You can also easily install and maintain it. It has a Space-saving design, so it can be placed anywhere in a tiny place. The only setback is you need to buy more systems if you want to expand.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

5. SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System

SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System is famous for its Oxygenation process in different 16 plants. In these Buckets, you can grow different crops of Marijuana plants.

Superponics Superponics-16 Hydroponic Plant Propagaton Reservoir System
Supersonics Supersonics-16 Hydroponic Plant Propagation Reservoir System

The Good thing about the System is you can feed on top of the system. So at the bottom place, the Oxygenation process will happen. This feature helps plants to grow rapidly in the vegetative stage and root development.

With all equipment, you can easily assemble this system by yourself. But you don’t need to do it because when you place the order for the system, then it will come assembled. Thus you need to just place the Marijuana plants and add water.

Our Product SuperSonics 16 Hydroponics Grow System is Packaged in a kit with 3 inches 16 cups the Growing kit. Eco 4 Air Pump is behind the Oxygenation process. So it will help to flow oxygen continuously.

Air Pump needs to be durable because it helps Marijuana plants for growth. So it will make quite an efficient working method.

The pump capacity is 185 GPH, at this rate your Marijuana plants grow faster than another system. At this rate, you do not need to take care of watering the planting unit where Marijuana plants are placed.

One thing about the system is you have to buy nutrients for the Marijuana plants yourself. Because it is not included in the starter kit.

With 16 cups you can grow at least 16 plants so if you want a higher yield then right now add to the cart SuperPonics Hydroponics System.

Which factor makes the system best? You can easily set up and maintain a system. You can grow different crops in different Cups. Also, It includes High-Quality Equipment and Analog Timer which controls the water level.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

6. Power Grow Deep Water Culture Hydroponics Bucket Kit 5

Among all the systems that we have gone through till now, it is a cheap and budget-friendly system. If you are a beginner, then you should go for Power Grow Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 inch
Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 inch

Power grows good compatibility with the First time grower with Bucket Kit 5. It is FDA Approved 5 Gallon Capacity Bucket. So you will get 6 Inches Basket Lid, Rockwool Seed Starting Plugs for the Planting Unit, 44 GPH Air Pump, Air Stone, Tubing, Bucket Drain, and Blue Water Level Indicator. This system looks perfect with this equipment.

Power Grow System is best in use because of its powerful growing intensity, inexpensive in price and efficiency, and easy use. If you want to stay in your pocket, then we offer you this system. This is perfect for those who want to experiment for the first time.

All System Parts and equipment are FDA Approved. If anything happens with the system, we give you a USA Manufacturer 1 Year of warranty so you can contact them.

Factors that make the system suitable for beginners are the Lightweight system. So you can easily move from here to there, FDA Approved Quality Product, perfect kit with all necessary equipment.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

7. H2OtoGro complete hydroponic DWC system

H2OtoGro gives you a bucket for planting units to grow different types of the breed in one single unit of the H2OtoGro Complete Hydroponics System. With the compact design of the System, you can place it easily in Indoor Places.

Complete Hydroponic DWC System Grow Box kit - #4-4 H2OToGro
Complete Hydroponic DWC System Grow Box kit – #4-4 H2OToGro

For experienced and Professional Marijuana Growers, this growing kit is feasible in price and helps to take more yield from the Marijuana Plants. One can also grow different types of crops in one system.

To make this system eco-friendly, we have used 100% Polyethylene because this material makes it eco-friendly. So when the system wears out, it won’t harm the environment anymore.

When you are planting Marijuana plants, if they get more space while growing time, then it will increase rapidly. Its compact design and the quality of the material make it the most attractive system. Because of the small size of the design and system, you will get enough place for Marijuana plants.

Water in a Hydroponics system is like a breath for living beings. So it also gives a water indicator that helps to provide an accurate water supply to the plants. If you want to save money on Hydroponics Systems, then H2OtoGro is perfect for you.

Good Build Quality, 4 Site Hydroponic System, Install or placed in a small space, Water level indicator, and Multiple Types of Plant you can Grow in the system. These things make the perfect Marijuana Hydroponics Growing Kit.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

8. HTGSupply bubble brothers 6-site DWC hydroponic system

You can grow six different types of crops in the HTGSupply Bubble Brothers Hydroponics System. We give you a total of six sites as a planting unit.

For all those planting units, you have to maintain a separate reservoir. To grow more yield and different types of Marijuana plants, You should go for the bubble brothers 6-site Hydroponics System.

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System
HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

We give you a package of growing kit including 6 Bucket with 3.5 Gallons of capacity, a 951 GPH High Powerful Air Pump with 6 Way Divider, 6 Inches net pot lids, Air Tubing, a large 2-inch premium air stone, a large 10-liter bag of high-quality clay pebble grow medium.

These highly effective tools help to grow plants to make more yield. It is also helpful for a beginner who wants to start right away when they get the Marijuana Growing kit from sellers.

We give you an assembly guide with the kit so refer to it and then quickly assemble all parts. So you should make a system and start growing Marijuana plants.

Which factors will make the HTGSupply Bubble Brother different from other Products? To take higher yield, it gives you six-site, Powerful Air pumps, Affordable for all, Space-Saving Design, and Assembly instruction Guide.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

9. 16.5 Gallon Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System Complete Kit

Thus Make your garden with the 16.5 Gallon Deep Water Culture Complete Kit. For those who want to grow marijuana for the first time, It is for them. This DWC Hydroponics System is complete and perfect. If you want consistency in growth, Then you should have to go with the 16.5 Gallons of Water.

16.5 Gallon Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Growing System Complete Kit
16.5 Gallon Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Growing System Complete Kit

If you purchase it then what will you get from us? Which equipment is included in Complete Kit? Rockwool Cubes, Base Reservoir, Pump with venturi air tube, Lid, Clay Pebbles, and 16.5 Gallon Reservoir. Thus This equipment makes the perfect kit for Marijuana Growing.

If you have a 16.5 Gallons Reservoir then you must be facing a Watering problem. So you have to check in another system again and again in this system, So this problem is solved.

A total of three types of the 16.5 Gallons system are available. In all kinds of systems, you will get more growing types like One, Four, and Eight Growing systems are packaged with the kit.

16.5 Gallons Reservoir makes this system perfect. So it is a different growing option. The Complete tool kit available is necessary for growth. You can easily install and use it.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

10. VersaGrow Pot 10 Plant System

At an affordable price, you will get the best Deep Water System in VersaGrow Pot 10 Plant System. At a reasonable price, this system gives you a ten-planting pot with a submersible pipe.

10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow System
10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow System

Easily Accessible Door which you can open when the plant needs watering, and water level indicator. The space-saving design of the system is adjusted at any indoor place in your home. The system is made with Sturdy and resistant recycled plastic.

With VersaGrow Plant System, you can grow ten plants at a time, and for that reason, you will get more yield from Marijuana plants. Apart from Marijuana, you can grow veg and flower plant, and as a result, you will get a rich, fast, and flourishing harvest.

Best DWC (Deep Water Culture) System 2023 - Hydroponic Method 1

But when it comes to growing Marijuana at indoor places then Deep Water Culture is suitable for you. Although you are a first-time weed grower, you have to follow some instructions to grow Marijuana in Hydroponics System. If you don’t know how to choose or which is suitable, then we will give you start-to-end information about the Hydroponics system.

What is a Deep Water Culture System?

If you want to grow Marijuana in indoor places, then Hydroponics System is best suitable for you. Because if you are a beginner, then you don’t have to put much attention to it. Hydroponics will work for you. Just take care while Marijuana Growing Stage.

Deep Water Culture System is part of the Hydroponics System. It is also eco-friendly and Effective when you use this method to grow marijuana plants at indoor places.

Like Deep Water Culture, Hydroponics is having six types. These indoor Hydroponics systems can be used to grow Marijuana Plants.

So, What Should You do in the Deep Water Culture System?

Marijuana Plant roots are submerged in the water. There is a medium where water is filled, and in that, you have to deep down the roots of Marijuana.

Inside the media, there is an air bubble and an air stone. So how can they help you in Marijuana Roots? Plants’ roots need Oxygen all the time, Oxygen Deficiency makes plants weaker and does not help in their growth. So, Air Bubbles and Air stones are there for Oxygen supply. You have to take care of plants when it needs. So it helps to get more yield from the Marijuana Plants.

How Deep Water Culture Works when you Grow Marijuana Plant using it?

To Plant the Marijuana Crops, In the Deep Water Culture system, you need one mesh or bucket which is called a Marijuana Planting Unit.

Take some other bucket that is used as a Reservoir of the Nutrient Solution. There you can make your best-selected Nutrients for healthy, robust, and higher yields of Marijuana Plant.

In the Planting Unit plants can grow, Time to time you have to give nutrients to the plants. How many crops you want while harvesting depends on the planting unit, more planting unit gives you more marijuana growth in quantity.

Remember one thing it is not soil media, so you have to take care to give nutrients properly. If it is soil media then plants take nutrients from the soil. But for healthy growth, you have to make sure that during the whole growing period of marijuana, you have given proper nutrients and fertilizers.

If you do not want to maintain more, Then a deep water culture system is suitable at indoor places. First-time marijuana growers can use Deep Water Culture System easily in their homes with low-cost maintenance.

We know that first-time growers did not believe in too much investment to grow marijuana. Because, for them, it is an experiment, the Deep Water System is budget-friendly. With the low-cost amount, you can grow Marijuana at your indoor places.

Advantages of Deep Water Culture System

Now let’s watch out for the advantages of a deep water culture system. How deep water culture system is helpful in Marijuana plant growth?

Low Maintainance – The first benefit we have gone through is a low maintenance system, but you have to set up the system properly, which will help you to regulate the system.

Higher Yield – As compared to Soil growth marijuana yields here in the Hydroponics system. you will get a higher yield. A large scale of people has used this system in a vast amount for marijuana growth.

Easy Assemble – You know there are only two buckets that require one for the planting unit and another for the nutrient solution. With this installation part, you can quickly assemble and start growing marijuana rapidly.

Additional Parts – If you want to grow more marijuana plants, then you can grow by expanding the planting unit of the Hydroponics Deep Water Culture System.

Easy For Beginners – We have mentioned before that it is an easy method for those who are first-time growers. Assembling is easy, even Installation is also easy and you don’t have to pay more attention once you are done with the setup. Once it is ready then just make a quick look at the growing plants, if it requires nutrients then you should give them.

Easy disassembly – When you are done with the harvesting of weed, you can easily remove these parts. While the growing process, you can make your way to attach the parts for marijuana plant growth.

This is the Deep Water Culture system in the Hydroponics system and it has many advantages. So now you know that is it good to use a Deep Water Culture system or not.

The next phase is about the type of Hydroponics System.

Types of the Hydroponics System

Apart from the deep water culture hydroponics system, there are many systems that you can use for marijuana plant growth. We are going to see these Hydroponics System Types.

Aeroponics System

Aerosponis System requires some experience for marijuana growers because it is asking for some higher attention. But higher attendance gives you a higher reward, if you do not take a risk to do big and better then you do not get anything. So with higher risk and attention be ready to use an Aeroponics System and get the highest yield as compared to another hydroponics system.

Why is it risky? Why is an error not acceptable in Aeroponics System?

The hydroponics system is suitable for Indoor places right, so when you choose the aeroponics system for Marijuana growth, then you have to maintain humidity and temperature yourself. One error costs you more, and it might be possible that you will fail in growing Marijuana.

Let’s say with LED lighting and HPS lights you have to maintain the temperature so likewise with humidifiers and dehumidifiers you have to maintain the humidity of the place too. But the question is now raised for root development.

When water remains a long time in any of the units then there is a chance for algae. Here in the aeroponics system, you have to submerge the roots of the Marijuana plants in the water planting unit and prevent them from algae, otherwise, it blocks the process of root development.

Be careful when you select the Aeroponics System for Marijuana growing. When you have enough experience in Marijuana growing then this is the cupcake for you.

Wick System

The Wick system is the opposite compared to Aeroponics System, in terms of usage. It is a far better easy system than the Aeroponics System. When you put your feet first time in the marijuana growing, then you are correct to choose the wick system for Marijuana Growing.

You have to grow a Marijuana plant by placing it like a wick. Placing Marijuana plants through the wick, and then you can give nutrients from the nutrient reservoir.

This is the simple method to grow a Marijuana plant using the Hydroponics System.

The Ebb and Flow Method

This is also called an Ebb and Flow system, one of the simple hydroponics methods for Marijuana plantation.

What to do in this method is you have to sock the roots in the planting unit and then drain them into the reservoir of the planting unit. But before draining you have to check whether plants are ready to move into the reservoir or not.

This method gives you a quick-growing of marijuana, and this is an easy and simple method to grow marijuana. This simple method helps marijuana for quick and easy growth.

NFT Method

The long name of the method is the Nutrient Film Technique(NFT).

In this method, you have to keep giving nutrients from the roots. You have to provide nutrients at the roots of the Marijuana plants, and you have to provide them constantly.

Here you have to create a Film of the nutrients channel, from this nutrients channel you can give a continuous flow of nutrients.

This NFT system uses a Porous mat which is helpful for the growth of the roots, and it keeps providing nutrients for the roots of the particular plant.

It is better if you are using this method for smaller plants of Marijuana.

Top Feed/ Drip System

You have to create a network of tubes, and these tubes are used to circulate nutrients. You have to make a hole in the lines, then install it in the pot of the water or planting unit then you can start the flow of the nutrients.

There is only one thing extra than deep water culture tubes that passed the nutrient through it. Tubes are the only additional investment in the Feed/Drip System.

This system helps the plant to grow more rapidly because roots are getting nutrients continuously, and it helps in the growth of the Marijuana plants.

Now, We are going to see how to make a Hydroponics System at home.

Yes, You can make Hydroponics Deep Water Culture System at home. You have to follow certain instructions or steps so you can make a planting unit of the Deep Water System at your home and by yourself.

How to Build a Hydroponics System?

First, let’s list out the equipment which you require to build the Hydroponics System at your indoor places.

When you are going to make the Deep Water Culture System at your home, then you have to require this method.

  • Bucket with 5  Gallons Quantity
  • Air Pump
  • Air Stone
  • Net Pots
  • Airline Tubing, To Joint an Air Pump
  • pH Controller
  • PPM Meter
  • Growing Medium
  • Nutrients
  • Thermometer
  • Lighting

That’s it some of them you can take out from the household utensils, like net pots, a 5-Gallon Bucket, and Growing Medium. Rest you have to purchase from the local market.

With basic plumbing skills, you can assemble these plants and make a cheap but best Deep Water Culture System on your own.

Plant growth is much more dependent on the Deep Water Culture System because the ideal system gives you the best, stronger, and healthier yield from the Marijuana plants. According to this choose parts that come with the best quality and use it in Self Deep Water Culture System.

Before we move into the portion of assembling the parts, we will see how the Deep Water Culture System Works.

The importance of knowing a deep water culture system procedure is it helps you to assemble the right parts at the right place. So it will keep you away from the blunder and flop Deep Water Culture System.

As you know you have to regulate the system properly because when roots develop in the Deep Water Culture or we can say in any Hydroponics System is quick. When plants are starting to germinate roots have quickly reached the water.

When Roots a touched down the water, it will start increasing the growth of the plants. How plants are grown in soil, the same it creates in the Deep Water Culture when it touches the water. Eventually, it will help in the growth of marijuana.

Now, the Oxygenation process comes into the picture. Plants and roots need proper Oxygenation. This process is the push factor when roots are submerged in water and then help to grow quickly.

Now you have to give properly required nutrients and let them grow.

Now we will see how to assemble the listed equipment to make a complete Deep Water Culture system. Let’s see the process which helps you to make the Deep Water Culture System on your own at home.

Connect the airline pump to the water pump. Likewise, Airline Tubing Connects to the Air Stone. All of these connection goes into the 5 Gallon Bucket.

That’s it, and you are ready with the Deep Water Culture System. But it’s not the end you have to maintain some environmental factors while you plant the Marijuana crop.

In Deep Water Culture, if you are going on the right way path then it is not acceptable that the environmental factor throws water on the system and damages our marijuana plant growth. That’s why you have to be ready and regulate environmental factors.


When you grow your plant outside then from sunlight and maintain the temperature. The Marijuana plants take their necessary nutrients, but when it comes to Indoor marijuana growing, you need to take care of the temperature.

As per recommendation, a Temperature between 64 degrees Fahrenheit and to 84-Degree is helpful in the growth of Marijuana. But for the vegetative and Flowering phase, you need to maintain this temperature carefully, it needs to be different in both of these phases.

The temperature, which requires the plants will help the crops to increase plants easily and rapidly. For good growth of the plants, you need to regulate the temperature in your grow room or where you place the structure of the Deep Water Culture System.


Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are available to maintain Humidity in the grow room, So you can purchase the best humidifier or dehumidifier from the online market.

If you want to take high yield from the Marijuana plants, then you have to maintain humidity in the grow room or around the deep water culture system.

Weed Growers are using humidity controllers, which are humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Thus it works to balance the humidity.

pH Level

Hydroponics System works in the water, so you need to monitor the pH level of the water regularly. Professional growers recommend checking pH levels at least once a week.

For the Deep Water Culture System, the Suitable range of pH is 5.5 to 6.5. Which breed or crop you have used to grow, pH depends on that factor.


If you plant the Marijuana on soil media then till germination it consumes the factor from the soil nutrients. But when it comes to the Hydroponics system, you have to take care of nutrients from start to end.

Roots development, plant strength, and healthiness are dependent on nutrients. The more you care about nutrients in marijuana plants the better reward you will get from the Deep Water Culture System.

Like humans need food and water, in the same way, plants need nutrients for their growth. Professional grower recommends that change the reservoir water and moving these plants into nutrient-rich water every two weeks.

If you are going to buy these things then you have to maintain them on your own. But why do you need to make Deep Water Culture by yourself if you can purchase the readymade best Deep Water Culture online?

Now we are going to see the best Deep Water Culture System of 2021.

Before reviewing the Best Deep Water Culture System we present in front of you a Buyers guide that will help you to buy Best Deep Water Culture System.

The best thing about the hydroponics system is you can use it anywhere. Just you have to create the environment. In Soil where lots of watering is required, this is suitable at that place. Where water irrigation is not enough at that time, you can use DWC Systems are a savior to grow marijuana.

As compared to other soil growing, this method is faster in Marijuana growing. With less effort, you can grow Marijuana quickly time.

Let’s see useful factors that you need to watch out for before you are going to buy it.


The type of Hydroponics system is essential, and if you are going to grow for the first time, then you need to select the easy type of Hydroponics System. We have seen a total of Six types of Hydroponics systems in which you have to select the most suitable method for you.

Deep Water Culture System, Nutrient Film Technique, Ebb, and Flow System are practical and easy for a newbie. whereas Aeroponics Hydroponics system is a bit risky to regulate things. Choose wisely a type and start work on it.

Bucket Size

Now you had made up your mind about which type you are going to buy. Now let’s move on to the bucket size, but the size of the bucket depends on how much crop you want to grow. Buckets are available in terms of gallons of size. The ideal way to select a bucket for the Hydroponic system is 5 Gallons.

For DWC System, you want to grow more Marijuana plants. Then you need to purchase a large size bucket because, in a smaller size bucket, plants did not sample well enough. So in the end, it will create a problem while growing.

Not for the Deep Water Culture System but it is for all Systems which you will be going to select. Choose the size of the bucket as per the Marijuana crop that you want to take.


The weight of the whole system must be affordable in the grow room. You have to choose equipment that is easily adjustable in the grow room or grow tent.

So the weight of the Deep Water System depends on where you want to place it. According to the place, choose the weight of the system. Where you want to put the system, the base of this place should be strong.

For Example, If you want to put the System on the shelf, then you should go for a lightweight Deep Water Culture System. Because when you fill the water in the reservoir, you will get more weight from the system.

If you want to put the system on the floor or any field then don’t think much about the weight, but yes you can easily move this reservoir, don’t think there to hire a crane and move the Deep Water Culture System from here to there.

Surely, the first thing you will have in mind when you are going to purchase the Deep Water Culter Hydroponic System is the weight of the system. The only thing that you need to remember about the weight is that it will not be a problem for you in any possible manner. It will be easy and quick for you to move the Deep Water Culture System from one place to another.

Reservoir Capacity

Like Bucket Size, Reservoir capacity or size is also essential. Because in case you have purchased a small size Reservoir, then you are frustrated by filling it out again and again. So that is why with your system bucket you need a proper size reservoir.

If you have a large reservoir in size, then you don’t have to look frequently once you are filling it full. It will do that work for a long time.

Air Pump

We need oxygen to breathe to live. In the same way, plants need oxygen to stay alive. Through the air pump, the Marijuana plant that you submerge in the water will take a breath for oxygen. The source of the oxygen will be provided from the Air Pump. The air pump gives the plant Oxygen, and Oxygen will help them for drawing.

For that our recommendation is to choose a durable air pump that continuously gives oxygen to the plants. If it’s not available in Hydroponic System Kit, then you can buy it from your side too. You can install an exterior Air pump.


As you know, you can add a planting unit at any time of growth. You can expand the size of the system by adding Reservoir and  Planting Unit.

Why do you need to expand your system? Simple, if you want more yield from the marijuana plants then expand the system size. So it will help you to grow more plants in the system.

Initially, you are good with the two buckets, one is for the reservoir, and another one is for Planting.

If you think this crop is not enough at that time, your system must be able to attach another bucket with the system. So then in that system, you can grow a new crop.

If your system is not able to attach one more piece of equipment then you have to purchase another Hydroponic system, then it will affect your budget. So when you are going to buy a Deep Water Culture System to grow Marijuana at that time, you have to confirm that the system must be allowed to attach additional equipment like a bucket and all.

Now we are moving on to the next phase of the article, from where you can select the best Deep Water Culture System to Grow Marijuana in indoor places.


So, Have you got the right Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System for your Marijuana plant? If not then sure you have got an idea of which system is suitable for you. Still, if you have confused then Buyer’s Guide is for you, refer to it and select.

Buyer’s Guide is about How to Make a Hydroponic system at home, the types of Hydroponics systems, and what is the hydroponics system. Now you must know all the things about the hydroponics system very well.

It will now be possible for you to know which Hydroponic method is best suitable for you. We are sure that this article will be helpful for you to know about everything. You will have now all the essential information about the Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System. So you will have a more clear idea of which type of Hydroponics will be best suitable for you.

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