Best Stealth Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet Reviews 2023 & buying guide

Supercloset Superbox Fully Automated Turnkey Grow Box
Supercloset Superbox Fully Automated Turnkey Grow Box

Best Stealth Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Growing Weed in indoor places always needs some more care and quality equipment like Grow Tent, Stealth grows box cabinet and LED lights. These things are basic needs if you want to grow Marijuana in Indoor Places.

You have to maintain an Internal Environment alsoase Temperature, Humidity, Soil pH, Lightness, and Darkness. These factors can be handled by the Stealth box.

If you are a professional and experienced in weed growth, then you can make a grow tent and grow box cabinet by yourself. But if you are going to grow a weed for the first time, there are tons of choices for you.

There are many brands available that offer you quality stealth grow box cabinets. In between lots of brands and stores, you have to find a suitable, feasible, and best grow box cabinet for your grow room.

Best Stealth Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet

We are here to see the best Stealth Marijuana grow box cabinet. But before we are going to see a stealth Marijuana grow box we have to go through some factors which help to add the best Marijuana grow box cabinet to your cart.

Now, Let’s move into the sections of the best Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet.

1. The Silverback – Turn-Key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box

The Silverback Grow box cabinet provides you with a Hydroponic Soil-Less Medium to grow Marijuana Plants.  This is the Largest grow box cabinet, in which you can put a maximum of 3 plants in one Hydroponics closet.

What we have seen here is that The Silverback is giving you all here. It is 100% Odor control in the system, and it is guaranteed.

The Silverback Turn-key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber
The Silverback Turn-key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber

The fan is So Quiet like someone whispering to you. Themateriall that is used to manufacture is lightproof. so you cannot see any of the lights coming outside of the cabinet. The outer frame of the Grow box is 15 Gauge in size and steel material is wielded there.

LED lights are important to extract maximum outcomes from plants. LED lights can give you 405 Watts of Energy. They also give you custom-made LED lighting, in which theyprovidee you 9-Way, 3-Watts Diodes, and Stalwart Power Supply.

The Bearing For fans is double-coated which makes the fans more durable. The Whole Grow Box Life is reliable, and you can put your trust in it based on its durability.

Aeration is a key feature of the Silverback. It provides you with a cooler and reservoir hybrid drip feed system. It also gives a Built-in aeration system that can feed nine plants at a time.

The Silverback is An Automated system. If you want to maintain Atmosphere elements like pH, CO2, Watering, and Temperature. Then you can adjust it here with a control system.

Hydroponics System Gives the Deep Water Culture and Drip Feed System in the Silverback. Grow Plugs, CO2, and all required Nutrients that plants need to grow are provided for the first time.

Features of the silverback

  • Internal CO2 System
  • Three 135 W LED lights give a total of 405 Watts of energy
  • T5 Fluorescent lights in the Cloning Chamber.The waterr Cooler and the Backup reservoir are available with Zero Maintainance.
  • Circulate the Air Around the cabinet, it provides 2 Intake and 8 Exhaust fans.

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2. The Stanley MAX

Stanley MAX gives you a Cloning Chamber inside the cabinet if you want to take a crop after first harvested so that you can cultivate it soon.

This is an Automatic chamber so it maintains air filters automatically when Plants need Fresh air and CO2. Air filters will support the plant. It controls CO2, Lights, and Watering Automation. It also controls the pH Automatically.

The Stanley MAX Turn-key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber
The Stanley MAX Turn-key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber

In this Automatic Feature, Some Brands give you additional things. So you need to purchase by paying extra but here you have to pay only for the Automatic pH Controller. You can cultivate the crop and then leave them to grow unattended for up to two weeks.

The Stanly MAX also gives you a 100% odor control, lightproof, and Noiseless system. The outer side of the frame is welded with 16 gauge steel.

The LED light of the Cabinet system gives you 480 Wattsof  Energy, 11-Way, and 5 Watts Diodes. You can switch the lighting while the blooming and vegetative phases.

It also provides you with a dual switch to change the lighting. 42 Watts LED lights Sideline is also integrated with a cabinet.

Features of the Stanley Max

  • Air and Water Pumps are available
  • To maximize a spectrum, they provide you with 42 Watts Sideline LED lights.
  • The Fans which are used for Exhaust and Intake run without noise.
  • Deep Water Culture and Drip Feed Combo Hydroponic system has a water reservoir and a cooler.
  • You can lock the cabinet
  • You can set up height according to your efficiency.

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3. The Stanley With Cloning Chamber

We have seen Stanley MAX the Same way when Stanley comes up with the Cloning Chamber. If you want a light chamber cabinet, then choose Stanley.

The Stanly also gives you a lightproof 100% odor control, and quiet environment while it is running. The outer side frame is then welded with 16 gauge steel.

The Stanley Turn-key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber
The Stanley Turn-key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber

The Stanley Grow Box USA gives you Hydroponic Systems which are Drip Feed systems and Deep Water Culture. It also gives the Zero maintenance Water Cooler. You can leave the grow box for up to 2 weeks.

LED Lighting gives you 270 watts of energy with nine-way and 3 Watts Diodes. To make Fans Reliable and Durable, they give you a double ball bearing.

If you want a medium size Chamber then The Stanley is perfect for you, it gives you a 4.5X4.5 square feet area to grow Marijuana plants.

The Stanley Provides you with everything that you need for your first growth. Like, Grow Plugs, CO2, and Nutrients. But you have to do seeding and watering.

Features of the Stanley

  • Internal CO2 Boost Bucket System
  • Aeration and Backup in the Hydroponics system
  • The hydroponic system gives drip-feeding up to eight plants.
  • The automatic pH Adjusting Kit is available
  • Grounded Timers are provided.

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4. SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 LED Soil Grow Cabinet

SuperCloset Deluxe is best for the mid-level budget grower, But also for those who are new to Marijuana Growing. When you purchase this cabinet product, you will be served with an Automatic Control, Dual-Chamber, Lighting, and all the necessary things which help you in Marijuana Growing.

SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 LED Soil Grow Cabinet
SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 LED Soil Grow Cabinet

The total height of the Cabinet is 66 inches. If you see it from the outside, then it looks like some accessories or a sports locker. So nobody knows about the Marijuana Growing inside a locker like a chamber.

It gives you a specific environment for the weed plants like Proper LED lights, Lightproof, and adjustable spectrum of the LED lights.

SuperCloset Deluxe is 15 inches wider inside the chamber. You can set up this size of locker at any place in your home. In this size, you can cultivate six plants at a time. If you are a beginner, then it is recommended to cultivate four plants at a time.

Growing Medium, Timers, Nutrients, and Filters are included in the whole package of the SuperCloset Deluxe Grow Room Kit. Controls are fully automated in This Kit.

In the Lighting system, they give you 12 bandwidth, 3 Watt Kind LED, and Full Spectrum to the plants. On the backside of the cabinet, it gives you a hygrometer to retain the clean appearance of the chamber.

This Dual Chamber System gives you a Cloning Chamber and the vegetative/flowering chamber.

3 Years of warranty is provided on the Product Purchase. If you face any kind of difficulties then you can call on the toll-free number of customer support. They can give you a solution regarding Technical queries as well as growing tips.

Features of the SuperCloser Deluxe

  • This Kind of LEDlights K3 is useful for Grow Marijuana Plants.
  • The capacity of the chamber is about to grow up to 6 plants at a time.
  • Automated control is integrated into the back of the system.
  • Dual Chamber like Vegetative/Flowering and Clone Chamber is available.

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5. Yield Machine Max

If you are comfortable making a Stealth Machine by yourself, then Yield Machine Max is a good choice.

The height of the Cabinet is 48 inches, the Width is 17.5 inches, and the depth of cabinet is 13.5 Inches. So according to these sizes, you can grow up to 6 plants in the Yield Machine Max Grow Box Cabinet.

Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box
Yield Machine Max4-Foott LED Grow Box

With this cabinet, it gives you a 150W LED Grow light and 4.7 inches fans for exhaust and intake of fresh air. The carbon filter is available there in the ventilation system.

All of the controls in the system are Fully Automated. You can grow weed in this chamber discreetly. On the backside of the cabinet, The fully automated controls are integrated. From there you can operate, and nobody will know about this.

Grow room is made Lightproof. So It won’t heat too much and Built-in fans are present for Ventilation and Exhausting purposes.

Features of the Yield Machine Max

  • It Uses Hydroponic System to Grow a plant
  • Carbon Filters are provided for fresh air
  • Fans are available for ventilation
  • 150 Watts Led lights are included in the Kit.

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6. SuperCloset Superbox Turnkey Grow Box

SuperCloset Superbox size is 30” X 18” X 24” in Height, Width, and Depth. It is one of the best Stealth Growboxesx for Beginners. Because they can try to grow here 3-4 Marijuana plants. The Stealth body is welded with 16 Gauge Steel. The body looks like a refrigerator or a closet if anybody doesn’t know about the grow box.

Supercloset Superbox Fully Automated Turnkey Grow Box
Supercloset Superbox Fully Automated Turnkey Grow Box

The Body is Fireproof and also Automated. Well, you can control this device via this Automated Controler like pH Controller, Temperature, and Lights while various growth stages in the vegetative and floweringstagese.

At a time you can grow up to 10 plants at their Maximum Capacity. But as we say as a beginner, you can use one Hydroponic pot where you can easily cultivate 2 to 3 plants.

SuperCloset SuperBox Turnkey provides 200W CFL lighting in the grow box which spreads the Red spectrum. So while vegetative stage gives you perfect lighting in the grow box cabinet. It is perfect for professional growers too because of the interactive design of the cabinet and Hydroponics.

You will get a TDS meter, Rockwool Cubes, Hydroton Rocks, Fans, Filters, Nutrients, and all. At the ventilation point, the Device provides you with a carbon filter. when air from the outside environment passes through the carbon filter, Carbon Filters that air and plants to get fresh air to the intake.

Features of the SuperCloset Superbox Turnkey Grow Box.

  • it provides Light Reflector material inside the grow box
  • Automated Control on the  Backside
  • 200W Full Red Spectrum CFL Lights are available which spreads through to every corner.
  • Free Accessories like meters and nutrients are provided
  • It doesn’t create any load on the electricity bill
  • Discreet Shipping Delivery is available
  • Stealth Steel Cabinet is provided

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7. Cash Crop 4.0 Hydroponics

If you want to grow Marijuana for personal use, then you can use Cash Crop 4.0 hydroponics Grow Box. It is 36” in Height. It is recommended for those who want to grow 1 to 2 plants at a time. this Grow Box is Affordable and Feasible for them. For breedssthath are not much taller, this cabinet is well suitable for them.

Dealzer Cash Crop Deluxe 4.0-6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box
Dealzer Cash Crop Deluxe 4.0-6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

It Gives you LED lighting and a Hydroponics system to cultivate Marijuana Growboxesx. They Provide you with Six Boxes when you purchase a grow box. In Both Price and Size, This grow box is Feasible and Efficient to use.

When you purchase the grow box and unpack it. Then you have to be ready with the seeds because all other necessary things which help in the growing process will be provided in the box. So for those who don’t know about cultivating Marijuana plants and whoise a newbie to Marijuana growing. This Grow Box will guide you to the better growth of Plants at a Low Budget Price.

Six pots of the hydroponics system in which pots you can grow Marijuana for personal use. The best thing about the service of the Grow box is a, and it gives you a lifetime warranty on the product.

Features of the Cash Crop 4.0 Hydroponics

  • The price of the Cabinet is cost-effective and within budget
  • You can also lock the cabinet if you want
  • 6 Hydroponic system pots are provided
  • Lifetime warranty on this product purchase.

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8. Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box

Made in North America, This Product is mostly used to Grow Marijuana  Plants in the Grow Box. It can easily fit in your home space. In the frame, they have used Steel Metal.  For a beginner, this grow box is very useful and it will give you a maximum yield in the end.

Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box - Hydroponics Growing System - Ships Fully Assembled - Smartphone Controlled
Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box – Hydroponics Growing System – Ships Fully Assembled – Smartphone Controlled

The door is equipped with a steel lock in case you want to lock it. you can also customize such things as Light and pH with its Automated Controller. EC level can also be measured here.

Design is also beautiful and you will love it at first sight. It is also efficient and smart to use. Energy Saving  LED lights are integrated, So it also saves energy. This Grow Box won’t create a heavy load on the Electricity bill. But you can also optimize the light during the vegetative and floweringstagese.

When you purchase Grobo Premium Grow Box, it will provide you with all the necessary things which will help in the growth of Marijuana Plants.

Accessories like Sensors, Coco Pad, and a Carbon filter are present for ventilation. The necessaryy nutrients available in the kit make the Marijuana Plants Healthier and Stronger. Well, it also helps to increase the growth of the plant.

Features of the Grobo Premium Grow Box

  • The design is so beautiful as well as sleek
  • It has Smart Growing Technology with automated control
  • Discreet growth of the plants is possible

Best Stealth Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet Reviews 2023 & buying guide 1

9. Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0

You can grow a large quantity like nine plants at a time in this cabinet. Hydroponics grow box size is 36” X 20” X 16.6”.

Grandma’s Secret Garden is cheap and affordable as compared to other products within the same range.

Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box
Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

You have to be familiar with the Hydroponic System Because all the pots that are provided use Hydroponics System. Well, it easily allows you to grow in a Hydroponics System.

For those Newbies who want to grow Marijuanaplantst for the first time, it is quite affordable for them and they can use it efficiently.

In this grow box, the Hydroponics system is used very well. Apart from this, the box integrates the full spectrum of LED lights. The integrated light includes 150W Mars light and a Carbon filter.

People like this product at the online stores because who gives this type of facility to grow Nine Plants at a time at such a low-cost price?

For Fresh air, Manufacturers have installed an inbuilt air pump that continuously circulates oxygen to the roots of the plants. This operation gives optimum yield while you are harvesting the Marijuana Plants.

Features of the Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0

  • Free Ozium Scent Equalizer in the kit
  • It Provides you a timer to set factors
  • You can grow up to 9 plants at a time.
  • Nutrients Pack is provided to the first-time growers
  • DWC Hydroponic System is available
  • Mars Hydro Lighting System is used
  • Lifetime warranty on the product purchase

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10. Hellogrower 30” Stealth Grow Box

The product is relatively small in size as compared to its budget, so you can grow only 2 to 3 plants at a time while growing in the cabinet.

Hellogrower provides a 125 Watts Spectrum of LED lights, so it does not create a heavy load on the electricity bill. it also reduces light energy. On this low budget, you can grow as well as save electricity by using Hellogrower Grow Box.

30 Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box With Hydroponic System By Hellogrower
30 Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box With Hydroponic System By Hellogrower

The cabinet interior section is covered with a Mylar. This mylar is effective in many ways like its Material is reflective of heat and light. It also prevents gas and bad odor. Its Body/Frame is made from Steel and to make it extra-strong, It is welded with each other.

The lighting system is very well placed in the cabinet. The lights placed on the Ceiling directly strike the plants. Also, an air stone is integrated into the box, and from there you can spread nutrients all over plants. At a Time 6 plants can be cultivated into hydroponics pots.

The timer system is integrated into the Grow box. This Timer manages a lighting system in various stages of Marijuana Growing like the Vegetative and Flowering stages.

The ventilation system is also strong in this Grow Box. They provide a carbon filter with ventilation space. It works like a filtered mask for a grow box. Air from the Outside Environment is passed through the carbon filter and fresh air is provided to the plants.

To make Healthier and Stronger plants, the product will give pouring nutrient-rich water. This Water goes through the roots and starts the process. It increases the plant’s growth.

Features of the Hellogrower Grow Box

  • DWC Hydroponics System is available
  • It provides Free Accessories that are needed while growing the plant.
  • A carbon filter is used to remove Marijuana Odor
  • It also saves Electricity.
  • Light and Heat reflector Mylar is present
  • This product is Affordable and Available for Discreet Shipping

Best Stealth Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet Reviews 2023 & buying guide 1

The Below Factors will help you make the right selection for growing the Best Marijuana with a Grow Box Cabinet. 

Size of the Cabinet

In the online market and local market, various sizes of cabinets are available for you. In between them, you have to select which size of the grow box cabinet is most suitable for you.

The size of the cabinet that you require depends on the indoor place where you want to put the grow box cabinet. You can also select the size according to the seeds of the clone plant and depending on how much space is needed.

Too much larger and too much smaller space is not suitable, So We recommend you go for medium sizes. Yes if you have enough quantity to cultivate the plants Then it is ok to select according to them, Otherwise, an amedium-sizede cabinet might work for you.


The wattage depends on the LED lights and the brightness of the Grow box cabinet. More Bright LED lights will need more Wattage, so there is simple logic to selecting the lights.

Also, wattage indicates the power consumed by the box, and the cabinet package indicates the power of the lights. It means the box will indicate to you how much energy is emitted by these lights in the cabinet.

It will make your electricity bill heavy but on the other end, you will get quality Marijuana yields. The more power will make the more powerful they grow box cabinets. So when you are going to buy a cabinet, Remember one thing more wattage is much better to grow Quality Marijuana in a stealthgrowsw box.


When you have referred to the specifications of the Grow Box Cabinet, there is one point of odor control. Some of the product gives youthis odor control figuree in percentage. This percentage shows the odor control in the Grow box cabinet.

Facts are the same about Odor like Wattage. you have to select the grow box cabinet which gives more odor control for much better results.

When you are striking the nutrients to the plants, After some time you will feel the bad odor of the Marijuana. Some people don’t like this Marijuana odor smell, So For Them, Odor control is beneficial.

Usually, Grow box cabinet uses carbon filters. The air from outside will be filtered in it. So the Box controls the odor by using these Carbon Filters.

When it gives you 100% odor control, then your Marijuana Plants are inhaling the fresh air which helps in better growth. Well, Who loves the unpleasant odor of the Marijuana Plant? No one. The Odor Control is available in the grow box cabinet for you.


If you have noticed before somewhere that Stealth Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet is buzzing and humming sometimes like a floor crusher. Sometimes the sounds of the cabinet are irritating.

This noise is created because of the fans which are used in the ventilation system. Fans are installed in ventilation windows, which work as the medium between the inside and the outside environment.

As time passes, these fans are covered with dust. Because of this heaviness of dust and Rust, the fans create noise. Select a Grow box cabinet with Dustproof Fans, so when you switch on the cabinet it will be as quiet as possible.


In the online and localmarketst, various types of Stealth Grow Box Cabinets are available. One of them is an Automatic, You can see that a completely automatic Grow Box is available in the market.

Automatic Grow Box helps you in many ways like Automatic Brightness and Light control in various stages of growing a Marijuana Plant. As in the vegetative stage, plants need balanced darkness and lightness.

While Bloom Stage needs more lighting than the Vegetative Stage. In Automatic Controller, there is always an option for automatic lighting. All of the functions of the grow box will be completely working automatically.


As a Marijuana Grower, you must know that lighting is important in every Marijuana Growing Stage. As per the requirements and different manufacturers, The Cabinet uses CFL, HPS, or LED lights system in Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet.

HPS lamps can emit more Intensity and Heat, and it also helps plants to Grow Fast. Also, the LED lights are equally cool as HPS. But HPS is Efficient and Feasible for plants. The CFL lamps are used in the small cabinet.

The most important thing about the light factor is To Make Sure How much energy the light requires and how much energy it will give us in return. Adjustment of the LED lights can be easily done or not that depends on the Lights.

You also need to check the spectrum of the light. You must select the Light which has a 100% spectrum that covers the whole plant with the same intensity of the lighting.

Light Proof

The cabinet needs complete darkness. The material of the cabinet must be light-proof. So From the outside, there Must not be any lights spread in the cabinet. Otherwise, it affects the plant’s growth and yield.

The same principle you can apply here about the Cabinet is how much light-proof the Grow Box Provides in the percentage. Then you have to select a cabinet with more lightproof material as it is better for crops of Marijuana Plants. 

Go for a 100% lightproof Grow Box Cabinet. Less efficient lighting gives you a higher amount of the bill because it creates a problem with plant growth.


The lighting system in the Cabinet creates heat inside the Grow Box Cabinet. So, The heat dependency is based on the Lights.

Here you have to select the best lights for your Plant growth. The lights which emit lower heat are the best light for your Grow Box Cabinet.

More heat creates a problem for the plants, and sometimes you see burnouts on the leaves of the plants. In the end, you have got a lesser outcome from the Marijuana crop. In that case, you could go for an LED lighting system as compared to HPS because LED lights emit less heat.

Growing Medium

Soil is the base factor to grow Marijuana Plants. In Grow Box Cabinet you have two options if you want to select a soil-based Cabinet or Soil-Less Hydroponics  Cabinet.

If you are a beginner then you can use soil to cultivate Marijuana Plants as this is a simple way. While in Hydroponic soil-less growing, you need to take extra care of the Plants.

To take better and bigger Marijuana buds from the Plants, you need to select a Hydroponic medium. This is a more Advanced and Efficient Medium once you are enough familiar with the Hydroponics system. Deep Water Culture is the best in the Hydroponic System to Grow Marijuana Plants.

Looks of Cabinet

Do Not Look in the sense of it looks cool or beautiful, but look for a cabinet that is efficient to use. You can see photos in the online store. you can also see specifications and ports in these photos.


Everybody needs the best quality Grow Box Cabinet at the Best Price. It is always important and you spend bucks of money on such a product. Then you have the right to check the product from top to bottom.

Price range, as you all know is one of the most important factors whenever you are going to purchase any product. There are so many products available when we are talking about the grow box cabinets. So the only thing that you will have to do is keep looking out there for similar products. Surely, you are going to find a product that has similar features and that too with a low price range.

Don’t go for expensive ones if you are not experienced and just want to start Growing Marijuana for Forthe  First Time. You must check for a Product Warranty if you are Spending the Money to purchase any Product.


Hope you have read This Products Review. But once again I tell you to Watch Out for factors before buying a Stealth Marijuana Grow Box. Then go for these products and choose the right and suitable product for you.

We hope that this article was helpful to you in any possible way. Our list of the best stealth marijuana cabinet box will help you to select the best suitable product for you. So that you will not have any kind of regret after purchasing any Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet.

If there is any kind of issue that you will find in purchasing the grow box cabinet from our list. Then you will just have to make sure to mention it in the comments. You should know that we will be more than happy to help you out.

The main reason we are suggesting you should comment on which product you are going to purchase from our list is that our other readers getting some help from it. It iscertaine that whenever you are going to buy any product then the first thing you are going to do is read the comments. So that it will be possible for you to understand better which products other readers are purchasing from our list. Therefore you are going to buy the best reliable and relevant Marijuana Grow Box Cabinet.

That’s all!! Enjoy Growing Marijuana Plants at Indoor Places.