Can Fluorescent Lights Be Used Instead of Led Lights To Grow Plants?

As we have known The Grow Lights can be used to grow plants indoors. But many growers have a question in their mind that is Fluorescent Lights can be used instead of Led Grow Lights to grow Plants Indoor.

You must know that Led Grow Lights create a spectrum that consists of An equal ratio of Red, Green, and Blue color lights. This spectrum is so similar to the solar spectrum which helps in the photosynthesis process of plants.

Grow Lights
Grow Lights

The plants can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. The fact is you can easily grow the plants Outdoor because you do not have to monitor them constantly. Plants need several things for survival such as Water, Sunlight, and Air.

All these necessary things are available from mother nature. So growers did not have to do anything. But not everyone has a growing space outdoors. So many growers have started to grow plants indoors.

Plants need sunlight for the photosynthesis process and if it does not get light then they will surely die. So it is your responsibility if you want to grow plants indoors. You have to provide Light, water, and air to the plants growing indoors.

This Sunlight light is created by the Grow Lights. So These Grow Led Lights are useful in many ways. But some growers doubt that Grow Led Lights are harmful to the human eye and skin.

So they are curious to know that Fluorescent Lights that can be useful in growing plants indoors like Grow Lights. Do not worry your doubt is valuable to us. After reading this article, you might not have any doubt in your mind.

But if you have doubts then you can post them in the comment box.

Fluorescent Lights Can Be Used Instead of Grow Lights To Grow Plants?

Genuinely saying, Fluorescent Light has its place while Led Grow Lights has its own. But the short and simple answer to the above question is Yes. Fluorescent Lights can be used to grow any type of plant including Cannabis, Lettuce, or Orchids.

But to be sure, using this light is not as simple as it seems. The Plants that use Grow led Lights will be different than the plants using Fluorescent Lights.

But Experts are researching the indoor growth of plants. They claim that you can use any type of light to grow plants and observe the result yourself. Whether you use Incandescent Light, Fluorescent Light, or Led Lights. It depends on your plant’s growth in the respected light.

Suppose some plants are better in the Led Lights while some are not. Some plants are healthy in Fluorescent Lights while some die in the light.

So you have to observe which light is the most suitable for your plant. According to it, you should grow the plants indoors. Therefore you must choose to observe the result of the growth of plants.

The light can also vary depending on the area that it has to cover. Suppose you have 1 sq. foot of area and only 1 plant occupies that place. Then Fluorescent light will be more efficient than Led Lights.

But if there is a large grow area like 25 Sq. feet then Led Grow Lights will be more effective than any other Lights. Thus you have to choose the lights and watts according to the size of the grow space you have.

The most important fact about the growth of plants indoors is the lighting. Also, The distance between the light and the plant should be well maintained.

Distance Plays An Important Part in the Growth of Plants:

The distance between the plants and light must be such that the plant gets no harm. If the distance between them is less, then the chances of burning the plants’ leaves increase. If the distance between them is more then the plant may die due to the lack of light.

So the distance must be maintained Neither too far Nor too close.