Can You Use Grow Lights For Light Therapy?

Grow Light
Grow Light

Can You Use Grow Lights For Light Therapy?:

All of you must be knowing that nowadays people are using grow lights for the growth of plants and flowers indoors. So the grow lights are becoming more and more famous day by day.

The main thing is that plants can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. But while growing the plants outdoors, we do not need to worry about anything in particular. Our Mother Earth will take care of everything from Seeding Stage to Flowering Stage.

Grow Light
Grow Light

Thus the outdoor growing system has been reluctantly easy than the indoor system. You need to take the utmost care of the plant while you grow it indoors. Plants need sunlight, water, and air to survive in this world. So it is your responsibility to provide all these things to plants if you want to grow healthy plants.

It is a fact known by everyone that if you fail to provide the necessary thing to the plants, then the plant may die. So you should take care of the plants while keeping these things in mind.

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Now, Most Growers are wondering whether Grow Lights can be helpful for Light Therapy. Well, Light Therapy is one of the leading treatments available for S.A.D(Seasonal Affective Disorder).

It has been widely known for the treatment of many diseases and disorders in Light Therapy. Light Therapy is very helpful in the treatment of Sleep Disorders, Attention-Deficit Disorders, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, and Many More Disorders.

The proper and suitable intensity and quality of light play a major role in the treatment. According to the Reports, Grow Lights can be helpful in Light Therapy. But it is harmful to human beings in some ways.

What is Light Therapy?

We know now that Grow Lights is not appropriate for its use in Light Therapy. So to understand the reason behind it, you must know what Light Therapy is.

In this Therapy, The Patient has to sit in front of a Light Box which is filled with many fluorescent lamps. The patient is free to read, talk, take lunch, or do anything as long as he is not walking away from the box.

It is not necessary to look straight in the LightBox. The Patient can look anywhere. The Normal time for any treatment of any disorder starts from 30 minutes in front of the box per day.

So each patient has to spend 30 minutes minimum facing the LightBox. The Centre For Environmental Therapeutics did approve this major Fact.

As they grow lights intended to use for the growth of plants indoors, It is not possible to use them in Light Therapy. So Fluorescent Lights are more useful in Light Therapy.

Can Grow Lights Be Useful in Light Therapy?

According to Dr. Raymond W. Lam, Director of the Mood Disorders Center of the University of British Columbia Hospital. It does not matter the light you use in Light Therapy as long as The Intensity of the Light is Suitable.

So knowing this, We can assume that Grow Lights can also be useful in Light Therapy. But the light’s intensity must be suitable so that it can not harm the human eye.

Thus it must be necessary to convert Watts to Lux to find the intensity of Light Therapy. The main problem is that Watt is the measure of power coming from light and Lux is the measure of light falling on a distant object. There are some ways to convert it mathematically, But it will be somewhat Hard.

So By the Use of Grow Lights in Light Therapy, The calculation is difficult as Watt and Lux are entirely different quantities of different fields. Also, The Grow Lights have such a high intensity that anyone sitting near the lights may have a burn on the skin due to the Hot Temperature of the Lights.

There is indeed a great number of benefits that you are going to get if you are using grow lights for light therapy. The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is all the essential information that we did mention here in this article. So that you will able to have a more clear idea of how you can be able to use Grow Lights for Light Therapy.

Now, you will surely know about the things as well as factors that you will have to consider when using grow lights in Light Therapy. It is indeed very useful and you all should use it.

We Hope that Now you all must know the reason for using Fluorescent Lamps in Light Therapy.