Countries where weed is legal

marijuana legal
marijuana legal

Countries Where Weed Is Legal

Here, We will provide you the list of the countries where weed smoking is legal. whether it is legal due to some medical purpose or any de-criminal activities. Countries that will give you full liberty to smoke or trade the weed will be mentioned in this article.

Below information is about the countries where you can Smoke the weed fearlessly. Sometimes if you smoked in decriminalize Manner, Then government will not bother you for smoking.

Countries where weed is legal 1

Weed smoking legality and seed bank legality are two factors. In all around the world, weed seeds selling is legalized but smoking weed is not. Let us start with this list of free smoking zone counties where Smoking the weed is legal.

Countries where weed is legal

The United States of America

From 50 states of the USA, Many states are legalized now to smoke weed. It depends on where you live to smoke the weed legally or not. Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, and Michigan are the state where you can chill with weed freely.

Some places are now allowed where smoking the weed is not illegal but it is decriminalized. Some states of the USA, Weed is not legal. Where one puff of the Weed will lead you to the prison and counting its bars.


Canada is the leading country to sell Marijuana Weeds. One of the most popular Seedbank is located there, So Weed is legalized there. You can smoke the weed in Canada, Government has declared weed is legal on October 17, 2018. But Growers needs a license to Grow Marijuana. Growers need to issue the license from the federal government of Canada. Well, The Canadian government is not promoting the weed legality decision.


Have you heard about Pablo Escobar, A dealer of drugs in Mexico? In Mexico weed is legal. Selling and cultivation of the weed are still illegal, but less then 5 grams of Private, Public and Recreation use of weed is decriminalized in Mexico. Due to drug violation, The Mexican Government did not move on the step to legalized the weed but you can smoke there.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, Weed Smoking is very Common. The government hasn’t declared that Weed is legal, but people are used to smoking the weed for many years. But you have to make a distance for comfortable weed smoking. Costa Rica Government will not stamp the penalty on you.


At the end of 2017, the Belize government declares weed is decriminalized in their country. People have to get explicit permission of the Weed smoking from someone who is a government authorized person. Up to 10 grams of the weed is decriminalized in Belize. But you can smoke at home legally.

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Jamaicans are very amazing and chilling people, they love partying. That’s why for their people government has decided to make a Decriminalization law of weed smoking in 2015. Since 2015 you can smoke the weed there legally. If you are a Jamaican Rastafarian then you can use weed in unlimited quantity without any restrictions. While Musical parties at the beach, people are used to smoking weed there.


Up to 20 grams of the Weed contaminant is under the decriminalized law from decades. Yes, they are enjoying weed-smoking from the last 10 years in decriminalized law. But you can’t grow and sell weed, it is illegal.

In Colombia, Drug selling leads to many criminal histories that’s why the government did not take a step to legalize the selling of Weed. Once they have checked how Marijuana is harmful than other drugs or toxic substances, they found nothing harmful and also give permission to grow 20 plants.


Peru is the country where you can smoke the weed at your own or someone else’s home. If you are found to mess around with weed for selling or growing publically. Then after smoking it in public, you might get in big problems. Otherwise, Peru is safe to smoke the Weed. At home, you can smoke as long as you want.


If you use Weed for the recreational process then you will not get arrested, this law is made by Argentina Government before a decade. Argentina Government gives you free weed for Medical Purposes. It is entitled by a First Woke Country and they have declared it in March 2017.


Limit to take weed in Ecuador is the 10 grams. This is the exceeding limits of the weed. You can not grow and sell Marijuana in Ecuador. Privacy policy of the Ecuador country is pretty good, you will not be bothered to smoke the weed.


In Uruguay, You can smoke the weed after 18 years of the age. Uruguay is the First Woke Country to do so. For Buying, Selling and Growing the first time, then you have to register yourself with the government and take a permission letter from there. For pharmaceutical use, you can buy commercial grass to grow a weed. This rule was stated in 2017.


Officially in Laos, Marijuana is illegal. But Policy and Rules do not interfere if you want to get high with smoking weed in Laos. But there is one condition after smoking you have to control yourself. Do not mess around with the people. So make a joint and find a beautiful place in beautiful Laos and chill there without troubling others.


Weed is illegal in Cambodia, But people have not accepted it and you will get cheap marijuana stuff in Cambodia. In Cambodia, you can go out to restaurants and then in Menu card you can see there cheap “Happy” marked, which indicate something special in it.

North Korea

There are many myths and rumors about North Korea. Is there any legality law for weed smoking or not for people and Culture. Weed is accepted by North Korean people but we are not sure whether it is legal or not. Marijuana is not fully legal in North Korea.


If you want to smoke in Italy then that is fine, you can chill out easily there. But growing and selling without permission is still a problem there. If you try to sell out a weed in Italy and get caught up by Italian cops then it might be possible that your passport may be suspended. You might also have to pay a certain amount of fine. Italian public wants to legalize the cannabis here because Italy is a leading Marijuana Producer in these days.


Portugal is one of the first countries where not only weed but all of the drugs and its substance is decriminalized since 2001. At a time 25 grams of the drugs is ok but if you are found guilty to consume the excessive amount of weed from this quantity then you may be slapped hard and must have to pay a fine here.


Growing Marijuana up to four plants are legally allowed. If you want to smoke a weed then you should go for clubbing. There, you can enjoy smoking as long as you want. Publically, a small amount of consumption of weed is decriminalized here.


You can’t intake more than 3 grams of Marijuana in Belgium. If you have crossed 18 then it’s ok to take it but not legally, It is decriminalized once you turn 18 years old. Publically, you cannot smoke the weed if you get caught then you have to be ready to pay.


Australia is a mainstream country to use weed as a medical purpose. Also, it is the leading country in the world where weed is used for research and commercialization process. They declared that weed is allowed all over the country in 2017. It is not allowed largely but a small amount of weed consumption is decriminalized here.


The Netherlands is a leading Marijuana Growing Country, Seed bank of the Netherlands are famous across the whole world. If you want to smoke weed in a coffee shop or clubs then it is legal, you can smoke there comfortably. This has been legal for many years. But still, growing the weed in the Netherlands is illegal. In 2017, the public wants to pass the bill of the fully legalized weed-smoking all over the country and the process is still running. For now, the Coffee shop is a place where you can enjoy weed without any interruption of policy.


Without any doubt, Spanish people are smoking weed since 2017. In Club, you can smoke as long as you want. Catalonia is a northern region country of Spain where weed Growing, Selling and Smoking is fully legalized. Without trap on any legality, you can smoke the weed there. Even if you smoke the weed at the public place then also you won’t face any difficulties from the government people.


Weed is decriminalized in Ukraine up to 5 grams smoking possession and you can grow 10 plants. It is not covered in the criminalized boundaries. You can not find any state in Ukraine where weed is fully legal. If you want to enjoy then enjoy it up to 5 grams of the weed. If you want to smoke in indoor places and want to get high then it is good to smoke there because you can easily smoke without any problems.


In Estonia, there is a big no, to sell and plant Marijuana plants for growing. But one of the states of Estonia called Kanepi has officially selected the weed leaf as an emblem. They have designed their flags with the Marijuana Leaf. You can take Marijuana up to 7.5 grams here. For the personal amount, you can smoke only this amount of the weed. From many years people of Estonia are possessed with the weed and if you want to live there then you can easily consume the Weed.

The Czech Republic

Up to 15 grams of Marijuana consumption is decriminalized here. As compared to any other country Czech is liberal for the amount of weed consumption. As a Czech people if you have any medical liberty then the government has passed a law regarding weed consumption in 2014, which is fully legalized in the country.

Generally, The Czech Republic is the country where Marijuana laws are bit liberal and in the policy, they give people the liberty of Marijuana usage. But weed in the Czech is a bit expensive because they do not have a legal rule for selling and growing Marijuana, but Marijuana stuff is imported here so.


Croatia is the country where weed is decriminalized for personal use whether it is in public or private places. If any people get caught up for selling Marijuana, then it creates a big problem as it is against government rule.


Up to 6 grams of Marijuana is decriminalized in Russia. Medical Marijuana, Medical Heroin, and Medical Cocaine are the most legal here. For a foreign player who will come up for the last football world cup, the government has allowed to bring it with them.

These are the countries where you can smoke the weed. Some of them are fully legal countries. While in some countries, you can smoke in a certain decided amount so if you exceed that level then it might create big problems. 

Just think about these countries if you want to visit them in the next vacation. You can also see laws of Marijuana smoking there. You can choose which country you should visit according to Marijuana Smoking laws there.