How long does weed stay in your system (Hair Test and Urine)?

How long does weed stay in your system
How long does weed stay in your system

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System (Hair Test and Urine)?

When you smoke Marijuana, You feel “High” if that’s what smokers call it. You feel high when you smoke weed, it affects our system. It depends on the smoker’s body, how long weed stays in their system. Generally, Who are a frequent smoker, weed remains in their body for 1 to 3 days and Those who are heavy smokers weed remains in their body as long as 30 days.

THC is a chemical which is contaminated in the Marijuana Plants and because of THC, people feel relaxed and high while they smoke weed. THC is behind the spread out in our body, and it is spread up very quickly in our body.

Further, we will see many aspects while you smoke. How it affects your body when weed enters the body.

How Does Your Body Feel While Marijuana Intake?

First, we will see which body part takes how much amount of time for the detection of Marijuana.

When you smoke Marijuana, it takes a few minutes or a few hours by Blood and Saliva for detection. But for urine, it depends on the smoker. If people take Marijuana for one time after a long time then it takes up to 13 days for detection. For a regular smoker, it takes 45 days to detection. For Heavy smoker, it takes 90 days for Marijuana detection. In Hair of the human body, it takes 90 days for Marijuana detection.

How long does weed stay in your system (Hair Test and Urine)? 1

Behind This Detection What Are The Factors That Take Part While You Smoke?

The main chemical behind this is the Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). In chemical terms, it is also called as a Delta-9-THC or Simply THC. When you smoke weed, THC is the first chemical which spreads up in the body too quickly. This enters the blood veins.

When you smoke the first puff of Marijuana, THC goes into the lungs for the first time. Then it enters into the bloodstreams, So with that, it affects many organs and brain too. THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system which affects our brains movement. You can sense the diluted feeling of Sensations, Memory, Coordination, Judgment, and Reward. Within one to three hours your body can feel these effects.

Also, you can sense some short term effects within the hours that is Problem-solving, Learning and Some lingering effects. Also, it impairs your driving performance while driving. National Highway Authorities have reported these issues as they did found many people to do driving while Marijuana Smoking.

Blood Veins feel THC and Marijuana that is ingested while smoking. It takes only 20 minutes or half an hour to absorbs in the body.

Tetrahydrocannabinol can be also be called as “THC”. This chemical component reacts first and is diluted in the bloodstreams within quarter half of an Hour.

When you smoke Marijuana, THC is caught in the first few hours of smoking. Because after THC spreads out it breaks down in the various molecules, these molecules are called metabolites. In research labs, it is found that there are over 80 different metabolites in the THC.

These metabolites are stored in various body parts. Basically, it is stored in the body fats. Other Organs also absorbs THC like Brain and Heart. In Liver, THC Metabolites, 11-hydroxy-THC, and Carboxy-THC are entered through it. These metabolites are excluded via feces and urine by the time.

Also, it is spread in the Body Tissue via the bloodstream, it consumed by the body Tissue. It is easy for the casual smoker to eliminate THC from their body. It takes a form of fatty tissue and then it is removed faster through it. But for the heavy smoker, it is hard to pass the test. For a long time, it stays in the body even if they stopped the intake for last some days.

Some other effects which we don’t feel when we are high on weed are Effect Anxiety, You can’t think clearly, Mood swings, Delusions, Distorted Sence of time, Can’t remember properly, Fear, Altered Sense, Hallucinations, Impaired Coordination, Paranoia, and Increased appetite.

In Which Body Variations Marijuana is Detected?


A dehydrated body is more likely for positive testing of Marijuana THC in your body. So what happens while your body feels dehydrated, and then you should do testing? Your body has less water while dehydration and it means your blood and urine are having less water too.

So then, other contaminants are more concentrated in the urine and blood. So, when the test of Marijuana THC happens it will detect easily.

In Body Fat – How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

We know that THC is distributed as Metabolites. It is more likely to distribute in the body fat. Cannabinoid of the THC has created substances like metabolized.

As compared to a Leaner Body, High Body Fat contains more THC even if for a long time they have not smoked a weed. There is an Index number Body Mass Index(BMI), If BMI is higher in your body then weed remains longer in your body.

THC Content of the Weed

Stronger forms of Weed is easily detectable in the body for a long time. Stronger forms such as skunk are included in it. If you consume stronger buds then it will stay for a long time in the body. It also takes more time to create elimination way through the bi-product of the human. So, High Effective and Stronger Weed are easily detectable in the test.


Metabolites are the spread in the Body Fats and the Metabolism of the body system. Slower Metabolism is more likely to pass the test as compared to a faster metabolism.


With exercise, you won’t feel released from the Marijuana THC, but regular exercise takes you to the positive testing of the Marijuana THC.

Suppose If you have contained weed before and Now you have to test for THC. While exercising your body will start to warm up and it burns up the energy. So stored THC contents are starting to spread out in the whole body. Mainly through the bloodstream, it is starting to spread out. Therefore those who do a regular exercise can not pass the test.

Sometimes Exercise will help you to fail the THC checking test. After Weed smoking, Some Days passes by and when the test is scheduled, then you will fail the test.

Testing Methods for THC

To check the availability of the THC in your body. There are various testing methods they follow to check Marijuana THC in your body. Through Blood, Urine, Saliva, and Hair THC Conclusion Test can conduct.

Blood Testing – How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

Marijuana Cannabinoids spreads out through the bloodstream via Metabolites of the THC. Therefore after smoking weed, Up to 36 hours body will give you the positive result of the Weed Testing.

How the blood test is effective for various smokers?

There is one fact that as compared to Urine, Weed can be tested faster while it is filtered and spread out in the blood.  So Weed Testing laboratories prefer urine testing over blood testing.

For regular weed smoker, it takes 2 to 7 days to eliminate it from the blood. So in between, these days are the best to conduct the blood test for weed. For casual weed smoker, you have to conduct the test within the 24 hours otherwise you won’t get the positive result for test of the weed.

Saliva Test

Saliva Test is ineffective for all king of the Smokers. But why it is ineffective? Mostly for Casual and Regular Smoker, Weed is contained in the saliva for 24 hours only. In that period you can use Saliva test to make it positive otherwise you have to satisfy with the negative result.

Hair Test

As compare to all body parts, Hair takes more time to eliminates the THC from it. So it is the best testing method, Through hair, your Marijuana cannabinoids test gives the positive result. Hair testing for a heavy user it is highly effective. Generally, it takes 90 days to eliminate it completely from the hair.

For Regular Weed Smoker you can catch them up within 90 days after they stop smoking. But for frequent Marijuana smokers, a Hair test is completely useless. you wouldn’t get anything at all.

Hair Testing for Weed is bit expensive process as compared to another testing. Why it is expensive? because to conduct the hair test you require some expensive testing machine and tools.

For all Smokers, Urine testing is better. Organizations and their employers prefer to take the urine test always. At their workspace, they always favor the urine test. Now let’s move on to the urine testing.

Urine Testing – How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

As you all know now, Urine testing is the most common testing method among all. It is good for the Casual Smokers also Who smokes At least 2 times per week. If a test is conducted to test them after 1-3 days, then the results will be Positive.

For Heavy Smokers, If you conduct a test for them, After 30 days when they last smoke the weed before a month, Then they might get caught in the test for Marijuana. Those Who eats Marijuana with the brownie and another Medium of the food then within the 1 to 5 days test is going to be positive.

A urine test detects non-psychoactive chemical also. It detects the THC-COOH. Mostly it is detected from the Heavy users because they are now familiar with Weed Consumption.

How Urine test is accurate?

When a Marijuana Test is conducted by using urine testing. When it is started, the laboratory first screens the sample with initial tests, which is known as the EMIT. If there is any positive result detected then again that screen test is tested with Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer. Because of these dual tests of the urine, In a urine test, you can see errorless results and rare failure.

When the tester does not know the substance of the weed, Then at that time there can be a failure but Now you can not see this kind of error as we stated that there is a dual test.

These are the Testing Methods. Alongside these testing methods, there are some more factors affecting Weed testing. Below listed points are one of them.

  • Usage Frequency – Smokers are Heavy, Frequent and Casual Smokers. So The Testing result depends on that.
  • Hydration Level – As we know A dehydrated body is more likely to give a Positive Test. If your body is enough hydrated then it might be a chance of failing the test.
  • THC Amount in Marijuana – THC in Marijuana is of the different amount with every different Marijuana breeds. So, the test depends on the THC Amount and how much amount it is in the Marijuana plants.
  • A gap of Smoking – Time is an important role in testing. One who last smoked the weed within 3 days is better in the test. People who have not smoked the weed for the last four-month then the result will be different than positive.
  • THC Processes – In Some people’s Body system, THC is filtered quickly and while in some people THC is filtered slowly. If you want to catch Smoker who has fast filter THC system people, Then first 1-3 days are the Best.

What To Do For Detoxing From The Weed? How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

Marijuana is very addictive stuff and it needs to be in control. One should not cross the limits, once you’re regular in intake of Marijuana. If you are one of the Addictive ones then Medical practitioners and healthcare diagnose system can help you to Quit Marijuana.

Healthcare mostly checks first your habitual effective routines after smoking Marijuana. So when you are away from Marijuana. They check your Behavioral Changes, Symptoms, and Signs. They state the term Marijuana use disorder or Cannabis use disorder.

According to NIDA reports, People are starting to Use Smoking Marijuana at the age of the 18. In adulthood Period their body is changing on the dependency.

People are relying more on Marijuana intake and some of their body function works if they do smoke. When This depended persons suddenly stops to smoke Marijuana then they will be suffered from the withdrawal symptoms.

Which withdraw symptoms people will suffer after they suddenly stop the intake of Marijuana. This suffering stays for a 1 to 2 weeks after the last smoke the weed.

Some symptoms are Depression, Sweating, Abdominal Pain, Irritability, Headache, Tremors, Anxiety, Fever, Decreased Appetite, Poor Sleep. These are the Withdrawal Symptoms that you may face if you quit Marijuana.

Last Words

This is it. We have seen how long does Marijuana stays in our body system. Not Marijuana but Psychoactive THC stays in our body. It varies according to different persons and also depends on smokers like how many time they smoke in a week. 

We have also seen the testing methods. From where Marijuana is detecting and what to do while detoxing the weed. There are some consequences if you quit suddenly but it is happy and healthy to quit Marijuana for your body.