How Many Grams Are In Eighth, Quarter, An Ounce Of Weed? (Ultimate Guide)

How Many Grams Are In Eighth, Quarter, An Ounce Of Weed? (Ultimate Guide)
How Many Grams Are In Eighth, Quarter, An Ounce Of Weed? (Ultimate Guide)

How Many Grams Are There In Eighth, Quarter, and Ounce Of Weed? (Ultimate Guide)

If you’re anything like me, then one of your biggest concerns about legal weed is how much it will cost. You might be thinking “I don’t want to pay $60 for an eighth if I can get an ounce for half that.” Well, let’s look at what those measurements mean and talk about how much bud you’ll get.


The standard unit of measurement in the cannabis world is the eighth; this refers to 1/8th of an ounce (3.5 grams) of flower or bud (typically anywhere from 0.5g-1g). The amount typically varies depending on the quality and type of bud you are buying, but it usually falls between $25-$40. Under legalization, you can expect to pay around $15 for a high-quality eighth and about $10 for an average-quality one.

A quarter refers to 1/4 of an ounce (7 grams) and is double the price of an eighth at your local dispensary. Expect to pay about $50 for a top-notch quarter and around $30 for a mediocre one. The more popular strains tend to run towards the higher end of these prices due to their scarcity on the medical market under prohibition. If this sounds steep, don’t worry – as mentioned above, we can expect those prices to drop significantly after legalization hits our state in 2015!

OVERSEAS ORDERS This is where things get a little trickier. You see, many US-based seed banks ship to international customers every day, but they usually don’t sell in fractions of an ounce. Instead, they measure in grams (g), which is technically a fraction of 0.1 ounces (3.5g divided by 3.5 = 1g). Don’t worry about trying to calculate anything though – just keep this in mind when ordering if you’re abroad!

DO YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR? For the most part yes; however it’s important to note that dispensaries often charge more than necessary for their products simply because they can.

This leaves room for bargain deals and discounts almost anywhere you go depending on what kind of business model your local shop adheres to. Generally speaking though, you’ll get a better price on your buds from a dispensary or collective setting – they tend to adhere to more of a wholesale pricing model.

The black market has been the only option for decades now and as such, it sets its prices regardless of quality or any other factors. Depending on where you live, those prices could be some of the lowest in the world! The fact that weed is illegal means that no regulation exists on what dealers can charge whatsoever.

As legalization looms nearer though, we’re all going to start seeing the benefits of a free market. Dispensaries will have competition from within their industry which will drive down prices across the board for everything from bud to edibles and hash. Just remember that no matter what, you should never feel like you HAVE to buy anything, and stay safe out there!

In regulated countries, if you are going to buy Marijuana then they will provide you with an Ounce of the measurement. It depends on you how much you want to buy, but the seller gives you an Eighth, Quarter, and An Ounce of Weed. Probably you may have raised the question, How many grams did I get if I buy Marijuana in Eighth, Quarter, and An Ounce of Weed?

In this Guide, you will get many answers like this and many measurement tricks. So you will get the right amount of Marijuana in your hand.

How Many Grams Are In Eighth, Quarter, An Ounce Of Weed? (Ultimate Guide) 1

If you are experienced in smoking and buy from the Dealer for many years, then you are familiar with the Measurement units of Metric and Imperial systems like Pounds, Grams, and Ounces. But when it comes to conversion of that unit then it will give you a bit of confusion. To solve this confusion keep reading the further portion of the article.

How Many Grams Are In Eighth, Quarter, An Ounce

Let’s see this familiar measurement and how many grams of Marijuana you will get if you purchase these units.

Units to Scale Marijuana Quantity

One Pound:-

One Pound of weed means it contains 16 ounces of Marijuana. Generally, Small sellers will buy from the growers in this unit. Hard Smokers are buying it from the sellers to make a store for as many days. Also, they can buy in a quarter or half a pound in the quantity.

Half Ounce:-

In half an ounce of the weed, you will get 14.17 grams of weed. For one Who smokes weed frequently this amount of weed is perfect. Nothing less or nothing more. Generally, Sellers give you 14 grams of weed when you ask for Half Ounce.

One Ounce:-

In one ounce you will get 28 grams of the weed. For a casual and infrequent smoker, 28 grams is a bit too much for them. But who want the weed regularly then for them it is good to purchase one ounce at a time. In the US State Colorado and Washington, the Price of One ounce depends on the quality of the Marijuana. Generally, Weed is priced from $150 to $300.


In this unit, you will get the fourth divided part of one part. Generally, in fourth, you will get 7.08 but sellers give you round figured 7 grams.


In the Eighth portion of a full ounce, you will get in one-eighth of Marijuana stuff. Here you will get 3.5 something grams. But Generally, Sellers will give you 3.5 grams of the weed. People are not used to purchasing this amount of Marijuana because it takes more cost than many grams in one pack. For one who is a newbie and trying for the first time then for them it is a quite good amount of Marijuana.

You should know these units when you are going to buy Marijuana on a large scale. It doesn’t matter if you get 7 grams or 28 grams in the quarter and one-ounce respective levels, but it makes a difference in the large-scale unit.

A negligible amount of the Weed to make round figures for big dealers impacts a lot in the end. People don’t care whether they will get 7 or 28 grams of weed. As a buyer, you have a right to know this unit. And you have a right to ask for that negligible quantity of weed when you are going to buy it.

If you are a grower then in making the figure how much yield you have harvested from the Marijuana Crop, It helps to make a proper account.

Well, Now Let’s see the Measurement System. First, compare the American versus Standard Metric System of Measurement.

American Standard Measurement and Metric Measurement System

We had discussed the unit of measurement which is Pound, Ounce, and Grams. Here, you will know the comparison of the American Standard Measurement and Metric System Measurement.

How Many Grams Are In Eighth, Quarter, An Ounce Of Weed? (Ultimate Guide) 2

Ounce, which is the American standard measurement is also included in the Imperial Measurement System. While gram is included in the worldwide accepted measurement system which is the Metric Measurement System.

Basically, what is the difference between the American Standard Measurement System and Metric Measurement System?

American Standard Measurement system follows a 12-base system which comes from the history of the measurement system, It means that it will be divided with a base of 12.

While in the Metric System, It follows base 10. So such a weight is divided into the 10’s base Like 1 kilo = 1000 grams, 5 half kilo = 500 grams, and quarter kilo means 250 grams. The Matric system is accepted all over the world. The metric system is a worldwide accepted measurement system to measure such units.

The American/Imperial System is the first measurement system that comes before the Metric Measurement System. People are getting confused while they are using American Measurement Method.

On the other hand, The metric system is coming to simplify an American Standard Measurement System. When the Universal American standard System is accepted then it measures the pounds, ounces, and stones. All of those units are measured on base 12 standard.

Measurement Using Imperial and Metric Measurement System

The  United States is Still using an Imperial Measurement system. Sometimes there is a chance that while buying Marijuana people prefer the American Standard/Imperial Measurement System. But When it comes to the reselling that Marijuana then they use a Metric Measurement System.

As a grower people are using the Metric System, which is helpful to make an easy weight of the Marijuana. They sell Marijuana in kilos standard. While some people follow Imperial Measurement Methods to sell Marijuana. In that method, they use a Bars and Half Bars unit.

Where Bars Unit is equal to 9 Ounce and Half bar means 4.5 Ounce. People who are not used to Marijuana Smoking because of them the smaller standard of the units comes into the picture. Whereas Grams, Quarters, and Eighth of the measurement units are used in Marijuana Measurement.

The standard measurement of kilo versus ounce is 1 kilo is equal to 35.274 Ounces but sometimes the seller gives you 36 ounces of Marijuana.

Weed Measurement For THC Percent

Now you are aware of The Most Common Weed Unit Measurement. In this topic, We will cover How the weed is Measured with the THC Percentage or How we measure THC content in the weed.

Marijuana plants are made up of many chemicals. In between these chemicals, The THC also remains in the Marijuana Plants. THC means tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a Psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana Plants, which gives smokers a relaxing and euphoric feeling which is associated with the Marijuana Plants.

THC is measured by the percentage in the Cannabis plants. The compound of the plants Produces the plant flower which is compared to other lesser-known compounds and where the cannabis plant matters.

THC Content in Marijuana Plants depends on the region where and under which environment it is grown. In Colorado, The THC Quantity varies between 15% to 30%. When Growers Focus on more Potent then it will create increment everywhere.

THC is based on the concentrated content of Marijuana. Now from Milligrams, The measurement of the concentrated content is switched to the Percentage. The same cases happen in other cannabis substances like Hash, Shatter, Edibles, and Wax.

When we focus on the term how many percents of THC is Concentrated in the shatter then we have to say 80% of THC instead of 80mg of shatter dosage. But it is labeled as 80mg per dosage. The same way the THC Milligrams dosage in the edibles is 10mg. These concentrates of the THC are edible Stronger and faster but the effects of the edible will Last Longer.

Now, Let Us See What Are The Methods To Make A Weigh of The Marijuana Buds

By EyeSight

Cautions are if you are a newbie then you must not try this method. Because by only seeing Marijuana Buds, A Newbie can not guess its grams. Well, it only comes with experience. By eyeballing you can Measure/Guess the weight without any tools.

When you are going to measure Buds by eyesight then bud Density, and Moisture also takes part in Measurement. With high density and moisture, buds look like fluffy and packed Stuff. While on another end if buds are having lower moisture then it is lighter to measure. By eyesight, measurement is not accurate. 

With a Scale

When you want to weigh Marijuana buds with the scale then you will get slight accuracy in the measurement. By scale, You can easily measure Marijuana buds. Measuring with a scale is the most definite measurement that you can match up with Accuracy and Ease.

There Are Certain Tips If You Are Going To Buy A Scale.

  • Buy a scale with a 0.1 error. This scale gives you the most precise accuracy while scaling Marijuana Buds. Don’t try to measure on the kitchen scale because these Scales are designed to measure large-scale units like kilograms and all.
  • 200 grams capacity scales are better to purchase. These scales give you more accuracy than high-unit measurement scales.

The Scale’s price is limited, you will get high-quality scales for around $10. If you are a seller then buy high-quality and expensive scales so that you will get an ounce unit in it. So you can quickly measure if any buyer wants weed in an ounce.

Measure By Smartphone

There are many apps on the smartphone that you can try to measure the weed. In this smartphone scale, you will get an accurate result but not like a real scale. For temporary use, you can try this pinch app to measure Bud’s grams.

Ruler and Penny Method

To use this method first you got to have crafting skills. Here you have to make a Ruler Plus Penny. A combined scale to measure Marijuana Buds.

Take one ruler and at the end of that ruler Fix one Penny, which weighs around 2.5 grams. The measuring scale is made by this trick.

Now, you have to put Marijuana stuff on another end so whereas you will get exactly 2.5 grams of weed.

Make a Hanger Scale

Another measurement scale is where you have to apply your crafting skills. To make a hanger scale you have to collect a Plastic Hanger, A drill, A long string, A pair of scissors, and A piece of nickel with 5gms amount of weight to make a counterweight in the hanger scale.

Now, Follow Below Given Steps To Make A Hanger Scale By Yourself

  • At the Top of the plastic hanger, you need to cut it down with scissors. Then with the drill, you have to make a hole in the center of the hanger.
  • Now make a hole on the left and right side of the plastic hanger. Before making the hole measure the same distance between the holes. It needs to be an equal distance while you make a hole i.e. Left – Middle – Right, and maintain the same distance with these holes.
  • Now, Cut down the same size of the string. These strings will hang on the left and right of the corner.
  • To hold a weight you have to cut another piece of the string and hang it at the center point of the plastic hanger. All of the weight is depend on the center string.
  • Hang the hanger on the upside, your weighing scale is ready now. You can start to weigh Marijuana Buds.
  • On one side put a nickel piece which had five grams and on another side add Marijuana Buds, and put it slowly on either side. Hence, Your 5 grams of buds are weighed.

These all methods are standard methods excluding the eyeball measurement method. it makes the measurement sometimes difficult whether it is an accurate measurement method or not. Sometimes visually you cannot make a proper weight. But still, it is working for experienced people.

Measurement of weeds is simply whether you are using a scale or you have enough experience to grow Marijuana and make measures visually.

When you measure based on the scale remember one thing, a Quarter of a weed means a quarter of an ounce of a weed, and an eighth of a weed means an eighth of an ounce of a weed.

When you try to measure you can see below what it looks like.

Visually Measurement

One Gram of a Weed

One gram of weed depends on the density and moisture of the weed. You can not estimate its weight easily. Whether or not it is difficult to decide the sizes of buds weighed in how many grams. Just a smaller nugget of the Weed comes in the measurement of one gram.

When in some cases if density and moisture are lower, then one penny-sized nugget can be measured in a gram. A Half dollar portion of weed is lighter and fluffier.

Like if you measure certain scales does not give you a proper accuracy of the measurement. By looking at the buds, you can not tell this amount of weed contains this many grams in it.

That’s why while Measuring, It is best to measure with these tiny units of weight. A gram of A gram the pre joint weed is sold in states for around $7 to $14.

A Half Ounce of a Weed

Double quarter means Half of the Ounce of the weed. you will get around 14 grams of weed in half an ounce of the weed. For Heavy smokers, it is the best weight to choose. Rather than a full ounce, it is actually in the budget while purchasing the weed. When you purchase weed in large quantities on the base of various ounces, Then sellers will measure in the per gram manner.

A Quarter of the Weed

You know in a quarter of the ounce how many grams are weighed? It is seven grams. Those Who are not frequent smokers are going to buy a quarter of the Ounce. When smokers or customers are buying in small quantities then that will be a bit costly to purchase it. As we have seen in the grams, It also depends on the Moisture and density of the Marijuana Buds.

An Eighth of the Weed

Half of the quarter will give you an eighth of the weed. An Eighth of the weed is a common measurement if you want to buy in lower quantities. When weed smokers want weed occasionally then this will give you a perfect amount of the weed quantity. One-Eighth of the Weed will cost up to $25 to $60. In the Eighth Ounce measurement, you will get around 3.5 grams of weed. As per the budget, this unit of the ounce is the most affordable. 

An Ounce of the Weed

In terms of Cost-effectiveness, one Ounce is like an investment for a Frequent Smoker. For heavy smokers one Ounce of the unit is feasible. But at a time you have to be ready to pay a big amount of bucks. When you are going to purchase one ounce of the weed in the market then the price depends on the quality and from which place you are going to purchase. Generally, it is termed in the cost of one ounce is between $150 to $300.

Tips To Measure Marijuana Buds

Let’s see some pro tricks and tips. By using it you can weigh the Marijuana Buds Visually Easily. Now you are aware that how many grams will be in one ounce of weed. So now these tips are made for you to identify one ounce.

1. The measuring scale is the most prolific tool. With the use of a scale, you can measure Marijuana buds accurately. But Make sure you have to buy a proper scale that gives you a measurement of 0.1 gram. For that do not use a kitchen scale, as it will not accurately measure Marijuana Buds.

By scaling your Marijuana Buds are weighted properly. So you are ready to smoke right away for how many grams you wish to smoke. The scale will give you a full extent of Measuring Marijuana Buds.

2. For slower burn and to make a smoother Marijuana Product, you need to make a grind of Marijuana Buds. You can grind Marijuana Plants with the hand or you can use a crusher or grinder.

Grinding is good to shape up the Marijuana Buds. While you try to smoke, it prevents the uneven burning and air pockets in the joint. You can make a fluffy joint by using these Grinding Marijuana Buds.

3. When you want to smoke or buy Marijuana then you have to make sure a round number of grams like 7 grams, 10 grams, and 3.5 grams. After the decimal point will give you profitable Marijuana Stuff over time. At the time of buying, do not worry about how much Marijuana you lose because after some time it will create a difference.

Some More Points To Know About:

4. Is cannabis sold in kilos and pounds? We have seen in the above topic that Marijuana is measured in the ounce. In Selling or buying, The measurement is done in the ounce and if buyers want it in small amounts then the base of the ounce is available, hence smaller units of the ounce.

But the answer to that question is yes, in a large amount Marijuana buds are selling and people are buying it too. But government comes into this matter as more selling is illegal and they warn the countrymen to do not to overuse it. So, halves and ounces units are the best to sell and buy Marijuana buds.

5. In illegal places, you have to use slang terms. These terms make weed easier to get from illegal places. Or it is easier for sellers in terms of understanding the slang words related to weed dropping.

Here, you can read some slang words. If you want $10 Marijuana stuff then say “Give me a dime-bag,” and you will get around 1 gram of weed. For half of the Dime bag, you can use the word “Nickel bag” for which you have to pay $5.

A “dub” term is used for $20 weed. Here you will get an eighth of the ounce of the weed. You will get 3.5 grams of weed. Here you will get lower-quality stuff or less high-quality stuff.

For a quarter of the ounce use “quad”, where you will get 7 grams of weed. An alternative slang for eighth is the “slice”, which comes from the slice of the pizza. Because in large pizza, there are 8 pieces of the slice, so to buy Marijuana, say “slice” and you will get an eighth of the ounce in your hand.

Now You Should Be Knowing About The Measurement Of Marijuana:

6. Now adjust the budget and calculate the amount of how much you have to spend to smoke weed. Then you can make a simple calculation. You have to maintain a price and quantity for every joint.

Let’s calculate with a simple example the one-ounce rate is $200 and you want a joint roll of half of the gram so how many joints can you roll up? Around 56 joints you can roll, so as per calculation logic, you are spending around $3.5 per joint.

By doing these types of calculations, smoking budgets are maintained.

When you purchase Marijuana from a regulated country or state so in that you benefit from the Measurements. So prefer a regulated state and country if you want to buy weed for recreational use.

In a regulated state, you can purchase Marijuana normally like when you buy groceries and alcohol. It is cost-effective if you buy from a regulated country.

In the unregulated state, there are lots of problems you suffer like you have to find a dealer who gives you quality weed in safe places. Dealers take a little more money in unregulated countries or states.

From the dealer’s end, you will always be at risk while buying weed. Whether you want to buy one gram or one ounce, You will get a lesser Quality Product.

If you are living in the State or Country it is easy for you can buy weed from weed-selling shops. Otherwise, you have to buy from an illegal place. you have to find corners and hostile places where the risk of getting caught is less.

Bottom Line

By the end of this guide, we hope that you are now well-informed about the measurement of Marijuana buds.

In this guide, starting from the units of measurement and ounce units, you have seen how many grams you have in the half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and eighth of the ounce. Then we have seen the world-accepted measurement standard American/Imperial and Metric Measurement System.

we have also seen tips and tricks that will help to get better quality weed. The slang words are also informed to you, so when you are going to buy Marijuana it will make it easier to communicate with the dealer using those slang words.

That’s it, enjoy smoking the weed but safely.