How Many Grow Lights Do You Need For Healthy Growth of Plants?

Grow Lights
Grow Lights

Well, To be exactly sure, You may have to ask the right question to the Search Engine. Your question must be How many Watts of Led Lights do you need to purchase. Because Led Lights’ Intensity depends on the watts of Led Lights.

To know the number of the Led Lights to be purchased will totally depend on the number of plants you have and the size of the Grow Room per Square Feet.

Grow Lights
Grow Lights

So by keeping the above points in mind, you should buy an Led Light. As we all know that Led Lights Provide Artificial Light which is exactly like sunlight.

There are so many Plant Growers that grow plants indoor as well as outdoor places. The Plants that are grown outdoor needs no monitoring and care. Because Our Mother Nature will take care of those little baby plants until they grow up and are useful to those in need.

You all must know that Plants Need sunlight for its photosynthetic process. Thus if you want to grow plants then you must have to place the plant where it gets enough amount of sunlight. So if the plant will not get sunlight then they might die and you will regret this.

Therefore if you want to grow a plant in your home or Grow Room, it is necessary that you purchase Grow Lights. But the Growers all around the world have only one question in their mind. That is whether they should purchase Regular Led Lights Or Grow Lights and some more questions also.

The answer to that question is yes. You should buy Grow Lights due to the many advantages of it. One of the main advantages is that you do not need to monitor it constantly.

How Many Watts of Light Do You Need To Purchase?

The Lights depends on the area that it needs to cover. It also depends on how many plants you need to grow at a time. We all know that The Lights Intensity only helps when the plant is in the growing stages.

Plant Growth has three stages. They are the Vegetative Stage, Blooming Stage, and Flowering Stage. So Plants need at least 8-10 hours of light for healthy growth.

There has been much research done on the growth of plants indoor. The researchers do claim that the healthy growth of plants needs a balance between lightness and darkness around it.

So with the Grow Lights, you do not need to worry about it. Because the grow light automatically maintains the balance between Lightness and Darkness that allows the plant to grow healthy and give a huge amount of yields.

All these should be taken into account when you are purchasing Grow Lights. You should know how many Watts of LEDs plant requires on the basis of the area of the place where it takes place.

Watts Per Square Foot:

An Average LED light draws about 32 watts of power to cover 1 sq. feet while flowering stage. Thus you need to measure that the plant you are growing covers how much area in sq. feet.

Just for example, If you have a marijuana plant that covers a 1 sq. feet area then 30-40 watts Led is Enough to cover 1 Sq. Feet. If you have 2 Plants in your room then it needs 60-80 Watts per 2 Sq. feet area.

6′ x 6′: 1152 watts (~1000 to 1200 watts)

4′ x 8′: 1024 watts (~900 to 1100 watts)

5′ x 5′: 800 watts (~700 to 900 watts)

4′ x 4′: 512 watts (~500 to 650 watts)

3′ x 3′: 288 watts (~250 to 300 watts)

2′ x 4′: 256 watts (~240 to 300 watts)

2′ x 2′: 128 watts (~120 to 140 watts)

1′ x 1′: 32 watts (~30 to 40 watts)

Above mentioned is for your kind information about the watts per unit area. Following this chart, you can grow a better plant in your grow room or indoor place.

Thus you should purchase Led Lights according to the area that you need to cover. We hope that this article may somehow useful to you. You must have at least some information about the Led Grow Lights and How many watts of Led Lights you should Buy.