How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Complete Guide of 2019

Clone Cannabis Plants
Clone Cannabis Plants

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Complete Guide of 2019

If you are a Marijuana Lover who loves to smoke the weed then you must have to buy frequently from sellers and shopkeepers every time. But It costs more than growing weed at your home. Here we will provide you a simple guide on how to grow marijuana at indoor which is cheaper than buying.

To Grow Marijuana you don’t need high-investment. You need to invest only such things like Marijuana Seeds, Lightning, Soils, Grow Room Infrastructure, and Nutrients. The Cost is low at the end in comparison to buying from Shops and then Smoke.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Complete Guide of 2019 1

Growing Marijuana in an indoor grow room is always a better option than buying from shops and people.

As a beginner, you just need a simple guide. Refer to this article for it and you are very clear with every line that you have read. With simple instructions, you can grow Marijuana at home.

From sowing to growing till you smoke a weed, it takes almost four months. Within this four-month, what should you do is you find in further information.

All things are mostly covered in this Guide. like creating the environment in the grow room that you have to build, Seeds Type, Nutrients purchasing and how to use it, And which equipment helps you in the growth of the Marijuana Plants.

Marijuana is smoked wildly all over the world, but it is also used in many things other than Smoking. Let’s see for which purpose Marijuana is used.

  • Marijuana helps to make a massaging oil, and you can use it for massaging.
  • You can make Painkilling creams and lotions from Marijuana.
  • Weed oil also helps to prevent various kinds of problems. You can use it for treatment Purpose.
  • Marijuana is used as an ingredient in the procedure of Making Medicines.
  • One thing you all know for what? Smoke!! Smoke Marijuana using Joint, Bongs, Pipes, Water Pipes, Spliffs, and Blunts.

So, Above mentioned are the uses of Marijuana Plant. Now we are going to see the instruction guide for Growing Marijuana at Indoor Places.

How Environment Plays a Role To Grow Marijuana In Indoor Places?

If you are Growing Marijuana at outdoor places or indoor places, then the environment is always a key factor in it. The proper environment gives you optimum growth and yields of the plants. If it remains average then it might happen that you have nothing at last. So, Let’s see which Environmental Factors play a role in the Growth of Marijuana.


Humidity in grows room helps to increase the growth of the Marijuana Plants. You have to maintain a certain level of the humidity while you plant the seed for Germination.

Proper humidity makes the plants Healthy and Better in growth. So, by the time clicking, you have to maintain and monitor humidity.

The recommendation is to maintain a humidity of plants between 40% to 70%. Sometimes soils are likely to have these range of Humidity in it. But if this level is not maintained, then you need to buy some equipment which helps to maintain Humidity. For that, Humidifier and Dehumidifier are available in the market.


For Outdoor Growing, Natural sunlight is helpful to maintain the temperature of the plants but to maintain the temperature in the indoor places you need a heater and cooler to Maintain Temperature.

The Recommended Temperature while you are seeding and when your plants move into the vegetative stage is 70-85 degree Fahrenheit. While flowering and budding stage your room temperature must be lighter cool about 65-80 Fahrenheit.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Complete Guide of 2019 2

Choose a cooler and heater according to your places. Well, Another option is a lighting system in your indoor Marijuana Grow Room. If you have installed the proper lighting system then you don’t need to purchase a heater.


Like Humans, Marijuana plants are also living things. Thus you have to give fresh air to the plants. So To give more fresh air to the plants, you have to integrate a ventilation system at indoor grow rooms.

By this ventilation, fresh air enters through and it is absorbed by the plants. But if your room is out of the temperature range, Then it removes hot air from the room.

Choose the best ventilation system for your Grow room. It is available in the online market and you can also buy it from your nearly electric market.


As time passes, Growing Marijuana plant odors and it smells really bad. Many growers don’t like the smell of the odor of Marijuana Plant. If odor spreads out to your neighbor’s home then they might not like it if they are not used to with Marijuana.

Odor removing helps to grow Marijuana Plants Stealthy, so you have to control the odor of Marijuana.

For that, we have seen the ventilation system. you can also set up an odor elimination system in your grow room. Fans extractors are used to maintain the odor in grow room.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide helps to grow bigger buds in Marijuana Plants. So you need to maintain a high carbon dioxide rate around the growing area in the indoor grow room.

To maintain a high level of Co2, you can purchase Co2 generators from the market. By installing these it helps to flow the Co2 al over the growing place.


Too much and Too low are making a difference in the growth of the plants. Monitors are available in the market. You can buy the monitors like pH Monitor, Temperature Monitor, Humidity Monitor, and Co2 Monitor.

Combimeter is also available to monitor the above factors. To measure all factors in one, You can purchase Combimeter.

The Environment role-playing is clear. Now the next step is to find the best place in your home where you can seed the weed.

Choose Best and Suitable Place to Grow Marijuana in the Home

First things first, you must have to be aware of the Environment. You have to find out the indoor place where you can seed the weed plants with minimum requirements of environments.

Choose a place where all environmental requirements are fulfilled. Where you can care much better than ever and from where you can monitor your growing place easily.

Indoor places are different in everyone’s house. According to it, you have to choose the place and so the following ideas might help you to choose the best place To Grow Marijuana Plants at Indoor Places.

  • A closet will give you stealthy plants while growing and you can surely go for it. 
  • Spare room, which is small than others and it is not used by everyone. 
  • The unused extra bathroom can possibly be the place to create a humid place where you can grow it. 
  • Inside a PC Cabinet, it is also a good option to Grow Marijuana.

If you don’t want to bother to select places, then you have the best option to go for a grow tent and grow box.

Let’s See How Any Grow Box And Grow Tent Will Help You To Grow Marijuana Plants.

Grow Box

Grow boxes looks like a mini-fridge and small drawers. It is a place where you can grow Marijuana Plants and it remains stealthy while growing.

Stealthy Grow box is suitable for those who like the Stealthy Grow Plants of Marijuana. This is best for hiding your Growing Process of Marijuana from Others.

In this cabinet, you can start your secret missions of Growing Marijuana. You can choose the best Grow box from the market. You can also read the reviews and all grow room information before buying a grow box.

Grow Tents 

Grow tents are best when you choose to not look at places and grow the environment to grow weed. You can put everything that is into the Grow Tents.

In Grow state, you can control environmental factors like Temperature, Humidity, and Ventilation System. You can all integrate things in one place.

Choose to grow tents as per your home space. You can also install it as per your requirement and size is not an issue at all. Grow tents are effective. All factors are maintained from only one place.

When you are going to buy a grow room then you have to check the best quality Grow Tents. The question is how can you know that?

Best grow tents are Waterproof, Tear-proof, and Lights proof. Grow rooms also look like a cabinet and closet in your place. Well, you can use it in any way if you want to keep it hidden.

Before buying check all the equipment that you want to integrate. They can easily integrate with the grow tents. You should check for all holes where you can put ventilation, heater/cooler or LED Lights, and fans for an odor removing.

If you are a beginner then grow tents is always helpful to grow Marijuana because In the grow tent,  you can get everything necessary directly and Cheaper than any other.

Grow tents are easily available in the online and local market. So you can buy it after reading the review. You can select the best and suitable grow tents for you.

Now the place is decided and also the Environment is set to grow Marijuana Plants. What should be Next?

Seeds of the weed

Without seed of the weed, what can you do? Nothing. You can not grow the plants of Marijuana without seed. Well,  another option is to clone, but you must use seeds as a beginner.

You can buy good quality seeds from the many sources. Many seedbanks provide you seeds in wholesale price, you can contact them to get a good quality of the seeds.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Complete Guide of 2019 3

If you are living in a country where weed smoking is legal, then you can find it easily in the market. You can buy the best quality weed in the market nearby you.

If you don’t know about the color and shape then just move your eyes on the seeds where you can see a tiger marble color and teat shape. So you can get seeds straight away without difficulty.

“My Marijuana plant is healthy,” you can term this line if you choose the best quality and healthy seed for Marijuana Plants.

To make the best quality growing plant, you have to avoid green, pale, damaged, and soft seeds.

These are the things you need to take care before a buy.

  • A suitable environmental condition that seeds need for growing. 
  • Different types of seeds and traits. 
  • How much time seeds take to spread out in the flowering stage.

Various types of seeds are available in the market you can choose the most suitable one from them.


These types of seeds are best to grow so quickly after its plantation. If you are a beginner, you might not know too much about caring for plants and about seeding. Then you can go for Autoflower, you will easily know how to treat Autoflower seeds and Grow Marijuana plants with it.

Well, Autoflower seeds plants need 20 hours of light daily for almost 75 days. Then Autoflower seeds are available to take harvest.  It is so quick, Don’t you think?

Feminized Seed

Growing Marijuana Plants are turning out to be divided into male and female. If you see buds on plants, then those are the female plants. Most of the Growers always love these buds. The feminized seed does the same thing for Marijuana Plants.

If you seed the Marijuana Plants with Feminized Seeds than your plants have a chance to grow about 95% of female plants. 95% of female plants means you will get more buds in the plants.

It will take 8 to 9 weeks to make out in the flowering phase. While vegetative phase you have to give 18 hours of light in its first few weeks. When the plant starts to bloom, you can reduce the light to 12 hours a day.

CBD Rich

CBD Rich is far different from Feminized and Autoflower Seed. Mostly recommended for the medical Marijuana Growers. CBD rich seeds have a different effect from Feminized and Autoflower Seed.

Now You have selected quality seed for your plants. The Next step is about suitable growing methods to grow the plants.

Growing Methods

The number of yields from the plant you will get will depend on the growing methods. So you have to choose the best methods to grow Marijuana plants for your seed.

We will provide you some sort of methods which you can easily use like Soil method and Hydroponic methods to Grow Marijuana Plants. Let’s see more in the details.

Soil Method

For indoor weed growing, you have to provide the best soil for seeds. Good soil helps you in Healthy Marijuana Growing Plants. Also, you can take optimum yield output from it.

From where you can buy or provide the best soil? To buy the best garden soil, you can check out a nearby market from your place. You have to check whether your soil is solid or not. Here solid means High-Quality which can help you to take maximum yields from it.

Good soils have many benefits, If You treat it well then you don’t have to put any extra nutrients for the first three weeks. Marijuana Plants will get All-natural elements and nutrients from this soil.

As compared to the Hydroponics method, you will get a better taste of weed in buds from the soil. The soil needs No Monitoring Regularly. Once you set it up, then it starts its work. Humidity, pH, and all things are maintained after set up.

Here is the list of the best soil contaminants which you can use to Grow Marijuana Plants.

What makes the best soil? Given Below is the containment of the nutrients that makes the best soil.

Compost, Sand, Composted Leaf, Humic Acid, Perlite, Pumice, Rock Dust, Coco Fiber, Earthworm castings, and Peat moss. It also includes Fish, Crab, Blood, Bone, Kelp Meals, and Mycorrhizae fungi.

Hydroponic Method

For this hydroponic method, you don’t need soil; without the soil, you can grow plants in Hydroponic method.

The question is what is the medium they have used if they haven’t used a soil medium? Instead of soil, they have used a Rockwool, Peat Moss, Clay, Perlite, Pebbles, and Vermiculture. These mixtures make a Hydroponic Medium.

As compared to the soil method, The Hydroponic method is more effective in yield and growing time. By this method, you can achieve growth of a plant in a faster time and optimum yields from the plant. But yes you have to monitor it regularly. Otherwise effective things will be lost.

Deep Water Culture and Autopilot for the Watering system are the best Hydroponic mediums which you can use to grow Marijuana Plants.

Now, the Seeding Soils are adjusted. So, you can see how is the germination process going on?

Seed Germination

We have seen that we are seeding in the soil or Hydroponic method but how the germination process decides the shape of the seeds.

To grow naturally and healthy, the seeds need a warmer and wet place. Many expert growers have transferred the germinated plants into the container while they germinate in a different medium.

If you are a Beginner in Marijuana Planting, then avoid this transfer method. Directly select one container and start growing in it. If you are a newbie, then it might be a risk of damaging the soil.

Why seeding gets damaged? If you feed the plant first at a different level and then you transfer the plant into another container. Then it leaves the process. Seeds get more used to with the initial medium. So,  it might be possible that plants get damage while growing up in the other container.

So to achieve the best germination, a simple method is that you can easily walk on the path of germination. Take a seed and sow it under one centimeter of the soil. Do not cover the soil with any medium so soil maintains the water humidity and within 7 -10 days you can see the plants have grown. A vegetative state is starting from there.

Next, if the soil needs nutrients, then you must have to feed the nutrients for the growth of the plant.

Nutrients and Fertilizers

When you successfully germinate the Seeds than after one or two weeks, then you need to feed nutrients and fertilizers to the soil. Within three weeks, seeds absorb natural nutrients from the soil. They need extra nutrients from now.

You have to keep feeding nutrients regularly to Marijuana Plants. You have to check the nutrient mixture they need. So don’t give any type of nutrients without consulting.

For Soil and Hydroponic medium, you can purchase water-soluble nutrients. So by adding them in the water, you can give it to the soil and to the hydroponic medium. You can also apply it in the roots of the plants.

To apply nutrients and fertilizers in the soils of the root, you have to study before applying. you have to apply it with more care. When you see the label, There is the dose usage about When to use and How much you have to use. Read it and apply accordingly.

You will be familiar once you have the knowledge about when and how to apply it to the plants. It comes from the observation like if plants leaf is green, then you don’t have to give any nutrients now. For that, you have given enough nutrients to the plants.

If the plant leaves turn brown and crispy, then you have given too much-concentrated nutrients to it. So you need to dilute it and make less-concentrated nutrients.

How can you know the amount of nutrients you have to give? There is one trick that you can follow.

It is a simple, 3 to 1 Procedure. In this method, you have to give fertilizer with water three times to your plants, and then provide it pure water. So that will flush out all excessive stuff.


Watering is an important thing in growing your plants. When it starts growing, New plants need more water than older plants. When the soil looks dry enough, then you have to pour water on it.

If you see plants leaf dry enough like they need water or feels dryness. Then they look like tired, hang down, and unhappy. So, at that time you have to pour water to the plants.

Lighting System

LED lights in Indoor Marijuana Plants do work like natural sunlight on outdoor Marijuana Plants. The lightning system helps your Marijuana Plants from Germination to the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. So, To invest money on the lighting system is worth it.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Complete Guide of 2019 4

The good Lighting system makes Marijuana Plants Healthy. So, you can get the best outcome yields from it.

HID-High intensity Discharge Lights, CFL, and LED lights are most generic for the Marijuana Plantation. You can use LED lights instead of a Heater because these lights are cheaper and long-lasting.

Marijuana Growth Stages

As Marijuana Growers, you must have a basic idea of the Marijuana Growth Stages. First, we have seen the Germination Process. Then plants get through into the Vegetative and Flowering stages. Let us have look at it with these Marijuana Growth Stages.

We will see various Marijuana Growth Stages with its requirement. We will also see How to manage this stage and how to take care of the plants.

Vegetative Stage

When you are seeding the plants then after 3 -7 days of Seeding, Plants little twigs have grown out of the soil. Then the Vegetative Stage of Marijuana Plants Begins.

At that time, you have to take utmost care of the Growth of Marijuana Plants. As a grower, you have to focus on the growth of the strong stem and lush shrubbery.

What Will Happen In The Vegetative Stage?

After Seeding, When Twigs have grown out of the soil, The vegetative stage of plant will start. So, The Plants will undergo the growing process of the Leaves, Good Roots, and Branches of the plants.

To make quality good roots and branches, and for the overall growth of a plant in the vegetative stage, you have to give 18 to 22 hours of light in a day to Marijuana Plants.

During the vegetative stage, you will not get any buds on the plants. So don’t get panic or don’t think too much like Something is wrong with this plant. Believe me, there is nothing wrong about it, Just give it some time.

If plants vegetative period looks solid and continue for a long period, Then you will get more yields in the flowering stage. 4 to 5 weeks are the best time period, you can put the plants in the vegetative period for 4-5 weeks.

The lighting time is important in the vegetative period. So, you can also use the Automatically LED Lighting system. It will Automatic turn off and turn on according to the timer,  Therefore it makes the Marijuana Plants more healthy in the vegetative stage.

Requirements in the vegetative stage:

  • You have to maintain a humidity level of 45% and 55%.
  • Blue and green light spectrum is suitable in the vegetative stages.
  • Maintain temperature in vegetative stage between 75 and 80 degree fehreinheit.

These are the basic temperature and humidity level which a grower has to maintain. Now we will move on to the factors that you have to maintain at vegetative stages.

Lighting – Proper lighting is necessary whether you grow Marijuana at Outdoor or Indoor Places. For outdoor places, plants cover lighting from the natural sunlight. But for the indoor grow room, you have to install the lighting system and give proper lighting of at least 18 hours a day in the vegetative stage.

Watering – When you see your plants are not fresh and upper soil looks like dry then you have to pour water. Whenever you see Dry Soil then keep pouring it water. If you Grow it in the container, then make a hole at the bottom of the container, so excess water can be removed from them easily.

Nutrients – If you have plants seeds in the soil then after 4-5 weeks you can see that natural nutrients are drought out. Then you have to add fertilizers and nutrients in the soil. Initially, you have to give a lower amount of nutrients.

Well, you can spread out the nutrients according to your observation of plant leaves. While adding liquid nutrients, you have to maintain a pH level of the nutrients.

Temperature – Much colder and much hotter temperature will disappointment you in the growth of the Marijuana Plants. So you need to maintain a 75 to 80-degree Fahrenheit Temperature. That lighting system helps you to maintain the temperature. But how much energy it will spread out depends on the wattage of the lights.

Humidity – More humidity has fended up the growth of the Marijuana Plants. So, Humidity is important like Temperature and Nutrients. Well, More pouring of water will lead you at that point of the humidity, so you can manage them by monitor. Monitor keeps you updated with the records of the humidity figure.

Ventilation – Marijuana plants need fresh air and Carbon Dioxide. For the constant growth of the plants, you have to keep giving it fresh air. Through ventilation, you can easily manage it. One other benefit is that it removes more heat from the grow room, which is created by the LED lighting growth.

That’s it, these are the factors that you have to maintain during Vegetative Stage. Now, we are going to move on to the Flowering Stage.

Flowering stage

In Flowering Stage, Marijuana plants start to give flowers and buds on it. After the vegetative stage, Marijuana plants are ready to move in the Flowering Stage.

At the time of the Flowering stage, you have to reduce the lighting period. In Vegetative stage, you give plants 18 hours of light but In the Flowering stage, you have to provide 12 hours of the lights.

Marijuana plants stay 8 to 10 weeks in the Flowering Stage, which helps to grow more flower and buds. In the end, you will get it with high harvesting.

As a grower, you have to keep trying. You must take care of the plants so that your buds quantity will increase. When Marijuana Plants are ready for harvesting, you will get more outcome from them. Take care of the Marijuana Plants by Giving Lights and Proper Nutrients.

While Nutrient giving process, you need to take care of it in the flowering stage. You have to give it some consultancy. Well, nutrients quantity depends on the plants, and it varies from plants to plants. Also, you can refer to dosage in the nutrients package.

When measuring the plants’ height in the flowering stage, it might increase by 2 to 3 times from the vegetative stages.

What Are The Requirements You Need To Follow In The Flowering Stage?

  • Initially, in the flowering stage, nutrients or fertilizers plants need more nitrogen gas.
  • Marijuana Plants needs Red light spectrum at this stage.
  • You have to decrease the humidity level in the grows room during the flowering stage.
  • After 4 or 5 weeks you have to decrease the flow of the nitrogen gas and start to giving more phosphorous to the plants.

Now We Are Moving Toward The Last Stage of Marijuana Growth i.e. Harvesting.


Hope you are successful in taking care of the Marijuana Plants in the flowering stages. Therefore your Marijuana Plants are ready in the Harvesting.

Plants are bloomed properly. Thereafter harvesting comes into the picture. Harvesting is an essential part, so you need to know about the harvesting before growing Marijuana Plant.

You have to choose the right time for Harvesting. Too early and Too late harvesting makes a difference in the taste of the weed. In too early-stage harvesting, you will get a lighter taste when you smoke the weed. While you will get the hard high feeling after smoking the weed when you harvest too late. 

The best trick to find the right way of the harvesting is by checking trichome color. To check them you can use a magnifying glass, so you will know the right color of the trichomes.

When you check it and if The Trichomes must look like brown. Then your Marijuana Buds are ready for harvesting. Do enjoy the Harvesting.

From Vegetative to Harvesting, Marijuana Plants take 2 to 3 months. In between these months, Marijuana Plants go through the vegetative, flowering, and harvesting stage.

When you check the Trichomes, At first they are white. Well, by the time it turns down to the brown color trichomes,  it means that you have to get ready for Harvesting. 60% to 80% brown color means plants need to take more yields from it.

When you smell the buds, it smells very bad due to the Weed. This is the point where this bad smell suggests you get ready for Harvesting.

After the flowering stage, you have 2 weeks to harvest Marijuana Plants. You have to give nutrients to it till the last phase because due to it, you will get extra salts and buds will taste better.

While Harvesting Which Steps You Should Follow?

Harvesting is the delicate process, you need to take care while doing that. To Harvest Marijuana Plants you have to cut Marijuana Plants from the Above Level of the Soil. At that time do not touch Marijuana buds otherwise you might lose it.


You have to apply The Pruning method while the vegetative stage. Benefits of the pruning process will help you to make more buds from the Marijuana Plants.

What to do in the Pruning Process?

You have to cut down or pinch the branches of the Marijuana Plants just above the node of the plants, where you can see new twigs growing there.

At Vegetative stage, you have to do it more often. In the end result, you will get more branches and more stems in the plants. After that, you will get many buds. It will also give you more yields from the plants.

Trimming and Drying


Pruning will help you to increase the buds, Now you have to cut down the bud and dry them entirely. Smoke test of the buds will depend on the cutting and drying.

For trimming, you can use the scissors and bud trimmers. The Bud Trimmers are also available in the market and you will have scissors for household purpose.

You have to carefully remove the leaves from the buds, So these tools will help you to do it.

You can remove the big leaves and move it to the trash so you cannot use them, but you can use smaller leaves. Also, you can use these smaller leaves to smoke. You have to trim it properly and collect in the container.

With Smaller leaves, you can make butter and hash. Other uses are to make canna caps and edibles.

This is all there is to know about the trimming of the buds. Now let’s see the Drying process of the Marijuana Buds.


You can do vice versa the process of Drying and Trimming.

In the Drying process, you have to maintain a slow pace so that your buds are ready for the smoke and you will get an effective taste of the buds.

For the Drying process, you can hang up the Trimmed buds of the branch upside down. So you can perform drying with the tools easily. For the drying process, you can use Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers. These tools will help you in drying accessively fast.

While you prepare to dry, choose the place where moisturization and humidity are low as compared to other places, these will help in the better drying. At more humid place plants might start molding.

How to check plants buds are dried out?

When you try to crack the branches of the Marijuana Plants then it sounds like crack, At that time, the plant is completely dried out.

Generally, it takes them 4 to 8 days if you put the Marijuana Plants in the 60% Humid place. In lower Humidity area you will get a faster result in the drying process.


To Make more potency and quality you have to cure Marijuana Plants. Cure Marijuana Buds and Get Smoother and Better flavor test from it.

What to do in Curing?

After Trimming and Drying, The process of getting the best weed is still incomplete. You have to cure to get better quality weeds.

For Curing, Take a mason jar and dried buds. Store them both into the jar. Do Not fill the jar full with buds. Just fill a quarter of the mason jars.

Now you have to seal these jars with an Airtight Packing. Then you have to place it in a cool and dark place. You have to put that jar there for two weeks to complete the curing. After 2 weeks you can start to smoke.

What Should You Do In Between This Time Of Curing?

You can see that Buds are getting wet after 10 to 12 hours of putting them into the jar. Do Not Panic if it is happening with Marijuana buds because it is a normal change that happens.

In those two weeks time, you can open jars twice or thrice a day. So buds will get fresh air from the environment and wet moisture will fade away during that time.

After 2 or 3 weeks you can see that buds are not wet, So that is the time to roll the joint and smoke.

It removes moisture so it prevents buds from the molding. For that, you can use a Hygrometer to maintain a humidity level in the jar.

What Will You Get By Curing Process?

  • It increases the potent and quality of Marijuana buds.
  • You don’t feel nausea and headache after smoking these curing Marijuana stuff.
  • Bacteria removal and mold removal process are already done here.
  • You will get a better odor of Marijuana.
  • You will get the smoothness of the taste and buds.

After completing this harvesting stages you need to store the Marijuana. It is important to store it in a safe place. Let Us See What Kind of Care Marijuana Wants While Storing.

Storing Marijuana Buds:

Now, Marijuana is ready from the Dried and Curing process and you can smoke it right away. But what about the fact that you have to Store Marijuana.

We have Mason Glass jar for Curing, so that way you can store the Marijuana in an Airtight Jar. But make sure to store it in a dark and cool place.

Before Storing The Marijuana, See Below Instruction To Store Marijuana For A Long Time:

  • Use An Airtight Jar to store.
  • A Hygrometer, Which indicates the humidity and maintains the level.
  • Provide minimum oxygen to the buds.
  • Use Glass Jars.
  • Meddling Temperature is harmful, keep the buds away from it.
  • Try to Avoid Direct Sunlight from the storage.
  • Do not use plastic container and bags, It will catch up with the Smell of Marijuana.
  • Keep away from the freezer.
  • Do not store around the equipment which heats.

How to remove bugs and pests?

Bugs and Paste always irritate the growers. When you grow Marijuana Plants at the indoor places then there is the least chance for plants to get affected with the bugs and infectious insects.

In case if you face any bugs and the pests then you can use non-toxic pesticides which removes the bugs and pests from the plants.

The household option Neem Oil removes the pests and bugs from the plant. it has no side effect on humans. Take neem oil in the spray bottle, mix it with water, and spray down on the whole plants from bottom to top.

You can use neem oil mixture every day. The dosage of the mixture that you can set up specifically as per plants health. You also need to make sure how your plants look like and are there any effect of pests on it.

You must do one thing, After spraying the mixture, Turn the light off.

When plants are serving the vegetative stage. At that time, Plants leaves may be dried up and fall off from the plants. It will help the plant to grow fresh leaves and the stems. While the flowering stage, the color of leaves start to turn yellowish.

Shedding a brown leaf is normal if it falls off in normal quantity. But if the quantity of leaf falls is high, then it might have a problem of the burn out the plant.

You can notice some plants may increase in the height as compared to other plants because these taller plants do not get sufficient lights. You can see Bushy and Thick leaves plant.

If bacteria and mold are happening in the plants then there is bad and rotten smell produced from the plants. In Flowering stage, plants will smell very skunky which often happens in the last days of the flowering stages.

To check molds on the plants you need to check whether there is a white powder on the leaf. If yes then plants might have a White powdery Mildew Mold.

Advantages Of Growing Marijuana At Indoor Places

  • As per the survey of Marijuana Smokers, They say the quality of indoor-grown Marijuana is better than outdoor-grown Marijuana.
  • The benefit of growing Marijuana at indoor places is you can control all the environmental factors manually. You can manage Humidity, Lighting, Watering, Temperature and Many Things.
  • Whether you are living in a cold or hot place. It doesn’t matter you can grow Marijuana at indoor places Safely.
  • When you want to grow Marijuana you need to monitor it regularly. Growing marijuana is a very delicate process. So, if you placed the Marijuana plants at indoor places then it is easy to monitor it from there. 
  • While the flowering stage of Marijuana, you have full control over it.
  • When you grow the Marijuana at the Indoor place, then a certain change of natural environment happens. The plants will feel minor effect, and it doesn’t change the quality.
  • You have control over the Lighting, So you can adjust lighting as per Plants requirement whenever you want.
  • Grow room and Grow tent is useful to grow Marijuana at Indoor Places. It keeps away Insects, Bugs and Pests from the Marijuana Plants.

Disadvantages Of Growing Marijuana At Indoor Places

  • When you want to Grow Marijuana Plants at the indoor places then you have a Limited place. Only there you can plant Marijuana in limited quantity as compared to other Marijuana Plants.
  • You need to monitor consistently while the plant grows, If you do not take care then the plant may grow very tall in the indoor places.
  • Plants need photosynthesis process. From sunlight, they get the best outcome of the photosynthesis process. At indoor places plants are devoided from the sunlight with artificial lights.
  • You have to set up a ventilation system if you grow Marijuana at an indoor place.
  • You must have a basic knowledge and skill of how to manage Humidity, Lighting, and Temperature in the indoor places.

Bottom of the guide

I think all of the information that you need to Grow Health Marijuana Plant is included in this Article. If you are a beginner in growing Marijuana at the indoor places than this guide will be helpful to you.

Selecting seed, Suitable Soil, How to store and keep healthy Marijuana, and many more. You will get all A to Z information from this guide. Follow the instruction from the start, So, in the end, the result will be the best Marijuana Plant that you would love to Smoke it.