How To Make Cannabis Oil?

There is no doubt that the cannabis oil that you will be making at home will be the most effective. Making cannabis oil your way is a great way to create a concentrated and versatile cannabis product as per the requirement.

A thought may surely have crossed your mind and that may be about the Olivia oil that you are consuming almost every single day but then what about cannabis oil? Well, if you do not have any clue or a clear idea of what cannabis oil is and what it contains let aside how you can make it.

Then you are indeed in the right place searching for it. Because we are going to provide you with all the essential information about it that will help you to make the cannabis oil on your own. Make sure to read this article to the end to get all the important details. 

It is not an impossible or very difficult task that you can not be able to complete on your own. With the proper direction and instructions, we are sure that almost any and every person can be able to make cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil will not be included in most people’s diet schedules as not everyone loves to consume cannabis or marijuana. You need to know whether it is legal to consume cannabis plants in your country or not.

Because several countries did allow and legalize the consuming cannabis plants and growing them. Most people believe that it will be a lot easier to smoke cannabis oil than you are making it at your own home.

So we are going to let you have all the information which will help you to figure out how you can make cannabis oil easily and effectively.

What Is Cannabis Oil? 

It will be essential for you to understand first what cannabis oil is before you are going ahead to learn how you can make it. Cannabis oil is made by heating the cannabis plants lightly in a carrier oil.

You must know about the active components present in the cannabis plants such as CBD and THC is hydrophobic. That will mean that the active ingredients or cannabinoids do not like water. So they will repel the water molecules.

Moreover, if we look on the other side then they both are fat-soluble which means they like to blend with fatty acid molecules. When you heat the cannabis plant lightly in the oil, then the cannabinoids (CBD and THC) will leave the buds and dissolve in oil molecules. That mixture of oil with the active ingredients of cannabis plants is what you can call cannabis oil. 

You must have to know that there is a wide variety of oils with the help of which you can be able to create cannabis oil. However, most people are using Olive oil as well as coconut oil to make cannabis oil.

The most common useful oils, coconut oil along olive oil have a pleasant taste. They can be so nourishing for the skin which will make them even more versatile to use for medicinal edibles or topical applications.

Also, both these oils have strong and natural antifungal or antimicrobial properties. It will surely help to prevent the cannabis plant from getting any mold. Therefore the overall shell life of the cannabis plants will increase for a long period.

On the other end, if you are using coconut oil then you must know that it is higher in saturated fat. So it may easily bind with cannabinoids. 

Why Should You Make Cannabis Oil? 

There are several reasons that you can find for using and making cannabis oil at home. Cannabis oil, as you may know, is the main ingredient that will serve for topical lotions, ointments, and salves which is surely ultra-healing.

The properties that CBD and THC have will include both inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant. Also, several studies show that the active ingredients in cannabis oil can be capable enough to reduce acne, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

Some people are using cannabis oil to soothe irritation, and redness, balance the natural skin oils and get healthy glowing skin. One of the best benefits of using cannabis oil is that it tends to reduce pain in the body.

So whenever you are feeling pain due to any reason, you can use cannabis oil to get relief from it. Most people are using it on their knees, ankles, and joints. 

To create medicated edible cannabis products, it will be more convenient and reliable to use cannabis oil. But it will be an extremely hard task to make figure out the exact potency of homemade edibles or cannabis oil.

That is why you will need to follow the right process by adding the exact right amount of ingredients. Therefore it is recommended for every person who is creating cannabis oil at home to use small doses at first and then gradually increase the doses as per the requirement.

Cannabis oil can be easily consumed on its own or you can add it to other cannabis edible recipes. Also, if you do not want to smoke marijuana then you can use cannabis oil by using vaporizers. Vape pens will make sure to provide the user with smokeless puff without compromising taste or effect but maintaining a safe manner. 

How To Make Cannabis Oil In a Few Easy Steps?

First of all, you need to make sure to gather all the ingredients and materials that we did mention below.

Ingredients and Materials:

  • 500-700ml virgin extra olive oil
  • 20-25g dry and cured cannabis
  • One kitchen thermometer
  • One kitchen spatula
  • Large pot (3-5L)
  • Small pot (1L)
  • A weed grinder
  • A coffee filter
  • One thin metal sieve
  • One glass container with a lid
  • 5L bottled water

You will just have the following few easy steps to make cannabis oil efficiently and without much effort. The instruction for making cannabis oil is as follows:

  • First, before we begin, you must wash the cannabis plant properly
  • Get a large bowl of your preference 
  • Pour the virgin extra olive oil into the bowl
  • Add 20 to 25 grams of dried and cured cannabis
  • Macerate it for a few weeks in a dark and dry place while mixing it every 2 to 4 days
  • After that, it will be ready to consume
  • Don’t remove cannabis oil
  • If cannabis oil is stronger then add extra olive oil to soften it
  • That’s all