How to Make Homemade Spider Mite Killer?

Homemade Spider Mite Killer is what every gardener or grower wants to know to grow a healthy and beautiful garden or houseplants. Every gardener needs to understand that the size of spider mites will be small but they can cause severe damage to plants.

One of the best things that you can do is have all the information about the spider mites and the spider mite killer. That is what this article is all about and you will get all the essential details as soon as you will read the entire article. 

Spider mites are among the enemies that can ruin a beautiful garden for which you have been putting in much effort. It will not be an easy task to maintain a clean and healthy garden.

The gardener of a homeowner will have to water the plants daily and that too with maintaining the right amount of water. Also, it will be essential to cut down the extra leaves and plants to get a well-trimmed garden.

The plants that the spider mites will infect may have a large spider mite population. That plant will have a somewhat lackluster look with almost a similar appearance to Dust Like when looking at their webs.

Whether you are growing indoor plants or you are growing outdoor plants, you must have to remember that spider mites are the worst enemies. If you do not have any clue of how you can get rid of the worst enemies of flowerbeds or indoor gardens. Then you are surely in the right place searching for it.

It is because we are going to provide you with the best solution that you can make at your home. There is no need to pay a higher price and purchase too expensive products to get rid of spider mites effectively.

In this article, we are going to share with you some essential information on how you can efficiently eradicate spider mites from your indoor as well as outdoor gardens. 

About Spider Mites

Well, we are going to replace the misunderstanding that most people have when we are talking about spider mites. Most people, especially gardeners, and growers are considering spider mites as some type of insect.

But you must have to know that spider mites are small green or yellow spiders that feed on plants. It will be essential for any and every grower to know that spider mites are dangerous to greenhouse plants.

Also, spider mites are not true insects and they are classified as arachnids. They are more similar to ticks, spiders, scorpions, and such small creatures. 

You must know that the fully grown spider mites will look more like small insects crawling around in reddish-brown or pale color. They have an appearance like a sharp-pointed pencil tip with an oval shape and small size.

Spider mites live in colonies just like ants and each colony may consist of hundreds to thousands of individual mites. They can be capable enough to the life out of the plants. Spider mites suck out chlorophyll and other plant fluids from which they can get the energy to survive in their world.

They thrive in hot and dry conditions where the houseplants live. Sometimes it will be even easier for spider mites to feed on their prey as the gardener may have used the insecticides.

The only thing that can promote and help the spider mites stay where they are is if you do not try to control them. It will be almost impossible to have a healthy and beautiful garden with healthy plants if you have spider mites present.

They will stay on the plants and feed on them during their life cycle and then they will move on to other plants in other gardens. When the population and colonies of the spider mites will be huge then you can see the fine webbing with the naked eye. Some of their most common host plants are as follows:

  • Beans
  • Melons
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplant
  • Ornamental flowers
  • Various Fruit Trees and Ornamental Trees
  • Cannabis or Marijuana
  • Houseplants in a dry environment

How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites Organically?

When we are dealing with spider mites, you will surely need to make sure to prevent them from staying in your home garden or indoor gardens. Along with the regular inspection of your garden and examining the flowers and plants carefully, you will need to have proper knowledge, The regular inspection will surely help to prevent the infestation of plants before it will get out of control. You can also use a magnifying lens to have a close look at the plants as spider mites are small. 

Pest Control With Water Sprays: It will be a quick and easy way to get rid of spider mites is by spraying water with high-pressure form spray nozzles. You can use a garden spray hose using the spray nozzle and spray it on the plants infected with spider mites.

Remove Heavily Infested Leaves: You can also get rid of spider mites by removing the heavily infested leaves merely. Moreover, you need to seal the plastic bag properly and dispose of it. Get rid of the entire plant if the whole plant has spider mites all over it. 

Spray A Soap Solution: Spraying a solution that contains a mixture of soap and water will also be beneficial to eradicate spider mites. 

Homemade Spider Mites Killer

Here are some ways in which you can make a homemade spider mites killer at home. You can have a look at the following methods.

Cayenne Pepper Mix: Take one tsp. of Cayenne Pepper or blend one hot Chile Pepper in a cup of water. Then use the solution to spray on spider mites to get rid of them.

Garlic Spray: Spider mites can be effectively gone with the use of two smashed garlic cloves. Add them to a liter of water and allow them to stand overnight. Spay on plants without diluting them after staining the mix. It will be more effective to eliminate spider mites with this home remedy. 

Hot-Pepper Wax: Some commercial products may combine food-grade wax and Cayenne Pepper extract to efficiently extract spider mites. The wax will be able to suffocate the spider mites and the pepper will stop them from eating the plants further than they already have. Eggs will not be impacted even though the user is using them on spider mites repeatedly to eradicate them easily and effectively.