Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA – Review 2023 (Updated)

Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA
Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA

Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA – Review 2023 (Updated)

Who wants to grow Marijuana inside your home?

Before you grow Marijuana inside your home,  you will need Marijuana seeds, Right?

From where can you manage to buy weed seeds?

We are going to tell you all the details about where you can buy Marijuana seeds. In this article, you will get information about the seed bank. Yes, Seed bank ships to the USA. We will provide A to Z information about Seed Banks.

It will be possible for every reader to get all the essential information from this article about seed banks. There will surely be so many people who are going to get great help from this article. Not only our readers will understand all the aspects of seed banks but also they will get a more clear idea of which seed banks they should purchase.

To get all the possible information about seed banks, it will be beneficial for you to go through this article to the end. Read all the instructions and details carefully.

All Things like How you can contact Seed Bank, Order seeds, and howto pay for seeds. All That Things you want to know are discussed here.

Seed Banks Where You Can Purchase Marijuana Seeds:


The base of Nirvana is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They sell Marijuana Seeds all over the world. This Seed Bank Does Not Sell To Australia.

Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA – Review 2023 (Updated) 1

Does anyone know Nirvana in the ’80s?  Yes, Nirvana has been active since 1980. First 15 years they did not export the seeds outside the Netherlands.

They started exporting Marijuana Seeds in 1995. Since that time, Nirvana won many Awards related to Marijuana qualityStrainsn and Seeds.  They had to take mail orders to provide Marijuana seeds.

The best thing about Nirvana is they are delicious at the price of Marijuana Seeds. They provide Seeds almost in All PriceRangese. The cost of Nirvana never disappoints Its Customers.

When you purchase seeds from Nirvana, then there is no chance to file a complaint about late delivery, packaging, price, and quality.

but if it comes to the packaging, they provide you with seeds in unobtrusive and stealthy packaging. When you open it Look once in the package because some of the sources might be stuck in the bag.

About Delivery, They give you a Guaranteed Delivery. In case of any reason If the delivery is not able to reach you, then they provide you seeds for free.

The payment methods of Nirvana are simple. They provide you with various options to pay for seeds. You can pay via Cash, Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Bank Drafts, etc. Payment Methods.

One of the best things about Nirvana is they growitsr strains and seeds. They are not a dealer, but they are manufacturers. So, they did not compromise the quality of the Seed they provided.

You may not know this, But Currently, Nirvana is one of the best Marijuana Seed Sellers. You can contact their customer services if you face any kind of query.

Check out the official website of Nirvana:

MSNL – Seedbank

One other Seedbank is located in the Netherlands. Yes…MSNL is one of them. MSNL is in Marijuana Seed Selling Business since 1999. Not only did they sell Marijuana in the Netherlands But they also sell it in the USA.

MSNL claims that It will take 25 days to deliver the order to any door/House in the USA. But Some Customers say that they get the seed delivery within 12 days of purchasing. So, This Product Will Not Disappoint customers in terms of delivery.

MSNL is an experienced Company to sell Marijuana Seeds. They provide you with quality Marijuana Seeds. They also develop strains and seeds on their own.

In terms of packaging, they give you a solid packaging service. It provides you with guaranteed stealth shipping. On every packing, they integrate a special tracking code. To unpack the Seed packages you need to have some tricks off your sleeves.

On Marijuana Genetics MSNL earned so many awards. They provide you with the best quality seeds which are developed by experts. The Seed’s quality is guaranteed.

So, What happens before customers receive the seed? One expert Quality inspector checks seeds manually. Thereby They maintain a Marijuana Germination rate of around 90%.

Feminized Seed is the best in quality. Auto flower quality is present in that type of Seed. Feminized seed is the most trusted and Favourite choice of seeds among people.

MSNL Seedbank is the favorite Seedbank for weed growers. The reason behind it is that they give away free seeds with each order. If you are a commercial grower then you don’t have to look at the payment page. If you purchase wholesale seeds, then they provide you with a large number of seeds for free.

Payment methods of MSNL – Seedbank is easy to use. They provide you with various options to pay for seeds. You can pay Cash, Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Bank Drafts, etc payment methods.

If you Want to know more or want to buy if you are interested in it then check out MSNL’s official website:


Seedsman is selling seeds from the United Kingdom. Smoking weed in the UK is not legal but selling is legal. Still, Seedsman is the best competitor for selling weed seeds. It is a good choice if you want to buy seeds for profit. Here you will get the overall best  Quality Marijuana seed.

Best Online Seed Banks That Ship to the USA – Review 2023 (Updated) 2

Seedsman seed bank is the most reputed seed bank of all. You can put trust in Seedsman by closing your eyes. They are trustworthy and loyal Marijuana Seeds Dealers.  Seedman is the First Choice among More than 1000 happy clients to purchase Marijuana Seeds.

When we come to discussing seeds packaging. Your seed is Guaranteed safe from the theSeedsman’sn door to your home door. They provide simple and discreet packaging of Marijuana Seeds.

Ultra stealth option is also available for Package Seeds. They provide you a guarantee on the delivery and no matter what they reach you on the time that they mentioned on purchase.

Seedsman is so keen on the packaging. They do not put the company name on the seed package as well as they do not print any Marijuana-Related references on the package.

Seedsman grows their Seed and prepares them under the sights of expert Marijuana Makers. They are linked up with the other Marijuana Seeds banks, So they can import from there too.

You can choose a variety of marijuana seeds. They provide you with a variety of Marijuana seeds than any Other seed bank.

When you want to find suitable seeds for you then you can check whether that seed is suitable for you or not. You can check with Seeds Selector Tool. They give you a perfect analyzed result of whether the seeds that are selected by you are suitable for you or not.

You Can Choose Any Type of Payment method through which you want to pay. Seedsman provides you with various options to pay for Marijuana Seeds. You can pay via Cash, Cryptocurrencies,  Credit Cards, Money orders, Postal orders, etc payment methods.

Seedsman is a very good service provider of Marijuana Seeds. Whenever they launch any New offers or discounts then they Post them on their Website. So check out regularly to get a discount on Marijuana Seeds.

On every seed order, they give you Loyalty Points which you can use on further seeds order.

Check out Seedsman website:

I Love Growing Marijuana

This Seed bank is located in the Netherlands. Marijuana Seeds loves to distribute Seeds from the Netherlands. “I Love Growing Marijuana” is handled by expert Marijuana Grower Robert Bergman. He has many years of experience in Growing Seeds and Developing Strains.

They grow Marijuana Seeds on their own. Expert Robert is there to offer you an Affordable Priceforf Marijuana Seeds.

You have a wide range of choices to select suitable seeds for you. They also give you surety that you will find the Marijuana Seeds that you desire. With a wide range of Seed types and Affordable Prices, I Love Growing Marijuana is the best place to purchase Marijuana Seeds.

ILGM gives you special value packs of Seeds. Use these packs and start Growing Marijuana Easily at your home. The Marijuana Seeds are Packed differently for Experts and Beginners.

High-Quality Seeds Delivery is the only Motto of ILGM to satisfy their customer. They provide customers with only the Finest Quality Seeds.

When you ask people who have purchased ILGM about the Quality of Seeds, They will give you the best opinion to purchase from ILGM.

Order Seeds Online and They give you free of cost delivery of Marijuana Seeds. You have to pay for only Marijuana Seeds only. Company Gives the Guaranteed Packaging and Delivery of the Seeds.

In case of any reason when you Don’t get delivery. They will send back another Package of Seeds for Free.

Not Only In packaging and delivery but it also provides you a guarantee in Seeds Growing. They give you a  guarantee of the germination of the seeds too. If your weed seeds do not sprout then they will give you Another Packet of Seeds for free.

With credit cards, Cash, Bank transfers, and Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies, You can choose among these Suitable Payment Methods to pay for Marijuana Seeds.

Surf the I Love Growing Marijuana Website and find more information.

Click on this URL:

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, also known as AMS is Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Another Seedbank from the same country Netherlands. Seed banks still have a better love story than Titanic.

AMS Started Selling Seeds In 2002. They started a good business at that time. They deliver the seeds all over the world. Marijuana Community Forums Mentions AMS Name from Seedbanks all over the world.

People are satisfied with the service and quality of the Seeds. Customers Return to Purchase with Positive Responses. They provide Marijuana Seeds from all over the world and AMS is one of the Top Seed banks that provide seeds in the USA.

Behind the quality of Marijuana Seeds, there is one technique that is used by AMS. They grow their Seeds and Strain on their own.

At the time of packaging, Experts Make Sure that you will have hand-selected seeds. They have Experts and Specialists to choose Strain by theirHandsd. That’s why customers are more satisfied with the quality of seeds provided by AMS.

123 types of Marijuana Seeds are available for sale. Yes!! They have a Beautiful Catalog of 123 types of Marijuana Seeds. I am sure you will get your choice of seeds in these types. All the Requirements that you have regarding Seeds will meet here. In 2018, They started selling all new strains to their customers.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provides guaranteed delivery. If in case you don’t get Seeds on time then they send you a free Packet of Seeds. The customer services helpline is always there to back you with any Query. You can contact them at any time.

To know the best deal and offers, You should check out the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Website. There You will get the Latest Offers, Deals, and discounts.

Website of AMS:

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds has been renowned in popularity Since early 2000. Only one Name Crop King Seeds is in the debate for the last 20 years. This name is on the lips of every Canadian because they started selling Marijuana Seeds from Canada.

They have to face many ups and downs at an Early Stage, But now they are a Strong Competentseed bankk that provides Seeds Online in the USA. Now, They are Operating from Vancouver Canada, where its main office is located.

To manage the early stage and down they linked up their agency with the local retailers. They choose a local retailer and a local storefront merchant. So far their selling growth is under control.

Also, they may have suffered in the ups and down but they did not compromise on the quality of the seeds. They are loyal to their customer in terms of Quality.

Crop King Seeds Customer has never filed a complaint about the quality of their weed seeds. People are much Satisfied with the quality of the seeds.

When you visit the Site, Surely you will get your desired type of Seed. All of these Seeds will be of High Quality.

They give you a choice of 30 various types of Marijuana Seeds. These 30 types are Engineered by their Qualified Experts. You will find a unique breed of the Seed Here. Customers may get here Seeds that they won’t find anywhere in the Seed Market.

You have Different Options available to select the Marijuana Seed type like Regular, Feminized, Medical CBD, and Auto Flower. These are the regular choices that people may find at other Seed Banks too.

Other Available choices are Northern Lights, Purple Kush, Green Crack, Blueberry, Train Wreck, and Sour Diesel. You can check more details about these types of seeds on their Website. At the end of the review, The URL of the Crop King Seeds Website is Mentioned.

Crop Kings Seeds gives you a guarantee of 80% germination from Seeds. Otherwise, they will give you another packet of Seeds, and That is for Free.

Sometimes it might happen that you don’t like the Seeds of Marijuana that you Ordered. But don’t worry they provide you with a replacement for free.

The Crop Kings Seed also gives you a guarantee in packaging. They pack the seeds with something hidden in Stealth Package. They also send things like Birthday cards and pens.

Payment method in Crop Kings Seeds is Visa, MasterCard, and Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.  You have to pay to complete the purchase of the Marijuana Seeds.

Check this Website of Crop Kings Seeds to know more:

Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme started its selling campaign in 2013, In England, They started selling Marijuana Seeds for the First Time. They are linked with the many Seed Breeders from all Around the World.

You can check the rating of Seed Supremes’ quality and service company. People are really satisfied with the Seed Quality and Germination Ratio. They Offer you The Best and most Affordable Price Seeds.

Seed Delivery is guaranteed, They send you the package within the promised date. In case of any reason they are not able to do so, Then they will send back your selected seed package for free.

Seed supreme gives you 4000 choices. Yes, they have more than 4000 types of stains in their warehouse. They are not alone to provide you with these seeds they purchase different strain types from more than 100 breeders all around the world. They are linked up with all of them. Just type the name of the Marijuana Seed and you will get it here straight up.

Gorilla Zkittlez, Somango, White Widow,  and Sticky Zkittle Glue, are the latest strains of Marijuana they started selling recently. You can check more details about these types of seeds on their Website. At the end of the review, the URL of the Seed Supreme Website is available.

Offers and New deals are flooded every day, But for that, you have to check their website. Another interesting offer is the Loyalty Program. On every purchase of the seed, Customers are rewarded with loyalty points. They can aggregate them and use them in the next purchase. you will get here the latest offer and discount on seeds.

On the website of Seed Supreme,e you can check out a total of 4000 seeds and strain varieties, and Seed breeders are also listed on it.

That will directly mean that there is nothing that you will have to worry about when you are going through the website of Seed Supreme. Because you will not only find a wide variety of 4000 seeds but also you are going to get a lot of benefits. It will be beneficial for you to understand how and why you should purchase from the Seed Supreme website.

Check out the website where you can find information on different types of Marijuana and Howtheyt can be used. URL of Seed Supreme:

Ministry Of Cannabis 

Ministry of Cannabis is located in Barcelona, Spain Origin Seedbank. They provide transport services worldwide. If you are from the US and want to order the Seeds, Then it will take 15 – 20 days. Within these promised days you will get the delivery of your selected seeds.

Experienced Weed Growers are running the Ministry of cannabis in Spain. So, the quality of the cannabis seed is unmatchable.

Ministry of Cannabis has entered the seed bank industries for 15 years. They are famous for Auto-flowering and Feminized seed breeds. Both seeds are suitable for organic Marijuana Plantation.

They take no chance of risk and they do not compromise in packaging. Also, They use many discrete methods to pack seeds. They are very safe packers of Marijuana Seeds.

Ministry Of Cannabis uses its technique to grow seeds. They use Organic Methods to Grow Marijuana Plants. They also have an expert who choosesseedsd that is hand-picked. As we know organic methods are best for Grow Marijuana Plants. So their company produces high-quality Seeds.

The packaging level of the Ministry of cannabis has some high standards. They will deliver you Marijuana Seeds to your home very quickly. They use a bubble wrap envelope for the safety of the Marijuana Seeds. On the Package, they stick some tracking number so you can track your orders and check where it has reached.

Suitable Payment Methods by Cannabis Seeds from Ministry of Cannabis: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies, Bank Transfer, and MoneyGram. You can pay via any of these Payment Methods.

As you know This seed bank is run by many experts. In case you need any help regarding seed and its germination ratio, or how to grow Cannabis at home then you can contact them. Experts always answer your question.

Find Articles, Marijuana Guides from the website to refer them and start growing on your own. Want to know more about the Ministry of Cannabis Refer to their Website:

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds are also known as QCS. They started their services in Canada. If you want to get seed in the USA then you will get guaranteed delivery within two weeks.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds have a team of Experts, Growers, and Breeders so it won’t disappoint you in case of the quality of the Seeds. They are givingtheire best to grow plants and develop Seeds from them.

QCS has a growers team so, they know about the problems that occur while you grow Marijuana Plants inside your home. They are aware of the plant diseases and pests in the Marijuana Plants. So, To overcome these problems, they work hard and research well in the seed development direction.

The inspection process is done by the experts before the delivery process. Only Handpicked and Standard Tested seeds are packaged for delivery.

QCS has the world’s best choices of cannabis, they have more than 40 best breeds from the world. The best choices for organic Marijuana plantations are regular Feminized and Auto-flowering.

Quebec gold 2.0 feminized, QC Black Gold Marijuana Seeds, AK 47, and jack here feminized are the best-selling breeds of the QCS.

These are the latest strains of Marijuana that they started recently. You can check more details about these types of seeds on the Website given at the end of the review. you will get there the URL of the Quebec Cannabis Seeds Website.

All around the world among all seed banks, QCS has the fastest delivery order. They give a Guarantee forthe  Fastest Delivery. If needed, they reach your door by doing stealth delivery of the Marijuana Seeds.

You can Pay Quickly with a visa and MasterCard. They ship their seeds from all around the world so you can use international debit or credit cards to pay for seeds. They also accept money orders and bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

For wholesale purchases of strain and weed seeds, QCS gives a discount on the order and gives you some free seeds. And Who says no to free?

Check out the website for people’s reviews on Quebec Cannabis Services. QCS customers are the most satisfied customers, you can read a review about its services, marijuana seed quality, and germination ratio. All areint one place on QCS Website, at the end of the review, you will get the URL link to the QCS Website.

Visit the Quebec Cannabis URL for More information about Seed breeds and various strains of Marijuana, URL of the QCS Website:

Attitude Seed Bank

10 years Attitude Seed Banks started their journey from the United Kingdom and they supply seeds all over the world. If you live in the US then Attitude Seed Bank reaches you within 7 to 21 days.

In Attitude Seed Bank you will get some interesting seed breeds. In terms of variety, they are the best seed supplier all over the world. They have a special link-up with breeders. They are also famous for regular auto-flowering and feminized breed seeds.

Here, you have over 2000 types of choices to select strains and breed types. They are linked up with the best breeders from all over the world.

Packaging of the Seeds is Stealth. But they are very concerned about the packaging. Sometimes you may get free seeds from the company.

Payment methods to pay for Marijuana Seeds in the Attitude Seed bank is Debit Card, Credit Card, International Gift Cards, and Money Orders.

Attitude Seed Bank has Released many offers over time. They give promotions to a customer, but for that, you need to visit their website. Through the website, you will get all the information. you will get the URL of the Website at the end.

Attitude Seed Banks gives you marijuana Merchandise, you can buy t-shirts, caps, and accessories. This is the largest superstore of Marijuana Seeds.

Website URL of the Attitude Seed Bank:

Last Words

You have to purchase through the best seed store which ships seeds online in the USA. We hope that you have decided from which Seed bank you are planning to buy Marijuana Seeds.

At the end of all reviews, there are website links. Go through them, read reviews of the customer about Seed quality, and choose which breed is suitable for you. The Company is waiting for your review after purchasing and delivering at your door.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have gone through the article from the top to the end then you will have all the essential information. Now, you will be capable enough to decide which Online Seed Banks you should purchase. It will be possible for you to get the best online seed banks for the healthy growth of plants.

Do not forget to share with us in the comments which Online Seed Banks you have decided to purchase from our list.