What Size Led Grow Light Do I Need? Easily Explained!!

LED Lights To Grow Plant
LED Lights To Grow Plant

As you all must know that you need Led Grow Light when you want to grow a Plant Indoor. So the most curious question that clicks in everyone’s mind is Should I Purchase The Led Grow Light or Not?

The simple answer to that question is Yes. You should purchase the Led Grow Light because of the advantages that These Lights Have.

LED Lights To Grow Plant
LED Lights To Grow Plant

All of you must be aware that plants need sunlight for their photosynthesis process. So if you want to grow plants indoors in your grow room, then you only have two options.

The First One is you need to place the plant in a place where the sunlight stays for at least 8-12 hours. But most of the growers can’t maintain this thing and their plant is lead to death.

So the second option is taken into account by most of the growers whether they are Beginner or Professionals. This option is to purchase a Grow Light which gives a Spectrum that is exactly like the Sunlight.

There has been much research done about the growth of plants Indoor. The researchers did prove that there must be a balance between Lightness and Darkness for the healthy growth of plants.

The plants need at least 10-12 hours of Lightness and 10-12 hours of Darkness. So the best part is the Led Grow Lights cover this situation very easily and automatically.

There is no need for Led Grow Lights if you want to grow plants Outdoor. Because then Mother Nature will take care of everything. So you need to take care and monitor continuously if you are growing the plants in your grow room.

What Size of Led Grow Light Should You Purchase?

So if you have decided that you want to purchase the Led Grow Lights for the healthy growth of your plant. Then you must be facing the above question.

Well, if you want to be exactly sure about what size of Led Grow Light you need to purchase. Then you need to calculate the number of plants you have and the size they cover in sq. feet.

You need to measure it because the size of the Led Grow Light depends on the area that the plants cover. Usually, An Average Led Light draws over 32 watts for covering 1 Sq. feet Area. So these Led Lights Help the plants to Grow Healthy.

The No. of watts of Led that you should purchase is depending on the following factors. You will get a brief idea about how many watts of Led Grow Light your Plant Needs.

The Size of Your Grow Room/Space:

Well, To grow Cannabis you must need an exact amount of 50 watts from the Led Lights. If This much amount of light did not reach the plants then there is an increased chance of the plant to be dead.

The Led Lights create a Spectrum that is almost close to the Solar Spectrum. This Spectrum is made up of Red, green, and Blue Lights.

The small size plant that you grow in your grow space may cover about 1 Sq. Feet of Area. You need to calculate the square foot that is Length x Breadth. So it would help if you chose the watts of lights accordingly.

You know that 1 Sq. Feet of light require 50 watts of Led Lights. So you can easily calculate accordingly.

Distance Between the Plant and Led Lights:

As you all know that the utmost care must be taken while growing a healthy plant indoors. So we have to maintain the balance between Lightness and Darkness while its growth Stages.

The Distance between Plant and Led Lights should also be maintained. When the distance between them is more, then plants would not get enough amount of light and will die eventually.

When the distance between them is less, then there is an increased chance of burning the Plants’ Leaves. So you must maintain the distance between them or else the plant will die.