When & How to Harvest Marijuana? [Cannabis Buds]

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cannabis freshness hand

When & How To Harvest Marijuana? [Cannabis Buds]

We are going to discuss the signs about when you will feel satisfied that your Marijuana Plants are ready to harvest. To harvest the Marijuana timing is the most important aspect. Early harvest and Late Harvest creates a problem with Marijuana Plants.

Early Harvest doesn’t create potent in Marijuana Plants. Whereas late harvest adds more Narcotic effect and creates more Strong Taste.

For Harvesting Process you need some knowledge before harvesting it like Knowledge About Timings and Methods of Harvesting.

How To Take Care Of Plants While Harvesting. 

Further details in this article will be going to tell you all the information about when you have to harvest and by which method you can harvest Marijuana Easily. 

Here are some signs which will help you in the harvesting:

After The Flowering Phase, Your Plant Starts To die.

  • The Stem Broadening
  • Leaves start to yellow coloration and die
  • The Pistils Turning Red
  • Resin or buds browning and darkening

Any of the signs you notice in your Marijuana Plants after Flowering than its time to Harvest Marijuana. Don’t be late if you find the above one of the Signs, Otherwise, Cannabinoids are starting to increase. Then you will get a strong effect while you smoke the weed.

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Now, Discussing Further, We will know how to find a suitable harvest time.

Following Methods will explain you in finding a time of Harvesting.

Flowering Time

  • Autoflower – 10 weeks from seeding to bud
  • Indica – harvest after 8 weeks of flowering
  • Sativa – harvest after 10 weeks of flowering


  • All Amber trichomes – overripe
  • Milky white/amber trichomes – ready for harvest
  • Clear trichomes – wait a bit longer


  • 50-70% brown – young, light marijuana
  • 70-90% brown – ripe, heavy marijuana
  • 90-100% brown – sharp, heavy marijuana

Now, the question stays about how you can find the time of harvesting. So for that, we need to check the plant manually. 

Just Look at the leaf with Magnifying Tools. You have to check for resin-filled Trichomes on your Buds Glistening. You must use Higher Quality Magnifying tools to watch leaves of the plant. 

Which Factors Affect Longer Flowering Time In Harvesting? 

Time is more important in the flowering period. Your harvesting depends on how the flowering period runs. So Longer flowering period will lead you to the optimum result of the harvesting. 

As we know longer period also leads your Marijuana to stronger power and unpleasant taste. THC is reduced in the effectiveness of active ingredients. So you won’t get a better taste while smoking. 

To avoid overpower and unpleasant taste, there is one trick that you can use while Harvesting. Test the pistil color and pay attention to it. 

Every grower has their own different mentality on pistil color. Some of them start harvesting when pistil looks red. When Some Growers start harvesting when pistil looks almost red. Some growers start harvesting while resin looks dark Red.

To observe resin and pistil color you must have a Magnifying Lens. With a magnifying lens, you can see the covered and enlarged mature resin, they look sort of swell and deformed at that time. 

This Is The Time Where You Can Start Harvesting Your Marijuana Plants. 

When resin turns mature it looks like darken from transparent to opaque amber. When your Resin looks darken to more amber-hued, At that time plant’s active ingredients will start to deteriorate. 

Now we need to see the possibilities of harvesting based on the flowering time. 

You know how color changes in pistils and resins. So you can start preparing for harvesting. You can start to check the harvesting time which is based on flowering time. When you plant Marijuana Seeds at the same time then it is possible that you need to harvest plants at the same time. 

Sometimes it can vary but for that, you need to know about how you can effectively use this method. Before harvesting, Expert growers read the strain-description and customer comments. 

If you purchase your seed from best seed bank than there is a chance that you are aware of the customer comment section. They share their experiences and ideas about harvesting. 

Sometimes the variable condition will leave us in the guessing stage. Development of the Marijuana Plants is depended on the outdoor climate and grow room environment. 

Now We Will See Harvesting Based On The Marijuana Seeds 

First of all, we will start with the Auto Flowering Seeds. It is Totally based on the Time, Lighting and Environment Effects, Other factors won’t change the growth of the plant. So based on the time you can easily predict the harvesting time easily.

Once you are done with seedings, then within 10 weeks you can start preparation for Harvesting. Harvesting can be ready in 10 weeks.

When & How to Harvest Marijuana? [Cannabis Buds] 2

To find out the exact harvesting time, you can use this trick to find the flowering time. With flowering time prediction, you can predict the harvesting time, this is the direct science. This is the best way to figure out the harvesting time. With flowering time you can Calculate Harvesting Time. 

This trick helps in pre-planning of the Harvesting Because at that time of the Growing Season everyone seems busy to harvest.

Second, Let’s Start The Harvesting of Indica Plants. 

End of September month is the best season to harvest the Indica Plants Crop. For Growing Indica Plants, Calculate the expected flowering time eight weeks before you start the harvesting. 

Then, Comes into the harvesting Sativa Plants. In October month the harvest of the Sativa will be ready. It takes a longer flowering time than Indica Plants. For Sativa Plants, it will take 12 weeks to comes into the flowering period. 

Haze strain will help you to flower faster. So 12 months time reduces to 9 to 10 weeks long. Experts recommended That before you order strain read customers reviews carefully. 

Check Pistil Color

To harvest Marijuana plants you should check pistil color for red and brown. The color will tell you that you are doing early or late harvest of Marijuana Plants. 

Pistil Color changes by season and time of the season. If pistil color is white then do not approach Marijuana plants for harvest. If they are red or brown then probably you have missed the peak time of harvesting. So you need to start harvesting before any kind of damage is done to the Plants. 

If you see that 0-49% pistils are brown in Marijuana Plants So they are not ready for harvesting purpose. If you do harvesting when your Pistil is 50-75% brown then still it is early for harvesting. There is not a problem at that time but you will get a lighter and smoother taste of Marijuana, You can harvest if you like this kind of taste.

You won’t get high stoned effect while smoking weed. When 70-90% of pistils are brown, then this is the best option to Start Harvesting. You will get a higher and stronger taste of the weed at that time. But if 90-100% pistils are brown then you are too late to pick the harvesting. 

The best thing is that the harvesting can be done depending on your preferred smoke taste. If you want lighter taste then harvest during 50-75% and likewise, you can pick up a Suitable time for harvesting. 

Harvesting Based On Trichomes

If you do not want to work with the Pistil method, Then You can choose to harvest based on the Trichomes. Use the Magnifying Lens to determine and check trichomes. 

Trichomes are grown on the plant buds and it looks like a Mushroom on a Leaf. Based on the THC levels, there are Clear Trichomes, Cloudy Trichomes, Amber Trichomes, and Half Amber/Half Cloudy Trichome. 

Below guidelines will help you to harvest Marijuana Plants based on Trichomes.

Clear and White Trichomes

Clear and white trichomes are not ready to harvest because potent is very low on it. If you harvest then you won’t get enough yields from the Marijuana Plants. 

Half Clear and Half Cloudy Trichomes

This is not the perfect time yet if you observe Half Clear and Half Cloudy Trichomes. You won’t get enough Yields from half clear and half cloudy trichomes. Also, you won’t get high after smoking this trichome in weed. 

Mostly Cloudy Trichomes

This is Perfect for Harvesting Marijuana Plants. In Mostly Cloudy Trichomes you will get a higher THC level. Also, its effect is so high. You will get the Most potent, Highest Quantity of Yield. You will feel the intense effect on smoking it. Well, 40 to 50 percentage of buds hair darkens. 

Amber and Cloudy Trichomes 

If you observe this Trichome, Then you must have missed the peak time of Harvesting. Now The Potent increases at its Highest Amount. The Marijuana will have Less THC level and high CBN Level. You will get more strong dose if you harvest in Amber and Cloudy Trichomes. But if you want strong taste then this is perfect for you because these Marijuana Buds Contaminates more narcotics in it. 

How To Harvest Marijuana?

People are growing Marijuana in the grow room and outdoor atmosphere. We will see them one by one. 

Indoor Grow Room Harvesting

If you have planted Marijuana in your Home or Grow Room then follow you can below instruction to harvest Marijuana Plants. 

First, you need to remove lamps for safety. Now you need to hang some wires from the ceiling, So Marijuana plants are hanging with these wire. 

Cut these plants carefully and hang them up with ceiling wire. Keep humidity level at 45% and set the Temperature at 64 Fahrenheit. Start exterior fan so you won’t have to bother with the smell of Marijuana.

When & How to Harvest Marijuana? [Cannabis Buds] 3

You must Take and use Heavy-duty Shears and Scissors, A Pair of Gloves and A dish of Isopropyl Alcohol. Shears and Scissors to cut the plants, Alcohol for cleaning Purpose, and Gloves are for safety purpose. 

Cutt the plants, Hang them with the wire upside-down and put them as it is for 10 to 15 days for the drying process. Drying for what? You need to remove excess moisture from the plants. The Chlorophyll is still there so 10 to 15 days long drying process must be done to remove the amount of chlorophyll from plants. 

While drying process you need to keep an eye on the cutting plants. You need to check your room whether there is any mold growing in the plant room. Keep the temperature on a suitable level of the grow room. 

Outdoor Harvesting Of Marijuana

When you have Started Growing Marijuana at your outside place then nothing is serious. You need not to worry about the lights because sunlight will guide you to harvest. 

Sunlight is an essential factor for Marijuana Plants. It gives the energy to the plants. From seeding to harvesting, The sunlight is important in the growing process of Marijuana. At the time of summer, you need to pay more attention to the plants. 

From the start of the summer on an average, Every day your plant will get 14 to 15 hours of the sunlight. After 21st June, and in September-October Time the Intensity of Sunlight will be decreased. When sunlight intensity starts to decrease, then it will affect the plants. At that time you will only get 12 to 13 hours of Sunlight, So the flowering process will be started at that time. 

Take one Darker Zip bag The size of the zip bag should be about the size in which you can put the Marijuana Plant Easily. Cut the stems and pack it into the Darker Zip Bag. Zip Bags are more efficient for Transportation of Marijuana Plants.  

The last Plant To Pluck

So far we have seen the right time to Harvest Marijuana. So you must know now the right time for Marijuana Harvesting and it is necessary to pick up the plant at that time otherwise it will affect Weed Taste and Yields. We have also seen How To Harvest Marijuana in Indoor Grow Room and Outdoor Places.