Why Are Led Grow Lights Red And Blue?

LED Lights To Grow Plant
LED Lights To Grow Plant

Why Are Led Grow Lights Red And Blue?:

You must know that if you want to grow plants indoors, you must purchase led grow lights. The shown grow lights have many advantages that have made this product successful. Thus, the led grow beginners, and professional growers mainly prefer lights.

LED Lights To Grow Plant
LED Lights To Grow Plant

As you all know that plants need Sunlight for healthy growth. This Sunlight helps the plants in the photosynthesis process. The Sunlight is absorbed by the plant’s leaves, stems, and roots. The photons from the Sunlight pass through the process of photosynthesis. So this process provides energy to the plants for their growth.

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The plant will get all these things from nature when it is grown outside in the natural atmosphere. So one who wants to grow any plants outdoors must not have to worry about anything because Mother Nature will provide every necessary thing to the plants.

There might be some problems with growing plants indoors. As you know, plants need sunlight to survive, so you have to provide it to the plants. From the researchers, we do know that plants need at least 8-10 hours of Sunlight for healthy growth.

Thus you need to provide Sunlight to the plants. But how can you provide Sunlight in the grow room or grow space inside your house? Well, do not worry. We will offer you the two most commonly used methods.

First, you need to find a place in your home or grow room/grow space. The site should be such that the Sunlight stays there for 8-10 hours daily. So you can place your plant there.

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But every grower can’t find such a place. So they can go for the second option, which is, they can purchase Led Grow Lights.

Why Led Grow Lights Red and Blue?

The Led Grow Lights mainly provide artificial light to the plants. This light is so similar to the Sunlight. The Led Grow Lights will create a spectrum identical to the solar spectrum.

This spectrum consists of  UV Light, Infrared Light, and White Light which will help in the photosynthesis process of plants. The plants need a proper ratio of these lights to grow healthy. If the balance is not good, then there is a possibility that your plant may get some disease or die.

The led light spectrum also maintains the ratio of Red, Blue, and Green Color Lights. We can use the Red and Blue lights for better growth of the plants. It will help more in the healthier growth of the plants.

As you all know, the Sunlight’s white light includes seven colors of Rainbow, i.e., VIBGYOR. The white light spreads into a rainbow when it passes through the prism.

The seven colors create a Rainbow, but the primary three colors are RED, BLUE, And GREEN. So when the Sunlight spreads on the plant leaves, each color has its significance.

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You must have seen that the leaves of the plants are green in color. When the light reflects from the leaves to our eyes, it appears green. So the plants do not absorb green light because it is reflected.

The Plants Absorbs Red and Blue Lights because it helps them to grow. This is why the plants’ leaves do not appear blue or red.

So the led grow lights use Red and Blue color lights for the healthy growth of the plants. Now, you must know the reason behind using led grow lights. You must purchase Led Grow Lights without having any doubts in mind.

The LED industry learned from these problems and has since gone into the development of full-spectrum high-efficiency growing panels for the hydroponic industry. These will undoubtedly become the future and standard in the in-door hydroponic industry, especially if prices continue to come down due to mass adoption. Having full spectrum lights that are way more power efficient than HPS and MH lamps will offer growers the chance to save a lot on costs while maintaining, or even improving, the quality and yield of their crops.