Best soil for Weed 2021 – [Which one & How to prepare]

    cannabis freshness hand
    cannabis freshness hand

    The Best Soil For Weed 2021 – [Which One And How To Prepare]

    Want To Grow Some Weed At Home?

    Don’t worry we are here for you!! As you all know Weed is legal in many countries so if you are from one of them then This article will be really helpful for you. It is also helpful in some ways for those who don’t live in those countries.

    Best soil for Weed 2021 – [Which one & How to prepare] 1

    First Of All, To grow we need soil. Well, Not just soil but the best soil which will be helpful in the healthy growth of the weed. Here we are going to see the best and suitable soil to grow weed in 2021. Also, we will see how to prepare the soil for weed. 

    In this weed growing guide, we will provide you information about the basic needs to grow a Weed at home. Also, how to set up a grow room in your home. But soil is the most important and essential factor to grow Marijuana Plants. 

    If you are a Newbie to Grow Cannabis then it is ok. we will provide you with A to Z information in this Article.

    Stay Tuned and Go Ahead:

    If you are going to grow Weed at home then you might have to be well aware of cannabinoids and terpenes. If not then let’s see this in brief.

    A cannabinoid is one type of chemical which helps Weed plants for recreational plant properties. These Cannabinoids are giving you a high stoned effect when you smoke the weed.

    Terpenes provide a necessary, essential oil, and elements that help to grow Weed plant.

    So, Why do we need the best soil? To take the most outcome from the cannabinoids and terpenes. It will give the best treatment to the weed plant. If these two elements give the best of them then you will get the best extracted out from the weed plant.

    First We will see parameters if you want to buy soil. Let us start with the different types of soil.

    After Examination Of The Soil, We Will Go Further For The Best Soil That Is Available In The Market. 

    Super Soil Organic Concentration

    The people did start to grow weed at home around 10-12 years ago. Organic weed was in demand at that time, and it is still. Organic Soil is famous in the market for its outcome in terms of yields. Not only the weed growers but farmers have also started using organic soil to grow their crops.

    Super Soil Organic Concentrate
    Super Soil Organic Concentrate

    So, We have to choose the best organic soil first. Therefore super soil organic concentration is the first in the list. SubCool is behind the popularity of organic soil. Super soil organic concentration is one of the most wildly used soil to grow weed Plant. One should water the Weed Plant regularly and wait patiently for Rich Harvesting. 

    This Soil uses the SubCool formula for microorganisms and is very similar as they added ingredients in it. Microorganisms containment is very similar to ingredients. Super soil uses high-quality ingredients to make a perfectly balanced soil to grow a weed.

    The ingredients include Blood Meal, Aloe Vera, Bone Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fishbone Meal, Bat Guano, Coconut Water Powder, Epsom Salt, Organic Earthworm Castings, Dolomite Lime, Kelp Meal, and Microorganisms. After adding these ingredients and microorganisms to the soil it is ready to use for the growth of Marijuana Plants.

    After planting the seed you need to pour the water. Five pounds of the soil fill 25 gallons of super soil. Not only for weed but you can also use super soil to grow vegetables in your garden. 

    FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil 

    Feed This Happy Frog Potting soil to your weed plant and get maximum output from your plants. Fox Farm Potting soil gives the best and perfect balanced nutrients to the soil.

    Fox Farm FX14082 Happy Frog Soil Potting Soil Bag
    Fox Farm FX14082 Happy Frog Soil Potting Soil Bag

    The soil is packed in a mixture with microbes that are beneficial to the soil. Mycorrhizal Fungi and Sediment helps in the rapid growth of the plant. It also helps to increment them in the root. 

    Fungi and Microbes are used to break the organic matter in the soil. So, they spread out over the whole soil. Along with these organic matters, nutrients can also spread out in the soil, So roots can be accessive in a better way. FoxFarm uses Forest Humus, Earthworm Castings, and Bat Guano as an Organic Matter. 

    FoxFarm makes sure about the growth of your weed Plant. So They did fix the image in customer’s minds to grow better in bulk yields. When you open the package, The soil in it is ready to use. Put This soil in the container and you can start using it.

    The FoxFarm also Adjusts the pH. When you put it in the container then you don’t need to worry about maintaining a pH. pH is adjusted because the plants consume maximum nutrients from the soil. 

    Soil is ideal for all plants. It gives Light Texture, Active, and Rapid Vegetative Growth. It helps to grow stronger plants and more production. One Soil clay bag is available in 2 cubic feet with 45 pounds of weight. 

    Roots Organic Potting Soil

    Roots organic potting soil gives you a rapid growth of cannabis. If you want to add Extra Fertilizer then you can use it in this soil.


    Soil is included with the ingredients like Humic Acid, Feather Meal, Glacial Dust Rock, Green Sand, Bat Guano, Fish Bone Meal, Mycorrhizae, and Soyabean Meal. 

    Roots organic potting soil is the mixture with the proper balance of the perlite and pumice. It helps to gain better water retention and drainage. You might feel the texture of the soil fluffy and lush. Due to Rich Drainage, you do not need to use extra fertilizers and nutrients.  

    Black Gold Cocoa Blend Potting Soil

    Order This Amazing Black Gold Coco Blend Potting Soil, Open The Bag, and Start Using It. Yes, it is ready to use soil for weed growing. This Soil is better for water retention, you don’t need to pour water again and again into the soil. Easily you can again wet it by pouring in the water.

    Black Gold 1310102 16-Quart All Purpose Potting Soil
    Black Gold 1310102 16-Quart All Purpose Potting Soil

    You can use Cocoa Blend Potting Soil in all types of Vegetative Gardening. For that, They include Earthworm Castings and Pumice which helps in the rapid and bulky growth of the plant.

    The Black Gold Coco adds Canadian Sphagnum, Peat Moss, and Coconut Fibers which helps in the accessive growth of the plants. With the help of these ingredients, your plant gets more exposure to the Wind, Sun, and Heat.

    Due to the water retention feature, you don’t have to worry about nutrient density. This Product assures you that it won’t fade away easily. Well, the seeding and cloning can be done effectively here. 

    Soil is well tested in the institute and it has a certificate of organic soil. So anyone can produce organic vegetables with the help of this soil.

    So, The Ready-Made Soil to grow weed at your home is available online. Now, we will move further to the question of how to prepare the soil by oneself. 

    Homemade Soil To Grow Weed

    When you start to make soil on your own, Then you need to take every aspect of the soil like pH of that Soil, Texture, Nutrient Adding, Water Drainage, and Water Retention.

    Here we will see every aspect of it and how to manage it. Just Follow This Instruction Path to make soil at home. 

    Before adding Nutrients, Sediments, and Microorganisms, We need to make a Base of the Soil. 

    First, you need to add important soil factors like Organic Material, Aeration, and Compost. You have to add an equal level of these factors. Make it 33.33% and mix them to make a base. Sometimes experts and other people use a different ratio to add these factors. 

    Another combination to make a base soil is Coco Coir, Perlite, and Compost. Use these factors at an equal level. 

    This combination is widely used. Now we will see some more contaminants and which ingredients you can add to make a more effective and fertile soil to grow weed. 

    Now Let’s See Which Microorganisms You Need To Make The Soil More Fertile And Useful 


    Bacteria comes under the category of microorganisms and micronutrients. It provides a back behind to give Micronutrients to weed plants.

    Best soil for Weed 2021 – [Which one & How to prepare] 2

    Bacteria break down organic sugar which helps to convert macronutrients and micronutrients. These Bacteria helps to grow healthy plants. In a bad environment, it helps the plants to stay strong. 

    It provides the necessary strength to plants. Due to these bacteria, the plants can be able to face off against pests and plant diseases. 

    To make more population of the bacteria use Worm Castings and Vermicompost at substrate layer with the quantity of approximately 20%. Use 5% of bat guano with it at the substrate level. 


    The fungal population helps to increase the growth of weed production. It additionally helps the soil to fertile better crop. Food sources help them to increase the fungal population and then it thrives to grow better. The more fungal population makes more growth from the plants. 

    Fungi works better with the root of the plants. So keep providing food sources to fungi. In return, you can get better treatment from the fungi. 

    To increase the population of the fungal, we need to provide them food sources. So to know which type of food you can provide them, read the below part. 

    The fungal population can increase by providing ingredients like you can provide a Quarter Cup of Humic Acid Per Five Gallons, A Quarter Cup of Kelp Meal Per Five Gallons, A Quarter or Half Teaspoon of Endomycorrhiza Powder Per Five Gallons. These food sources are more than enough to grow a population of fungal.  

    Macro and Micronutrients

    As we know bacterial nutrients break the soil particles and feed them with macro and micronutrients. These will keep feeding the soil and get the most outcome from it. 

    Recommendation from Professional Growers is feeding different nutrients as per plants need. Due to these, you can make your soil more useful to grow weed plants. According to your plants’ needs, provide them macro and micronutrients. 

    Here, you can refer to the list of nutrients and microorganisms. 

    Kelp, Forest Humus, Fish Meal, Perlite, Plant Food, Manure, Leaf Mold, Peat Moss, Crab Meal, Bone Meal, Dolomite Lime, Green Sand, Coco Coir, Pumice, Glacier Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Leonardite, Compost, Bat Guano, Biochar, Vermiculture, Comfrey, and Fertilisers. 

    You can also use the below Soil Amendments to give proper nutrients. 

    Wood ash for Potassium, Epsom Salt for Magnesium, Blood meal for Nitrogen, A Bone meal for Calcium and Phosphorus, Dolomite Lime for pH balance and Magnesium, Azomite for Micronutrients, Rock Phosphate for Phosphorous, and Crustacean Meal for Magnesium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Calcium.

    Using these macro-micro nutrients and microorganisms, you can make Fertile, High-Productive, and Useful soil. 

    Now, We Will See Common Soil Amendment. Here You Will Get Information About How It Is Useful In Growing Weed Plant

    Worm Castings

    For a better treatment of the soil, Worm Castings will work as a conditioner to the soil. You can add them in Large Quantity. For weed growing it gives the best outcome from the soil. Researcher says that weed growers prefer worm castings instead of soil and this experiment gives better outcome from weed plants.

    Best soil for Weed 2021 – [Which one & How to prepare] 3

    Worm Castings are Phosphates, Potash, and Nitrogen sources. When you add worm castings in the soil, Do Not Add more fertilizers during the growth state of weed plants. 

    Recommended Worm Castings is Unco Industries Worm Castings Pack. It is cheap and organic material. Worm Castings add various minerals and nutrients.  


    Azomite is the source of Potash, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Chlorine. You will get this source mixture when you add them to your soil. These Sediments will come together in the pack. 

    How Azomite is helpful to your soil and weed plants? It will help to make Flavored Bud and Healthier Plants. 

    Recommended Azomite Pack is the Root Natural Azomite Rock Dust. It is available in the 2 Pound pack. It is also included with the trace elements and 67 major Nutrients which are beneficial for the soil. Azomite helps to grow better and big plants with excellent yields. 

    Epsom Salt

    Epsom salt is helpful for organic soil. By using Epsom salt, you will get a better result in organic gardening. It is the source of useful weed growth nutrients Magnesium. Magnesium provides a concentration to the weed soil. A High Dose of the Epsom Salt makes ineffective growth of the plant, So you can use it wisely with a little bit of thought. 

    Due to Magnesium Deficiency in plants, their leaves become yellowish and brown rusty. At that time you can use Magnesium source Epsom salt. 

    If you want to purchase, Then Epsoak Company’s Epsom salt is recommended by Weed growers.

    Bone Meal

    When weed plants need phosphorus, then you should provide them a Blood Meal. At the time of the Flowering Phase, you can feed bone meal which helps you to boost weed buds. 

    The bone meal gives a slow flow of nutrients to the plants. So, this flow stays for a long time in the soil. So you are free from the duty of giving it from time to time. You don’t need to give them regularly. You can use it in seed formation and cell formation. As a result, you will get excellent yields. 

    Greenway biotech is the best bone meal supplier in the market. It helps in the growth blooming process and root growth. 

    Blood Meal

    You can use blood meal when your plants are in a vegetative state. It is the source of nitrogen and it provides nitrogen to your plants. Nitrogen provides nutrients which makes stronger growth of the plants. 

    Miracle Grow Organic Blood Meal is recommended. It is very helpful for blooming and it also gives true color to the plants. It gives high sources of nitrogen to weed plants. 

    Humic Acid

    Humic acid is the food source of the fungi and microbes. Fungi and Microbes give important growth to the plant. Humic acid helps to increase the population of the fungi. 

    Fungi and microbes are essential sources of nutrients for plants. Also, it maintains the pH of the soil. It will catch up with the soil moisturization and also gives the required potassium dose to your soil. 

    Terravita SP 90 is the humic acid pack that works 100% with the water. You can purchase it in dry or liquid form. 

    Bat Guano

    Bat guano is one of the favorites of the weed-growers. It helps to make soil organic and maintain an organic level of the soil. Also, it creates a balance of Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. Bat Guano is the best food for the bacteria. 

    Hydrofarm bat guano is the best choice for growers right now. It is available in a pack of 2 and 5 pounds. 

    Dolomite Lite

    Dolomite lite maintains calcium and magnesium levels in the soil. With the use of Dolomite, plants absorb nutrients quickly. When you give a dose of the dolomite, you must take a pH test of the soil. Jobe’s Organic Dolomite Lite is the most desired product in the market.  it provides Calcium and Magnesium essential for the better growth of the plants.

    Let’s see the different types of soils that you will get, While you try to grow the Weed inside the home. 

    Different Types of Soil

    Silt Soil

    Silt Soil is a mixture of Clay Soil and Sandy Soil. it gives the base of sandy and clay. It comes up with the granular size particle of sand and clay. 

    This smaller size of granules will make any soil futile and help you in the stabilization of the plant. Here you don’t need to feed the water regularly as this soil water is stick with soil. Water is not drained easily in silt soil. 

    Silt Soil is compressible, and you can easily compress it. So once you compress Silt soil, then it is difficult to retain water in it. Then usually you will face the drainage problem. 

    Sandy Soil

    The texture of the sandy soil is twinned with the large granules. Due to the large particle, it creates drainage very well. The water does not stick with the soil. When you pump the water in the plant which is planted in the Sandy soil, Then the water flows out through an exit at the bottom. 

    Sandy soils have a low pH than other soil. This kind of soil is not suitable for the plant whose roots need water. If water flows away through the soil then most nutrients may wash out. The soul of the soil will fade out from the soil. If Nutrients are not absorbed by plants then how can the plant grow? 

    Clay Soil

    Clay Soil is fully packed with small particles and granules. Because of these small granules, this soil is tightened among these three soil. It is very heavy and hard soil, So the water cannot drain easily through clay soil. Minerals and granules won’t be faded away easily,  it will stay longer in the soil. 

    Among all the above soils, this soil has a  higher pH. Some plants do not prefer water to stay retained in roots then this soil is useless for them. 

    A Mixture Of These Three Soils 

    A mix of Sandy Soil, Clay Soil, and Silt Soil is the best and most suitable soil for Weed plant. This soil is known as loam soil. Here, you will get a mixture of the low pH and high pH soil, So the Weed plant will find neutral pH from these mixed soil. 

    You don’t need extra fertilizer to increase the growth of the crop. Mixed soil is perfect and naturally fertile soil. The Oxygen level of the mixed soil is better and good for weed. 

    Mixed soil is good for both plants which need water in the root and also for plants that don’t need water in the roots. Water drain and water retain level are good here. Both can be available here if you choose the mixed soil. Nutrients and minerals don’t fade away quickly. It will be slowly absorbed by the weed plants.   

    40% Clay, 40% Silt, and 20% Sand, this mixture is ideal for weed growing plants. If you want to make this kind of loamy soil then make a non-uniform loose ball. These balls will start to disintegrate within a few seconds. Garden soil is mostly loam soil. You can also check it there, it appears as dark soil. 

    This texture is best for the Weed plant. If you want to increase the growth of the crops then you need to provide enough Water, Minerals, and Moisture regularly. 

    Soil Ingredients

    The second aspect to check for healthy soil is through its ingredients. If you are going to choose the right soil then make sure which ingredients are used in it. Before you start to check its ingredients, check whether the soil is organic or not. You should buy organic soil to grow weed, so soil ingredients will be organic too. 

    Now you are ready with the soil and texture of the soil. So, the Next step is to check ingredients from the soil.

    Ingredients that help to increase weed growth are a Fish meal, Plant food, Bat guano, Peat Moss, Manure, Crab meal, Leonardite, Forest Humus, Biochar, Comfrey, Greensand, Organic fertilizers, Leaf mold, Coco Coir, Compost, Pumice, Kelp, Worm Castings, Sandy loam, Perlite, Vermiculite, Dolomite lime, Glacier Rock Dust, Mycorrhizae and many others. These are the organic ingredients that help in the growth of the Weed. 

    These ingredients can vary in every different soil. For continuous growth, you need to keep potting soil. But first, plant the crop in the soil when it sprouts then move it into the potting soil container. You can take potting soil from the Greenhouses, Hydroponics Pumps, and Potted plants. 

    Soil Composition

    Soil is contained with the Living Organisms, Minerals, Air, Water, and Organic Material. These make the ideal soil compositions. These type of compositions helps plants for better growth. 

    Which minerals are best to make a better composition with soil?

    Wood ash for Potassium, Epsom Salt for Magnesium, Blood meal for Nitrogen, a Bone meal for Calcium and Phosphorus, Dolomite lime for pH balance, and Magnesium, Azomite for Micronutrients, Rock Phosphate for Phosphorous and Crustacean meal for Magnesium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Calcium.

    If you want proper growth then feed the soil with Water, Protein, Chlorophyll. So, it will take care of organic chemical processing and keeping the pH levels better and stable. 

    Organic matters give strength to the crop by giving nutrients and maintaining a level of Nitrogens. From Dead plants, Leaf mold, and Animals you can derive organic matter. Without these, you won’t be able to give the strength to weed crops.

    Also, added sulfur and nitrogen gives effective and healthy growth of the crop. Sometimes you have to add organic matter in the soil because you won’t get the organic matter in the soil every time. 

    To make a better soil composition air is also an essential part. Weed Crops Needs Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Water Vapour for their growth. These gaseous form elements, you can find in the spaces of soil structures. It needs more carbon dioxide because it helps to create a balance between microorganisms’ respiration. 

    Water is another essential factor that creates a bond between granules. It provides a solvent to plant nutrition. Without enough water, crops will start to burn out. Microorganisms need water for their survival. 

    Microorganisms like Bacteria, Algae, Protozoa, Nematodes, Fungi, Worms, and Arthropods provides energy and healthy growth to the soil. 

    Soil Supplements

    Mostly potted soil needs supplements for the continuous growth of the soil. Supplements help crops’ primary growth. So then Nutrients becomes supplements. Organic fertilizer provides some extra and missing ingredients from the soil. 

    Examine the Soil

    When you want to purchase soil to grow a weed. Whether you want to buy it online or in the local market then you must check that soil is organic or not. Check all ingredients and nutrients, if it is not perfect then it creates a wrong balance in the soil. Wrong balance prevents the better growth of the crops in the grow room. 

    Another checkpoint to examine is the soil must have a good texture. To test the texture of the soil, take clay in your palm, squeeze it in your hand and crumble after releasing it from your hand. Generally, Fluffy, Airy, and Light in texture soil is suitable for crops. Dark soil is best to grow weed. 


    We hope that you get the best out of this article. We have started from which elements you need to check before buying, then we moved on to the best ready-made soil in the market. At last, we have seen how to make a useful soil to grow weed.

    Now, you will have all the essential information about the soils. So you will know which soil is best suitable to grow weeds. We are sure that all the details that we did provide you in this article will help you to select and grow weeds better.

    Also, if there is any kind of doubt or query that you have in your mind then you will just have to write them down in the comments below. You all should know that we will be more than happy to answer your queries and solve your doubts. So that you can be able to decide better which soil you should be purchasing in order to grow better yields.

    It will be beneficial for you to share this article with all your friends, relative, and loved ones. So that they will also get knowledge about the same and share it with others. Do not forget to let us know in the comments if the article was helpful to you in any possible way.