How To Setup A Low Budget Grow Room?

marijuana how to grow
marijuana how to grow

How To Setup A Low Budget Grow Room?

You Can Grow Marijuana With The Basic $ 100.

Sounds High?

Not at all, It takes only $100 to set up grow room on your own. After it, you can go high and stoned with Marijuana. 

We are here to list out, In brief, The cheaper rate materials which will help you to set up a grow room.

Indeed you can grow Marijuana inside your home. Else if you have enough land to set up a grow room then it is also possible. How to set-up your Grow Room within your budget? Here we provide you A to Z information about it. But First, we have to start with the requirements.  

Requirements To Set up A Low Budget Grow Room

To set up a low budget grow room you have to follow some certain requirements. It is included with the Marijuana grow environment. we have to use this equipment to set up grow room.

You need to follow the basic requirement which turns to highly effective yields in the grow room. This will save money to set up the Grow Room.

How To Setup A Low Budget Grow Room? 1If you want to make a grow room and expect the highly effective yields then you need to follow every requirement and aspects. Whether it’s been a growing environment like The Humidity, The Lighting, The Temperature, The Nutrients, and The Ventilation. If you are more aware and careful to set it up effectively, Then end results will also be beneficial to the Growers.

If you want to grow Marijuana in outdoor land then it will be of the high cost. Because for outdoor growing you need to depend on the outdoor environment. You need to cover up the outdoor environment for Highly Effective Results.  

So, let us see the factors and requirements you seek to make a low budget grow room. This will help you to build a cheaper grow room under your budget. 


Your grow room must be Airtight. If the Room is not Airtight then Marijuana smell Spreads out through the windows and this is not beneficial for Marijuana grow. 

When it starts to smell outside, it is difficult to control it. Neighbors find an unbearable stinking smell around your home. But Actually, your house is stinking due to smell. 

If you provide an Airtight environment to plants then the end result will be good in yields quantity. Airtight creates a retention internal climate and it also creates impressive yield from your plant. 

So, When you try to make grow room, Be careful about air. You must make the grow room an isolated cell where air does not get into and out from the environment. 


Compatibility of Darkness and Lightness is necessary to grow up the Marijuana in the grow room. Lightness and darkness are helpful to get optimum yields and it needs to be balanced. How many time you put the darkness in Grow room, same follows for the time that light is given to grow room. 

When plants grow up in the vegetative state you need to give 18 hours of lightness and 6 hours of darkness. At the time of flowering phase, you have to give equal light and darkness which is 12 hours each. Darkness means total darkness in that duration. Even one ray of light is not acceptable during darkness. 

If you maintain light and dark duration then you will get maximum output during the harvest of yields. If you don’t maintain the hours of lightness and darkness in the Grow room then you will be faced with down yields and harvest then be ready to go through the loss. 

You need to Cover the holes and part, So when you put darkness mode on then by any means light shall not come up and disturb the plant. 

Fresh Air

Water, CO2, and Light. These three elements are keen to grow a green crop and They must be important as well as needed. Same way Marijuana uses these three elements for circulation and production of sugar and oxygen. To produce sugar and oxygen, Marijuana intakes carbon dioxide. 

As we have seen the Airtight environment, This close environment also gives the 350ppm amount of carbon dioxide. But when it needs more Co2 then is there any other option? Yes, Fresh air. From fresh air, it intakes oxygen and all other required elements. 

Use a small ventilation system so air can easily circulate. Marijuana takes the required intake from fresh air. There are many options to create Air circulation like you can create a small hole where air can continuously flow, Use Co2 regulator and tank, and Use air extractor. 

Air Extraction

As we have seen Air Circulation is a must to create oxygen and sugar which helps to grow Marijuana Plants. When it comes to a close environment, Then lamps can create a lot of heat in the closed environment. But Too much heat is also harmful to plants So, Somehow you need to remove the heat from Grow room.

How To Setup A Low Budget Grow Room? 2

To remove heat and balance the temperature, the Air extraction process is a good option to use. Using Air extractor with the filter will get a better result in removing heat form Grow room. 

A benefit to using Air extraction with filter is it won’t create a stinky environment in grow room. It doesn’t let the Marijuana smell expose into the air. 

Air Distribution

To grow all plants properly, you need a proper air distribution in grow room. So make sure when you take fresh air from outside, it is properly distributed all over the room. So, every plant gets an equal amount of required air. 

To distribute Air all over the grow room, put a fan on which will circulate the air in the room. It creates ventilation for Air and it also creates a circulation of air in and out of the room. 

When you are doing proper Air Distribution in the Grow Room, it creates a balanced temperature and flows which is necessary for carbon dioxide. 


When it comes to the light distribution, As we know plant needs 12 to 18 hours of light during the Vegetative stage and Flowering Phase. Heating should be consistent between 64°C and 84°C. It means that Temperature should not cool down under 64°C and should not exceed more than 84°C. 

We have seen the extractor aspect which requires to run for a whole night to maintain Temperature. You need to Create a ventilation portion in the grow room. More heat and More coldness affect Marijuana plants. 

Reflective Walls

Reflective Walls maintain a suitable environment and growing light coverage. So Reflective walls are important in increasing growing space.

In the Market, you can choose a high duty silver strap for reflective walls which is recommended by Mylar. It reflects the light when the lamp is on and creates a more growing space. 

Silver traps reflective material is expensive than black and white plastic films. When lamps are turned on, it reflects 99% of light than black and white plastic films. It can hide dirt, can be used as a waterproof material and it is costly but durable. You don’t need to replace silver traps more frequently. 

Waterproof Flooring

Humidity in the air is a must. But when you put water in the pots of plant, it will leak out some water. It is used to create a moisturization in the air by spraying water. It is needed to maintain Air humidity in the grow room.  

So, To avoid water mess in the grow room waterproof flooring is used. You can use nonporous white plastic to make waterproof flooring in the green room. With the use of this, it prevents ailments in Marijuana. It is easy to clean dead leaves. You can get altogether this garbage and clean it within the seconds. For waterproof and cleaning the garbage you can use this plastic rack. 

Grow Tents

Grow Tent is used by those people who want to grow Marijuana in indoor places. By using grow tents you can make a Grow room easily. 

Grow Tents can be used for multipurpose.  It comes up with the Airtight, Lightproof and Waterproof Features. By zipping you can make it Airtight and you can preserve the internal environment of plants.

How To Setup A Low Budget Grow Room? 3

Not only it is used for this purpose but can also be used as an Air Exhauster. Grow Tents comes up with the holes where Air can circulate properly. Through this hole, Fresh air can come in and it also removes heat from the environment and the internal side is reflective. 

Those who want to attach lamps inside the tents can easily do it. Easily and quickly you can set up a Grow Tents. If you want to purchase a Lamp to put it inside the tent, Then it is available and the market value is in the range of the $60 to $100. You can place it anywhere in the house, you will also get optimum yields from the Grow Tents. 

Cheap Grow Gear

Now you must be clear with all the requirement if you want to create a grow room and what kind of environment it needs. 

After the environment stage, you will need devices and equipment. The environment is essential but the equipment is more essential to set up the grow room. Plants Yield depends on the equipment set up and how it works. 

By using the equipment in grow room you can control everything in the room. You can measure and control room environment. It is costly but for a one-time investment, you can choose equipment. We will go through some equipment, it is not necessary to integrate all of them. But as per your requirement, you can purchase it. 


Reflector creates a wide range of light area and creates a large growing space. When you start the LED Lights, Then on the plants, it needs to spread down all over the room. So, When you put the reflective walls and turn on the LED lights it needs to spread directly all over on the plants. 

By using reflector you don’t need to purchase more LED to spread more light. Install reflectors, Turn on the light, and see the effect. It will reflect 99% of light by walls. When light rays hit the reflection portion, it will be redirected on the plants. Silver traps are the material to build to reflective walls. 


We have seen lightproof is required when it comes to darkness as well as lightness. Also, Heating is an important matter. You will get better treatment and it also gives you maximum yields at the time of the harvest. 

The recommended lamp is HPS Lamps. During Flowering Phase, you can install 600-Watt lamps every 13 square feet. When it comes to vegetative phase, you can use 400-Watt lamps every 13 square feet. 

HPS Lamps, LED Lamps, and Fluorescent Lamps work well for lighting in the Grow Room. HPS lamps as we have seen is recommended. LED lamps are costly but it is durable if you have a distant Vision then it is worth an investment. The fluorescent lamp is cheap then both LED and HPS. Also, it works well in emitting light. 

Let’s See The Importance Of These Three Lamps: 

LED Lamps: LED Lights helps to grow phases of the Marijuana plants. It emits the UV lights with the combination of the red and blue light. It emits the lights on the right area of the plants. Plants get efficient energy from LED Lights.

It is said to be an Ideal Light when plants go through into a flowering phase. LED lights are the most durable. If you need high energy all the time then it is worth investing in LED lights. 

Fluorescent Lamps: Fluorescent lamps are important in the vegetative phase of the plant. Because it emits a little bit of heat. It doesn’t cover the whole UV light phase, So it is not suitable in the flowering phase.

If you want cheap lamps among these three lamps then go for Fluorescent lamps. 100 Watts lamps are capable to produce one-ounce weed. 

HPS Lamps: It covers full UV rays spectrum. So, it is ideal for both flowering and vegetative phase of the plant. It covers full UV Spectrum that’s why it emits high energy. this Lamp needs a more powerful function to run.

It is not s long-lasting Lamp. If you want speedy growth for Marijuana then HPS lamps are suitable for grow room. 100 Watts of HPS lamps produce three-ounce weed in the grow room. 


When more heat is generated by the Lamps then it is necessary to control or remove the Heat. You can remove lamp generated heat by using Air Extractor. So By doing this, you can maintain the internal temperature of the Grow room. 

How To Setup A Low Budget Grow Room? 4

Another option to control heat is the use of a ballast. It will dim the light of the lamps. You can use ballast with 660-Watt and 400-Watt Lamps. Some lamps are integrated with the ballast system in it. Well, for some lamps you need to integrate externally. 

When you want to purchase a light system for your Grow room. You can try to purchase Light Reflector and Ballast, As it is feasible for you. When you purchase a complete light system, you can save more money. 

Air Extractor

Extractor with the insulated box is the best choice. When it is attached to the room then it creates a loud noise. There is only one fan when it comes without the insulated box. It is also used to clear unnecessary energy by Lamp. It is required equipment to maintain a universal and uniform Temperature. 

Not only does it control the Temperature but it also prevents the Marijuana smell spreading from getting out. When you put the extractor, The Air will circulate through that air extractor only. 

In the Market, Air Extractor is integrated with the carbon filter, so it gives you fresh air. 

Time Switch

We have seen all the light cycle for plants. 18 hours of light is needed in the Vegetative Period while 12 hours lightness is required in the flowering period. 

When you use Time Switch, Once you are completed with its integration on the various period. Then you can forget about light and dark timings. Set the timing and it will automatically turn on and off when it is Time. 

So. you don’t need to Turn On and Off manually. It will work Automatically. 

Carbon filter

When Marijuana plants are stinking then you need to control the smell. By carbon filter, you can remove that kind of smells of Marijuana plants. 

Some of the air extractors come up with the carbon filter while some are Not. If it is not integrated then you can also add it externally. By the use of carbon filter, The smell of the Marijuana is totally Neutralized.

The carbon filter can be used for a long period of time. You can replace it with every six harvests of Marijuana. When The room humidity is higher, Then it decreases the life span of the carbon filter. The carbon filter is affected above 80% of the humidity. 

Controller with thermostat

It controls air extraction. When light is turned on it will spread out more air through the extractor. But when light is turned off then the air flows slowly. If you install thermostat controller then you can control the air extraction. 

Controller with the thermostat knows how much air is needed to circulate in the Room. It runs exactly as per need. It takes full control when it is integrated with the air extractor. 

For example, above 75 Fahrenheit it will run for 25% speed. But when the temperature is high then it will run at 75%. So the temperature cools down automatically and it will low down to 25%.


A Hygrometer is used to check humidity. It checks the overall humidity in the grow room. You can purchase a Hygrometer with analog and digital meter. The meter which records all humidity record is good for your grow room. So, by checking the Humidity results, you can control the humidity of your grow room. 


Temperature is important key factor in grow room. So, the thermometer is important to check the temperature regularly. The thermometer is available with digital as well as the analog screen. It also stores the results of the room Temperature and keeps updated you to.

The thermometer is a cheap device if you want to purchase it for grow room inside your home. 

The Digital Thermometer is suitable for you because it keeps a record of the previous temperature so you can easily control according to it. It is attached with the wire and you can also use it at night time. it is easy to operate Just plugin and check the Temperature. 

To check both humidity and temperature in one meter, you have the option to Purchase a combo meter which is feasible in terms of cost. 

Water Tank

The nutrient solution is the best for the growing of the plants and makes it use a water tank in the grow room. It needs to keep it at a uniform temperature so you can store a nutrient solution for a few days. it can be used for 5 gallons per days for 600-watt lamps in the grow room. 

Watering Can or Pump

To grow the plants, watering is necessary and the watering can be used for it. You can connect watering can or pump with time switch so it can adjust the watering flow in the grow room automatically.

In plants, For three 600-watt lamps, you can use one pump for it. As a grower, you can manage Hydroponics operations in the soil of plants. At that time you need to connect time switch with a pump. 

Air Intake

Marijuana plants need a complete supply of carbon dioxide, so it needs fresh air to maintain a flow of carbon dioxide. The air intake is a device which keeps the flow of the fresh air in the grow room. 

Choose Air intake device wisely. Because with air intake, you need a fan with half of the capacity of an air extractor. If this capacity is not maintained then it will flood the air outside the area.

Rotating Fan

Adjust the rotating fan between the plant and the lamp. When the fan starts rotating it will create a mixed environment of a hot and cold environment of air. A mixture of hot and cold air is important and ideal for the grow room environment. 

pH Meter

When you have added the nutrients in the water, The grower makes sure that there is a lower pH value of the water in the grow room soil. To check pH in the soil you need a pH meter. pH meter accurately shows you the pH level. 

EC Meter

To check the levels of the minerals and nutrients inside the water you need an EC meter. Before you start using it on crop it is beneficial to check nutrients and minerals level. 

If you don’t want to buy a different device to check pH and EC. then combi-meter of both is available in the market which checks pH, EC, and Temperature. All in one, and it is also cheap as well. 

When you try to grow Marijuana at home then here are some tips for you regarding Watering, Co2, and Climate. 

So let’s see how it affect the growth of the plants and what should you do to maintain the Climate, Water, and Co2. 


Temperature is an essential factor to grow Marijuana Plants. The lower level of the temperature should not be beyond 64 Fahrenheit and a higher level of the temperature should not exceed more than 86 Fahrenheit.  As suggested you need to maintain 77 Fahrenheit, which is the ideal temperature of the grow room. 

If you want to install HPS lights in the Grow room then make sure that it is not installing more than 48” X 48” X 80” closet. Because HPS lights emit high energy and create a high level of Temperature in the grow room.

When you put HPS without any ventilation then the temperature will pick up around 125 Fahrenheit. If you use more space than this temperature does not create any problem but if you install HPS in smaller space then it creates a problem like burning of plants and other problems which affect the growth of the plant. 

When you use reflective foil to create more heat in the grow room, use aluminum foil which creates low temperature and useful environment in the grow room. Mylar Foil is more expensive than aluminum foil. So, you need to be more precise when you want to buy cheap things for your grow room. 

You can set up a homemade hydroponics system in grow room so, it directly cuts the cost of Air inhaler, Air extractor, Watering pump, and Watering jug. 


We must regulate Water pH when you moisturize the soil for the growth of the plant. So you can use regular tap and municipal water for watering plants. Professional growers recommended the water pH between 5.5 and 6.5 pH. Where we must maintain the EC between 1.8 and 2.2.

You must have to test the pH and EC by pH meter and EC meter. It is ok to use regular tap water. While growing phase you can also use nitrogen because it helps during the flowering phase of the plant. 


As we all know that Fresh air flow must be regulated in the grow room. By using fresh air Marijuana plants work to create CO2 and sugar which help them to grow. All green plants use light energy from water to make Sugar and CO2. With the Photosynthesis process, they are able to produce sugar and carbon dioxide.

Another option is the CO2 tank. To regulate the flow of the carbon dioxide you can install one CO2 tank which provides the CO2 when plants need it. Co2 Tank must have ventilation area because it needs to provide fresh air in the room and flow out unnecessary heat air from grow room. For exhausting of the air from grow room you can adjust a fan between room and ventilation area. 

Few Last Words

you need to take care of the above points while you want to set up grow room in your home to grow Marijuana Plants. The environment is one of the basic things which plants need.

Use equipment wisely so it won’t create a costly grow room. Everything above can be possible by anyone, you need to just follow the instructions.