How to Clone Cannabis Plants? – A Complete Guide 2023

Clone Cannabis Plants
Clone Cannabis Plants

How to Clone Cannabis Plants? – A Complete Guide 2023

You’ve probably come across the term “Cannabinoid Clone” as just a Marijuana Farmer. By utilizing seedlings, growers are aware of the weed-growing cycle. Clone Crops, on the other hand, may be used to create new Houseplants.

Weed Growing with Clone Cannabis Plants differs differently from Crop Growth using Gardening Supplies. When you aren’t skilled with duplicating pot plants, then must undertake several measures.

How to Clone Cannabis Plants?

Here You will get step by step instruction guide to clone cannabis plants. Before How to Clone Cannabis Plan, Further, we are going to tell you what is the cloning process.

As you all know you can grow Marijuana Plants With Seeds as well as Cloning Process. Using seeds, plants undergo the Process of Sexual Reproduction, where the Pollination Process creates Seeds. While in the Cloning Process, An asexual reproduction process takes place to grow Marijuana Plants.

How to Clone Cannabis Plants? – A Complete Guide 2023 1

Like a seed-growing Process, The cloning process is also simple. But you must have an eye to pick up the right plant to clone cannabis plants.

You have to select the perfect cloning plant and give it the nutrients and a suitable environment (Same as when you start growing Marijuana from seeds). This thing is so simple about how cloning can be done to grow cannabis.

Both Beginner Weed Growers and Professional Weed Growers can be able to use the cloning process to grow Marijuana Plants. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced, you have to choose the proper sample to grow a cannabis plant.

That’s it, this is the simple process of cloning a cannabis plant. Now we should move on to the next porting which equipment do you need to clone cannabis plants?

You Must Have These Necessary Things To Clone Cannabis Plants 

  • First, you must have a sample of the Cannabis mother plant. Your mother plant quality depends on the quality of the grown cannabis so you must choose wisely or purchase it from the market.
  • You have to cut the mother plant. So take one high-quality scissor and a Sharp razor as Sharp Scissors are acceptable for mother plant cutting.
  • You will need a Tray of Cubes or independent Cubes. Cubes are required to put the clone plants in it. Instead of Starter Cubes, You can use Rockwool, Peat pellets, or Rapid Rooters.
  • Grow lights and medium-intensity lights are needed. Too mild and too strong lights might affect the growing of the plants. You can choose the best and most affordable grow lights from the market.
  • Cloning gel or powder, you can go ahead with either one of them.
  • Cloning Tray.
  • Water Sprayer or Mister.
  • Humidity Dome to set a uniform environment for Marijuana Plants.
  • Plastic Containers or Buckets.

These all equipment are readily available in the market and at affordable prices. You can find some of them in your home. If you have tried to grow Marijuana in Grow Rooearlier, en you must have this necessary equipment. With this equipment, you can start the procedure to clone the cannabis plant.

The following steps will help you to grow a marijuana plant with the cloning process. 

Step – 1: You must have a quality mother plant

As you know the mother plant is the heart of the cloning process. With a Better and Healthy Mother Plant, you will get a Better Marijuana Plant. So you can start the drill to find a quality mother plant.

How to Clone Cannabis Plants? – A Complete Guide 2023 2

The cloning process must be Sterile, So you should start searching for a disinfected and clean mother plant because the cloning process will be Healthy when the mother plant is not infectious or pure. To Plant Marijuana, You must make sure the mother plant is without any infections or contaminants.

Finding a clean and quality mother plant is just one of the primary processes that must follow. Next, you need to check which Plant is ready to be cloned. Healthy and Strong plants are beneficial to clone. Preferable plants must grow for about two 2 months in the VEG Growth Stage.

Now check for the plant leaves,  See if that the cannabis plants’ leaves must not stick together. The Stems of the Plant must be adjusted in the way of an alternative. When you check and clear these two checkpoints,n your mother plant is ready to clone.

Step – 2: Cutting Process While Cloning

The cutting process is delicate when you try to cut the clone plant. You are ready with the Mother Plant That is a good thing, but now you need to cut the sample plant carefully.

Before you start to cut the sample, you need to read the following tips. Follow these tips and become a clone-cutting expert.

  • Before you start to cut the clone plant, you need to take out fertilizers from the mother plants. Select the date for engraving and make sure before some days of the cutting, you need to stop giving the fertilizers to the mother plant.
  • This Process wPrprocesse the mother plant in fast Vegetative Growth. When you separate the plants from fertilizers, it starts the procedure of removing nitrogen from the Plant and Marijuana leaves. So plants and leaves begin to focus on the development of roots.
  • When you cut the sample, Put this cut sample in water. This trick will prevent the mother plant from bubbles forming on the stem of the Marijuana Plants.
  • Cut the clone at 45-degree. Make sure to maintain the cutting angle of 45 degrees while cutting. The logic behind cutting it at 45 degrees is it covers a maximum area for the rooting process.
  • As you cut the stem, make sure to put it in the gel or the powder to cover up the root airways.
  • Check for the vital area of the stem and the lower branch of the plants. Check Which site is extreme, Thick, and Healthy in limbs.
  • The environment is an essential factor in the cutting process of the clone. So check whether the domain is sterilized and not disturbing the Plant while cloning.

Well, This is it. Now you are ready to cut the Plant.

Cut the stem in the 45-degree, and you know what to do next. Put this cutting stem into the water.

How to Clone Cannabis Plants? – A Complete Guide 2023 3

Remove unnecessary leaves from the mother plant, yes, we didn’t need those Extra Leaves.

Don’t remove too many leaves from the Plant because you also have to leave the Plant for photosynthesis.

Reducing these extra and unnecessary leaves help other leaves to get enough nutrition.

Step – 3: Medium, Where should you put Cloned Mother?

For cutting clone plantations you need a strong medium where your Plant needs a uniform environment to grow up.

After Cutting and Plantation, Mother plants need more Humidity and light for 18 hours daily. So, Adjust this kind of environment according to it. For that, you have to choose various methods for root development and growth. The below rooting medium is wildly used. This medium is set accordingly to the environment that the mother plant needs.


Soil is the most critical rooting medium. In horticulture, the soil is the medium the cloning plants need to grow.

While using soil, you need to follow a simple procedure for plantation. Select the ground which has Minimum Nutrients. Plant it there and keep watering to maintain Humidity.

As Plant needs you to maintain more Humidity. Watering the soil is the best possible way to do it.


To break out the root you have to keep watering the Plant. Suppose you have cloned the Plant in the cubes, so to make it grow fast you need to keep pouring water.

This Process process is medium simple. You don’t need any nutrients for rooting. Simply just keep watering the Plant.


Rockwool is a readily available rooting medium for use and you can purchase it online too. It also has a cheap price. When you start cloning and you have planted it successfully, then Rockwool is very useful.

Rockwool is a very good medium to retain water. So, it maintains more moisture in the rooting medium. Also, it gives a good flow of air.

These are the rooting medium. You have to maintain these mediums according to your place and environment. Check your background and determine which setting is suitable for the cloning process.

First, you need to maintain an environment that is suitable for the cloning cannabis plant and then move further to choose the root medium.

Step – 4: Transplanting

You have placed the Plant successfully in the rooting medium and you need to take care of the Plant. Then it starts the procedure of growing roots naturally.

Once you see the root in the cloning cannabis plant, then you have to transplant them, for transplanting you have to choose a rooting medium. It starts to grow quite speedy in vegetative growth. Select a suitable kind of soil and begin the plantation of your cloning plant.

Cautions are that you need to choose a sterilized medium where you can keep Watering the Plant. We must create an environment that won’t hurt the cannabis plant.

The container is the medium you can choose in the transplanting process—the process of transplanting the cloning rooting Plant in the container.

So you have to choose a big enough container where you can put the cloning plants in a row. The water can stay there for a long time to maintain enough moisture when you plant the clone plant in the container with the water. You need to take care of its root, it should not be exposed to air. The root must be hidden entirely in the container.

After cutting cloning cannabis plants, Transplanting becomes very Tricky and you need to take care of it properly.

Step – 5: Give Proper Care After Transplanting

What if we stop eating food and drinking water? We Can Die, Right? The same thing will happen with the cannabis plant. They will die if you are lazy to care about the cannabis plant after Transplantation.

This Process aPrprocesse very simple. You just have to look out for plants regularly. You have to check that Plant has medium Humidity and a suitable soil environment.

How to Clone Cannabis Plants? – A Complete Guide 2023 4

As we know, Humidity is the most critical factor, so you can take a water sprayer to Maintain Humidity. You have to use this sprayer at certain times of the day. This thing makes better humidity soil and it keeps the leaves of the cannabis plant fresh.

First few days, leaves consume the water from the root if you choose the container medium. The same thing happens, and vice versa; they take water from the leaves before the development of the heart.

Add slightly light nutrients to the water sprayer. Mild nutrients give extra benefits while growing the plants. But the nutrients must be in control. An overdose of nutrients spread out can create a problem in growth.

Now let’s move on to the Environment Temperature. Cloning Plants love Warmer Places where they grow better. So set the temperature between 64ando and 82 Fahrenheit but ideally, it is 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Grow Lights in the vegetative stage need to emit 16 hours of light. The flowering phase, needs 12 hours in the morning. Use grow light to give enough lighting in the grow room. If you are growing cannabis plants outdoors,n you are dependent on the sunlight.

But at the start of the cloning, giving them lighting is unnecessary. First, for two or three days put cloning cannabis plants in darkness. Then start providing soft lights to the plants. Low-intensity light is recommended.

What happened if you give high-intensity lighting to the cloning plants? It turns out. Yes, cloning plants will start to burn out.

And then grow Process oProcesslantation will stop. Eventually, clones will be fragile before they growth. To avoid this problem you have to use low-intensity bulbs. CFL and LED lights are suitable in that lighting slot.

LED light spectrum can also be used. But keep a distance from the Plant. 30 inches away from the plants is recommended by the growers.

Timing of lighting on and off is necessary. You can put the lights on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours. Lightness associated with darkness is needed.

This Five stages must have defined what is the cloning process of the cannabis plant. From start to end you need to choose the right things. It is easy if you are doing it with proper care.

Further, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the cloning process of the cannabis plant.

Advantages of Cloning Cannabis

  • It is a cheap method. You don’t need any expensive device or breed of seed to grow weed.
  • Weed Plants are more sustainable if you grow using the cloning process. 
  • If you have found these plants give the best outcome for the weed then you can create a replica of that Plant. How? Create plants as the mother plant and start growing.
  • Weed plants are more stable if you grow using the cloning process.
  • When you grow weed from the new Plant, which is successive to the old one, then you won’t find any difference between them. When you smoke it, you will meet with the same taste.
  • From a single high-harvesting plant you can create more plants like it for free.
  • As compared to seeds growing, the growth of the Plant is faster.
  • By cloning, you can maintain the same taste, aroma, flavor, and cannabinoid throughout the cloning.
  • Once you get the mother plant and can grow it better, you can create a mother plant replica from it like the master mother plant.
  • On Cannabis lifetime cloning can be done at the same stage.
  • You can almost get a female plant from its cloning cannabis plant.
  • In no time, you can get many free plants from the Cloning cannabis plant.

Disadvantages of Cloning Cannabis

  • Taking care looks simple, but you must maintain it carefully, especially when you clone from the mother plant.
  • Genetically, you can clone a plant from the clone plant. But you need to grow this Plant from it carefully.
  • Cloning is not for everyone. Sometimes you will get high narcotics from the cloned plants. This is not for all. Seeds give you much more strain than cloning.
  • If you clone the Plant from the mother plant, in return, you will get the same diseases from the mother plant. So you need to take care of pests.
  • Interestingly, your cloning part is growing like the mother plant, So if you choose a faulty mother plant, it will give you a defective Plant, and it will be the same for a healthy plant.
  • You need to protect yourself from sunlight and proper nutrients. If you don’t maintain then plants will probably die.
  • Unhealthy clones will die quickly.


This is how the cloning of cannabis plants is done. The cloning process is not rocket science, it is a pocket-friendly weed-growing method. Every method has some advantages and disadvantages so it’s ok to go with cloning if it gives you efficiency. If you are habitual with the same Taste, Aroma, and Feel with that Marijuana Plants, Then you should go for cloning.