Best 4×4 Grow Tents Reviews – 4×4 Portable Grow Rooms buying guides

VIVOSUN 48x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 4 x4
VIVOSUN 48x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 4 x4

Best 4×4 Grow Tents Reviews – Best 4×4 Portable Grow Rooms Buying Guides

Grow tents are useful when you are planning to grow Marijuana in indoor places. This is the safest way to cultivate Marijuana Plants in indoor places. It helps to grow the Marijuana Plants in an enclosed environment and pushes them to thrive in the various Marijuana Grow Stages.

Generally, Grow Tent material is tear-proof and standard. So the external environment won’t disturb the Grow Tent at all. They give the best material that you need, including the integration point for the Ventilation and LED lighting system.

Also, The Canvas is a heavy material of High Quality, So the material is Lightproof. Including many entry points and equipment, Grow Tent is useful for many Growers to perform operations well during various growth stages.

Best Grow Tent For Growing Marijuana

Grow Tent is fixed with a material like a Metal Pole which gives the strength to fix the tent with High-Quality Canvas. Canvas can be attached along with the Metalic Pole. So in this way, Your grow tent is ready for the cultivation of Marijuana Seeds.

Now Is The Right Time To Select The Best Grow Tent To Grow Marijuana Plants In Indoor Place.

1. HydroPlanet 48X24X60 Mylar Hydroponic 600D

HydroPlanet is the Best Grow Tent Available in 4X4 feet size. You can quickly assemble all the parts of the Hydroplanet build tent. When you can comfortably unpack the grow tent, and also assemble it faster in your indoor setup place.

Hydroplanet 48x24x60 Mylar Hydroponic 600D Extra-Thick Canvas Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing
Hydroplane 48x24x60 Mylar Hydroponic 600D Extra-Thick Canvas Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

While Including Strengthen Heavy Poles, It gives you the easiest way to assemble it. It is also easy when you have to install other equipment in this Grow Tent. Once you fix all things accurately then you don’t have to look back while thinking about Whether fans are working or not, the LED lights will give proper spectrum or not. It will surely work if you Purchase HydroPlanet Grow Tent.

Internal Cloth Material is specifically designed and engineered for maximum heat and light control.

The Poles have enough strength, It backs up hard when you install various equipment like Lights, Ventilator Fans, and Carbon Filters.

Canvas Material is made up of Tearproof Mylar Material. In this material light, the reflection rate is 100%. So it gives you a proper reflection, in the end, you will save a lot of money on Electricity Bills.

It will also help you to increase the yields of Marijuana Plants. you can use this Grow Tent for Growing Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs also.

If one type of crop is done now, and you want to cultivate another new brand of seeds in the season. Then you can wash the tent and reset it up like a new tent. Yes, Grow Tent Canvas is washable. You can wash both sides of the Canvas, Inside and Outside. You have a Two-Color Choice in the Grow Tent Canvas which is black and blue.

Additionally, you will get a full product warranty for two years from the Manufacturing Side. If any problem occurs, Then you can file a complaint or if you need any help the customer support team is there to guide you. They will listen to your Question/Complain and according to the list of a number, they will give you a Ticket ID.

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2. power 48″x48″x78″ 4’x4′ Hydroponic Myler Grow Tent

The size of the iPower Grow tent must be known Now. Yes, As per the title of the product iPower gives you a 48” X48” X 78” grow tent size.

This Grow Tent is suitable for indoor places. For those who are just taking the first step in Marijuana Growing. This Growing tent is helpful for them. Professional growers know all the things so they might not need them but for beginners, a Grow Tent is the best to cultivate Marijuana Plants.

iPower GLTENTM1 48x48x78 4x4 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Observation W, Black and Silver
iPower GLTENTM1 48x48x78 4×4 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Observation W, Black, and Silver

iPower gives you the best grow tent in terms of design and quality of the product. Grow tent material comes with the properties like Energy-Saving, 95% Reflective and Tear-Proof, Heavy-Duty Zippers to close the Grow Tent, and Canvas is 99% sealed with Lightproof and Mylar with double stretching.

For growing Marijuana Plants, You need LED lights if you plant them in indoor places. You are misunderstanding if you think Lights are the behind increasing the electricity bills. Because the tent is sealed with 95% Mylar Proof Material.

So it gives the Same Kind of Reflection Everywhere. So it also helps to increase heat and lighting when Marijuana Plants need it and another benefit is it saves lots of Electrical Energy.

For Ventilation purposes, It gives you proper double-layer ventilation ducting holes. There you can set up Exhaust Fans and Activated Carbon Filters. From ventilation windows, your Grow Tent remains within the limit. It means that it controls the humidity inside the grow tent.

Poles give more strength to the grow tent. Metal poles can handle at least 110 lbs and connectors. Well, the corners also provide the best strength to Grow a Tent after assembling.

Tent windows are covered with Transparent Material which helps you to monitor plants from the outside. These covers are removable too. So you don’t need to open it when you want to check plants.

The Grow Tent gives you one tool bag inside it so that you can put various meters and monitors into it. Mylar is a washable and water resistant Material, So the outside environment can not hurt the inside environment.

For ventilation purposes and to remove heat from the tent, the Company gives you a double layer of ventilation ducting holes. The ventilation windows are also removable, Just uncover the Transparent Cover that can also be your other ventilation point.

If you do not know how to install and assemble the grow tent, then you can take an appointment with the company person. They will provide you with a free installation service, and one thing you shall remember is that it gives you a one-year Manufacture Side Warranty.

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3. VIVOSUN 48” X48” X80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

When you are buying a Cannabis Indoor System, then you have to maintain all the conditions by yourself. Humidity, Temperature, and Lights are needed to be taken care of in such indoor conditions. So VIVOSUN gives you a perfect Grow Tent in which you can maintain all of these factors.

VIVOSUN 48x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 4 x4
VIVOSUN 48x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing four x4

In VIVOSUN they give you an instruction manual too. Referring to it, you can set up an environment that is comfortable to Grow Marijuana. They give you cords and ports to adjust the equipment which creates a perfect Grow Tent.

Also, it gives you some sort of instructions before you are going to set it up. Read the instructions which will help you to set it up more comfortably and faster.

VIVOSUN provides you with Tent blocks, These Tents Blocks will help you in lighting reflection. These blocks give you 98% of the lighting reflection. Reflection of lights will help you in Energy-Saving and Increasing the growth of yields in the plants.

In the Canvas of the Grow Tent, They use a 600D Canvas Material which is tear-proof. So the leaking problem is solved using this material. Another Double Stitched canvas gives it more strength and the blocking material prevents external lights.

Canvas Thickness is 0.8 mm which gives the perfect and strong support to the metal poles when you are going to set up the Grow Tent. At that time poles need to be more strong. You can quickly and smoothly install the Grow Tent using these poles without any extra tools.

Only one thing is Worrisome and that is the zippers of the Tent. Well, A Little Less Strength is acceptable but it gives you low-quality zippers with the Tent. So, Another option is to purchase heavy-duty zippers from the market and then integrate them with the growing tent.

Some suggestions regarding the zips. While you are going to unzip or zip the grow tent do it carefully. Smoothly open and close the observation window. This will help survive your Grow tent Zip.

You have a 2-year warranty for the grow tent and customer service is always on their toe to help you.

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4. Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Which factor gives strength to the Apollo Horticulture Mylar?

Apollo Horticulture is far better durable as compared to another similar budget Grow Tent. First, it is stitched double side So the Lighting from the outside is zero.

They use heavy-duty zippers in the grow tent. This Operation and equipment provide Strength, Long-Lasting, and Durability to the grow tent.

Apollo Horticulture 48x48x80Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing
Apollo Horticulture 48x48x80Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

To make a stable grow tent, you need to ensure a better pole quality which helps to provide better stability while you assemble the grow tent.

This grow tent gives you a service against pests from getting in the room. it also drives bad odor away from the tent. The thick Tent Material used will help you in many ways, not only in robustness.

Lights are the most important factor in any grow tent when you cultivate any crop. For outdoor growing, The sun always provides you with lighting, The same thing you have to maintain in your grow room.

Removable reflective mylar will help you in the reflection of the LED lights. This material is 100% reflective and tear-proof, So it saves Both Energy and Electricity for you. It gives you a port to Install LED Lighting Equipment.

This Grow Tent will help you to maintain heat and lighting. At that maintained Temperature, you can cultivate the plants or seeds of vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers.

This thing helps you to build a better grow tent, but use an instruction manual if you are not used to the grow tent before. All things Specify in the starting kit manual like how to set up hydroponics and other equipment with the Grow Tent.

According to the Manual, Follow Directions and Do it step by step so that at the end of the manual you have set up a perfect Grow Tent inside your home.

When it comes to quality, you have seen the materials they have used now. So let’s see about its customer service. They give you excellent services in terms of installation and Throughout services.

On Product Purchase, the company provides you with a 90 days warranty. When you are not satisfied with the product, then you can return the product. With this feature, you can return the product and they will send you money back within 30 days.

What Will You Get In The Package Of The Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent?

  • Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Double Stitching on Canvas, helps to prevent outside lights from entering the grow tent.
  • One Removable Mylar Floor Tray
  • 100% Tear Proof Mylar, So No Leakage problem Now.
  • The size of the Tent is 48” X 48” X 80”
  • 2 Filter Straps are Available
  • Instruction Manual helps you assemble and disassemble the grow tent with equipment.

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5. CoolGrows 2X2X4 Feet Small Indoor Myla Hydroponics Grow Tent

We have seen all the factors but the first thing you have to check is the durability of the Grow Tent. CoolGrows Grow Tent focuses on the durability of the grow tent. So, What makes the CoolGrows Tent Durable?

CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent
CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

They give you metal bars and metal connectors. These give a strong base to the grow tent. You can set up these connectors easily with each other. These things provide solidity to the grow tent and then it moves on to the tent canvas material. It uses a 600D material that is Double Stitched and tear-proof. The Material is 99% Light-proof and sealed with the unit.

In any grow tent, a Ventilation system window is always essential for taking fresh air for the Marijuana Plants. It also removes Heat and Marijuana Odor from the Tent. CoolGrows gives a ventilation window on the front side of the tent. So, These windows are also changeable. You can see plants’ movement from outside the tent without opening the zips. Also, it gives you a white light intensity without LED lights which helps the plants.

In Grow Tent, the Material used is the Mylar Spill Tray which is removable and water-resistant. The Tent is not only for growing Marijuana, but you can also set up a home garden in a Tent. Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs can also grow in the CoolGrow Tent. Hydroponics is the medium used in the CoolGrow Tents for Marijuana Cultivation.

Zippers are easily moveable while opening and closing. The Zip material is all black, so it is lightproof. To make a light-proof zip, They give you Two Nylon Hanging Straps with zip handles.

The warranty period of the CoolGrows Grow tent is about One year. In such a long span of the Warranty Time, you will get a Soft and Warm Response from the customer support team.

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6. power 32″x32″x 63″ Hydroponic Myler Grow Tent

We have seen 48” X 48” X 78” iPower Grow tents, If you don’t need this size Tent then this iPower 32” X32” X63” medium-size tent is a better option for you.

iPower 32x32x63 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Observation Window, Tool Bag and Floor Tray for Grow Light and Indoor Plant Growing
iPower 32x32x63 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Observation Window, Tool Bag, and Floor Tray for Grow Light and Indoor Plant Growing

iPower Grow Tent is made with a lightproof material. 99% of lightproof material is used in iPower Mylar Grow Tent. To make a more stable and give a more secure strength, a Grow tent comes with assembling parts of the Metal Poles. These heavy-duty metal poles handle around 110 lbs in weight.

iPower grow tent comes with Heavy-Duty Zippers and Double Stitchings where heavy-duty zippers give you lightproof and extra protection while opening and closing. While Double-stitched Material makes more strong iPower Grow Tent.

Double-Stitch will provide you protection from outside light in the grow tent. In the end, Heavy-Duty Zippers and Double Stitching make the Grow Tent more Durable and long-lasting. Place this tent in a safe place, and all of these things will make a Stronger and more Durable iPower Grow Tent.

Mylar material is tear-proof, so there is no leakage problem as the Interior side of the material is 95% reflective. It saves energy and makes a discountable light bill. It reflects up to 97% of the light intensity from the LED Lights.

So these reflective heat and Light will help the Plants, Vegetables, and Herbs. Also, This light heat will burn the pests which remain under the Grow Tent, and It prevents Marijuana Odor.

Grow Tent Zips are Heavy Duty and easy to open and close. It has an observation window, which gives you an outlook from outside of the tent.

Also, It is integrated with the Toolbox where you can store small tools and accessories. Whenever you need the tools, It will give you a handy use of the tools.

It gives you a one-year product warranty on the iPower Mylar Grow Tent. For handling and installation, you can contact the customer support team.

iPower Tent What Will You Get When You Unpack It?

  • 1 Water-Resistance Removable Mylar Floor Tray. Using this Tray you can easily clean the grow tent.
  • 2 Filter Straps
  • 1 iPower 32″ x 32″ x 63″  Myler Grow Tent
  • Instruction manual, you can use for assembling and how to set up other accessories like an inline fan for Ventilation and LED lighting.

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7. GROWNEER Mylar 4’X4’ 600D Grow Tent

To give more strength to the Grow tent, there is a 4’X4’ net trellis which gives bearable support to the grow tent. If you have to store heavyweight vegetables and fruits, then this net trellis will provide you with the proper strength to store them. You can fold the net trellis if needed, and you can also stretch it as much as possible.

GROWNEER Mylar 4x 4 600D Grow Tent w Scrog Net, Easy View Window and Floor Tray for Hydroponic Indoor Plant Growing
GROWNEER Mylar 4x four 600D Grow Tent w Scrog Net, Easy View Window, and Floor Tray for Hydroponic Indoor Plant Growing

The canvas of the Grow tent is a 600D material that gives protection and security to the Grow tent. This material is tear-proof so there is no chance of leaking water. The Material is double stitched, So light is not coming from outside. It is perfect for light blocking. Metal poles give extra protection and stability to the canvas and the whole grow tent.

If you want to see plants’ behavior without opening the tent, then you can easily watch from the observation window. Metal zippers used here are heavy-duty. You can Zip and Unzip Smoothly in the Grow Tent.

GROWNEER Gives you a Two Year of warranty on the Grow tent. So You can feel free to ask anything about the Grow Tent and any dissatisfaction you felt with the customer supports. You can also return the product to the company and they will send you all your money back within 30 Days.

What Will You Get In The Package Of GROWNEER Mylar Grow Tent

  • One 48” X 48” X 80” Mylar Grow Tent,
  • One 4’X4’ Net trellis
  • Two Carbon Filter Belts
  • One Removable Floor Tray
  • Instruction Manual.

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8. Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4X4

As compared to other Grow tents, this is about 6 inches taller. But the grow tent height is manageable at this height. Also, They give you extension points and tools.

If you want to extend the height, then you can surely do it with this Grow Tent. So according to the plant growth, you can set up the height of the grow tent.

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT44 Tent
Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT44 Tent

Using Metal poles, you can increase the height of the grow tent. From 6’ 7” to 7’ 7”, you can vary the height of the grow tent.

The Tent Canvas Material is made from Thick Fabric which gives extra strength as compared to a similar budget grows tent. Thicker material gives extra strength as well as light blocking. It also makes the Tent last longer because of the Grow tent material used. This canvas provides durability and security to the grow tent.

The frame is made from solid metal which is interlocked with the metal connectors. To prevent Bugs and Micromesh, Pre-filters are installed in the Grow Tent.

The Specialty Of The Gorilla Grow Tent Lite:

  • Tightly Reinforces Seals
  • Interlocking Metal Poles
  • Observation Window
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Durable Fabric Material of the Canvas
  • All Steel Frame

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9. Cushion 4X4X6.5 Feet Indoor Hydroponics Mylar Grow Tent Room

The cushion is popular because of its strong metal framing. It gives strong metal bars and metal connectors.

The Tent provides lightproof canvas material. Mylar provides the inline lining which provides 99% of the reflection. You can give any type of LED lighting in return it will provide you with the same reflection intensity of the light. Also, it prevents light from getting out and will provide total blockage.

Oshion 4x4x6.5 FT Indoor Hydroponics Mylar Grow Tent Room
Cushion 4x4x6.5 FT Indoor Hydroponics Mylar Grow Tent Room

The observation window is there for viewing Marijuana Plants from Outside. To check Marijuana Plants you don’t need to unzip the Grow Tent. Like a closet in Zipper, Cushion gives you a privacy flap that offers the security to grow a tent. So, there is no chance of light leakage.

The Speciality Of The Cushion Grow Tent

  • Metal Bars and Connectors are provided for more strength to the frame.
  • Water Resistance Mylar Spill Tray will Help to clean up the Grow Tent
  • Tear Proof 600D material
  • Thick Fabric of the Canvas
  • Smooth access to the Zippers

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10. MELON FARM 4’X4’ Waterproof Hydroponic Grow Tent

MELON FARM gives the waterproof canvas which is reflective while you turn on the LED lights. Indoor Growing, will provide the perfect Tools, Fixtures, and Equipment. Mylar Lining Assistance will give you a 100% lighting reflection in the grow tent.

MELONFARM 2 Pairs Adjustable Heavy Duty Grow Light Rope Clip Hanger for Grow Light Fixtures, 6.6-ft Long & 150lb Capacity
MELON FARM 2 Pairs Adjustable Heavy Duty Grow Light Rope Clip Hanger for Grow Light Fixtures, 6.6-ft Long & 150lb Capacity

Lighting gives the proper Temperature and heat to the plants which helps the plants while growing.

Canvas Material is Double Stitched and Tear-Proof, so it prevents the lights from getting out and outside lights from getting in. Metal Body gives extra security to the Grow Tent and Stability too. Canvas is made up of 600D material which prevents pests and bugs from getting in.

The observation Window is integrated with the Grow tent. It makes a better viewing experience from outside the window. So without opening any of the zip, you can monitor growing plants from the outside.

MELON FARM gives you 20 Months of product warranty. In case of any dissatisfaction you can send back the product and within 30 days you will get your money back in your account.

What Are The Services Of The MELON FARM Grow Tent? 

  • Tear Proof and Toxic-free material
  • Smooth and Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Instruction Manual, you can use it if you are stuck anywhere while Installing. Otherwise, It gives a smooth Installation.
  • Tool Storage Bag

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In this article, We are going to see some best quality grow tent that helps you to Grow Marijuana Plants in indoor places. But before you purchase it, refer to the buying guide. It will help you to select the best out of the Best Grow Tent. Which Factor do you need to check before you buy Grow Tents? The guide will tell you all.

Before The Buying Guide, Refer to the Following Factors in Every Grow Tent when you Select One.

Grow Tent Buying factors

There are various factors that you need to check when you are going to buy Marijuana Plants.

Durability Of Tent

You have to check the Grow Tent Material because the durability of the grow tent depends on the material that is used in the grow tent. Grow Tent Canvas Poles help to support the entire grow tent.

First, check the quality of the Canvas Material used in a Grow Tent. You can refer to a manufacturer’s warranty manual.

All the things are written in it which helps you to know the quality of the material. Or you can read the reviews in the so and so online market which you have preferred for buying.

Height of Grow Tent while Assembling

A very Small and Very Tall grow tent is not useful for Marijuana Tents, why? If you select the kinda small size of tent. The Marijuana plants grow tall at that time you cannot change the whole tent.

In the same way what to do with the extra tall tent? A growing Light Spectrum is Spread in that Void Space. The mid-size growing tent is suitable to grow Marijuana Plants.

The medium size of the tent gives a proper environment and proper nurturing while the growing period. The lighting system spread a continuous lighting spectrum, and also provides a good yield at the time of harvesting.

Size Of The Grow Tent

If you put a healthy amount of money into the grow tent and what if you choose the uncomfortable size of the Grow Tent? Size does matter in terms of indoor place Space, Money, and How many plants you want to grow.

First, check space availability at your house or any indoor place where you want to set up a grow room. Before buying you should check for a seeding that whether the available seeds fit into the grow room.

Also, Planting pots will help you to decide on the Grow tent size. Now let’s move on to an indoor place, where you want to set up a grow tent. If you have a larger space inside your home, then select according to it. Same logic if you have smaller space inside your home.

Grow Tent Design

Here, the Design should be in terms of how the user is familiar with the tent, not for how beautiful this tent is. When you start scrolling to select grow tent. Then there are two main types of grow tents available.

Single Chamber Tent and Multiple Chamber tent. There is also one question which is how many seeds or pots you should have, according to that select grow tent with multiple or single chambers?

Also, Multiple chambers grow tent helps you to develop multiple breeds at a time. Think like in one chamber you have to cultivate Auto flower seeds and another chamber is helpful to cultivate another weed breed. For one type of plant and seed, there is only one chamber required.

Check Cords and Ports

Cords and Ports have carried the burden of the other equipment required to grow Marijuana Plants. When you have selected the size and quality of the grow tent then, last, check the quality of the cords and ducting ports of the grow tents.

Generally, Cords and ports are useful to install LED lights, Vent Fans, and Carbon Filters. Also, To adjust the poles and canvas. Indirectly Cords and ports will help you in quality growth and optimum yields.

When you select a grow tent, then various ports are integrated with the tent. it is different for every single product. That is the reason why you will have to make sure to check all the cords and ports that are present.

One of the most important things that you need to take care of is that you will have to understand all the instructions and details about the grow tent that you are going to buy. So that you will not have any kind of regret after you are going to buy the grow tent. 


By Buying Grow Tent for Marijuana Plant Growing you have passed only one stage. After purchasing Growing Tent you have to buy an inline fan for Ventilation, Soil Medium, Seeds, and LED lights.

Best Grow Tent is available in the market. choose as per your preference. Before buying you can refer to the Guide which helps you to buy a better Grow Tent.

We hope that now you will be able to buy the best 4×4 grow tents. It will be possible for you to get all the essential information about growing tents. The only thing that you will have to do is make sure to go through every product that we mention here.

It will be possible for you to get the best grow tents that are currently available in the market. But make sure to comment below which grow tent you are going to purchase from our list.