What Is Marijuana?

Weed, Herb, Pot, Grass, Bud, Ganja, Mary Jane, and a vast number of other terms are all similar names for Marijuana. Many people living in this world are using marijuana and related abusive drugs to get satisfaction.

That is what makes it one of the most popular and abusive drugs in the world. There is indeed an ever-growing exponential science about marijuana and all the myths that are surrounding it.

Some people will surely think that using marijuana will be safe as several countries allow and legalize it. But there can surely be some things that you will have to consider before using marijuana. 

Well, certainly, your body will not know to differentiate a legal drug from an illegal drug. So many people are claiming that using the marijuana plant is beneficial for health.

While some theories prove it to be incorrect claiming that the consumption of such abusive drugs is a threat to the healthy body. Marijuana can be addictive and that is the reason why most people can not control themselves but use marijuana.

Due to addiction as well as interest, numerous people are growing marijuana plants in their homes. If you do not have any idea about what marijuana is then this article is to help you get a clear idea.


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Marijuana is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis Sativa. The dried flowers, as well as the leaves of the cannabis plant, are what you can call marijuana. The forms of using marijuana may vary from person to person.

Some people are using marijuana to smoke by creating a hand-rolled joint. While some other people are using marijuana in water pipes or as you may know it, Bongs. Several others are using marijuana in blunts that are just the crush of dried leaves of the cannabis plant as cigar wraps. 

Apart from all the things marijuana is useful for, there come its medical and healthy uses. Yes, marijuana can be useful for brewing tea and it can make any tea taste better. But also, marijuana can be consumed for medical purposes to make the physical health of the patient better.

It is frequently useful to mix into foods and edibles such as brownies, cookies, or candies, Due to the use of marijuana to get high, the use of vaporizers is also increasing exponentially among people.

The stronger forms of marijuana plants include sinsemilla as well as concentrated resins. The high amount of active ingredients in marijuana plants is responsible for the high feeling that people will get after consuming it. 

The main ingredient that can be the reason for psychoactive or mind-altering chemicals in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It will create the most intoxicating effects people seek when trying to smoke the marijuana plant.

The leaves and buds of the female cannabis plants will make sure to provide you mind-altering effect. This kind of drug plant will contain more than 500 other chemicals including more than 200 compounds.

So the chemically related THC cannabinoids are almost useful everywhere. That is why the only thing that you need to ensure is where and how you are using marijuana. 

How To Use It?

Marijuana can be useful in numerous ways and kinds that people are using currently. It can be smoked in a dry pipe, water pipe, aka bong, or rolled into a joint. It can also be useful to brew tea or eat with food.

People consider it edible and sometimes the users are using marijuana as a replacement for the tobacco in cigars. Sometimes, joints and blunts are merged with some other powerful drugs such as cocaine or PCP to get the most out of it.

When the person inhales a puff from the joint of marijuana, the effects can be easily and quickly felt within minutes. 

The immediate sensations that the user will feel will include increased heart rate, lesser coordination or balance, an unreal state of mind, and dizziness. The effects are surely going to wear off in two or three hours.

But it will indeed depend on how much amount the user takes, the THC potency, and the mixture of other drugs. Smoking a joint will create a severe impact on the lungs when the user is holding the smoke of marijuana longer.

The research shows that smoking a joint will provide you exposure to cancer-producing chemicals as much as smoking 4 to 5 cigarettes will. Aside from having a threat to healthy lungs, marijuana can be able to cause discomfort including sore throats and chest colds. 

Using or smoking marijuana or its mixture can create severe physical symptoms along with mental consequences. It is more often found that marijuana smokers have poorer memories along with mental aptitude. So make sure to use or smoke marijuana after considering all the effects and consequences.