Are Led Lights Harmful To Humans?

T5 Grow Lights
T5 Grow Lights

It is a Growing Trend of Growing the Plants indoor especially Marijuana Plants. Major People purchase Led Grow Lights instead of Regular Led Lights for its vast list of benefits. Many Beginners, as well as Professional Growers, use these Led Lights for the Better Growth of the Plants Indoor.

T5 Grow Lights
T5 Grow Lights

As the researchers did prove that the plants need efficient lights while they are growing. If Sufficient light is not provided to the plants, then there is an increased risk of your plant’s death. So most of the researchers recommend purchasing the Led Grow Lights for the Healthy Growth of the Plants.

Many Beginner Growers think whether they should buy the Led Grow Lights or Not. The Short and Simple answer to the question is Yes. You must purchase the Led Grow Light if you want to grow the plant in your grow room or grow space.

For indoor Plant Growers, there are only two options available that would lead the plant to healthy growth. The plants need at least 8-12 hours of light per day for their healthy growth. So Growers must place the plant near the window or any place where the plant gets 8-10 hours of sunlight.

Well, The other option is to buy the led grow lights which will provide them a sufficient amount of light for desired hours. The plants need a balance of Lightness and Darkness for Better growth. It should have 12 hours of lightness and 12 hours of darkness in the different phases of Growth.

Thus These Led Grow Lights will provide the Sunlight Like Light to the Plant for the Photosynthesis Process. The Plants need Enough Nutrients, Water, and Light while it grows.

Are Led Lights Harmful To Humans? How?

Many Growers think that Whether the Led Grow Lights might harm them. They have many doubts about Led Grow Lights, If you are one of them then you can ask us in the comment box below. We will surely return with the satisfaction answer.

Some Spanish Researchers did prove that Led Lights can irreparably harm the Human Retina in the eyes. They claim that The Led Lights can Harm the Human Eyes depending on the Design and Intensity of the Led Lights.

The main thing that every grower is curious about is how the led light can harm the human eye. There are some researchers who have also proved that the Led Light may harm your eye retinal but if you stare at it constantly and that also for several years.

The Led Grow Lights create a spectrum that is almost similar to the Solar Light. This Spectrum consists of Ultra Violet Rays and Infrared Rays. These UV Radiations might damage the cells in the retina of the eyes.

The retinal cavity of the eye slowly becomes weak and there must be an increased chance of causing Irreparable damage to it. Thus the UV Radiations level must be in control so that it will not damage the human eyes.

If the Level of UV Radiation is high enough then it may also lead any human being to cancer. Thus you must check the level of UV Radiation before you purchase the led lights.

But you do not need to worry about it when you are purchasing the Led Grow Lights. Because in the led grow lights the amount of UV Lights is so minute like 0.000002 percent.

Final Thoughts:

The use of Led Grow Light is safe for both Plants and Humans. While Growing the Plant Utmost Care must be taken. The Distance between plant and led light must be maintained such that it does not harm the plant.

The Led Grow Lights is safe to use. So without having any doubt in your mind, you can purchase Led Grow Lights. These Led Grow Lights will surely help you in the better and healthy growth of the plants.