Can LED Grow Lights Cause Cancer?

Grow Light
Grow Light

Nowadays, People have started growing plants indoors. Many Growers have found their interest in growing the plants in their homes or Grow Rooms.

But as we all know Plants need 8-12 Hours of sunlight for Healthy Growth. So there are only two options available for the growers. One is they should place the plant where the sunlight stays for at least 8-10 hours. While the second option is to purchase Led Grow Lights.

Grow Light
Grow Light

Well, The Plants Need an effective balance between darkness and lightness. So this Artificial Sunlight light provides the plant with a sufficient amount of light. The plant needs light for the photosynthesis process of growing.

When one purchase Led Grow Lights, The Thought always occurs to one’s mind Which is Better Led Grow Lights or Regular Led Lights? But do not worry about it. Because we will give answers to your questions.

The Answer that all beginner, as well as professional grower, seeks is Yes you should buy Led Grow Lights. Due to the list of Advantages, You should buy Led Grow Lights.

These Led Lights come with a high intensity that covers the plant and thus helps in the healthy growth of the plant. Well, Another Question that every Grower is curious about is How many watts of Grow light should they buy.

As some Professional Growers know that the watts of Led is dependent on the Area that the plants cover. Thus one should buy Led Grow Light after calculating the Sq. Feet of are that the Plants cover.

The average Led Light draws 32 watts of power per sq. Feet. So you can easily calculate how many plants are there in your indoor garden or Grow Room. According to that, you can purchase the grow light led.

Can Led Grow Lights Cause Cancer?

Some Growers have also asked us this most curious question among beginners and professional growers. So here we are answering the question that many growers seek.

As you all know that Led Grow Lights emit a Spectrum that is very helpful in the Healthy growth of plants. This Spectrum consists of Ultraviolet Rays, Visible, and Infrared lights. So the Ratio of Red, Green, and Blue Light in the visible spectrum will act as Artificial sunlight.

Thus the Color Rendering index is approx. close to 1. This Spectrum of sunlight-like light can be called the Full Spectrum. As we switch on the light, The Amount of Mercury is increased in the Arc Tube of the Arc Discharge Gas Lamp. So it will also increase the Ultraviolet light proportion.

This combination of the wavelength of each Spectrum is so close to the solar spectrum. More than 780 is the Infrared Spectrum of Light. All of these things are well-researched for the growth of plants indoors.

We do know the fundamentals of how ultraviolet light emits from Led Lights. But still, we did not answer the question that is the ultraviolet rays in the Led Grow Lights can lead to cancer or not.

There is no proof anywhere that Led Lights cause Cancer. But the studies did show us that the major cause of cancer from Led Lights comes from exposure to the U.v. Radiations. Hazardous chemicals can also lead to cancer that resides in Fluorescent Lamps and Incandescent Lamps.

Incandescent Led Lamps can emit a small amount of UV radiation. Well, this amount is necessary to lead any human being to skin cancer or any other type of severe disease.

We just want to clarify that The Led Grow Lights emit the least amount of UV Radiation among all the Led Lights. So if you are using these Led Grow Lights, Then the chances of Getting Cancer are Minimum.

You do not have to worry about getting cancer, because these Led Grow Lights are safe for you and your plants as well. Just enjoy the Healthy growth of plants.